Transformation 1202 Ministries

Want to Really Change Your Part of the World?
Transformation1202 Ministries presents the following powerful seminars and presentations for your church or other group.  Please contact us for more information or to schedule a seminar or presentation.
Bold Enough to Believe Genesis Seminar

                                                 Session 1:  Biblical Authority and Genesis
                                Session 2:  Creation Realities
                                Session 3:  Evolutionary Fallacies
                                Session 4:  The Historical Flood
                                Session 5:  The Tower of Babel and Racism
                                Session 6:  New Testament Confirmation of Genesis
Romans 12:2 Seminar

​                                      Session 1:  What in the World is Going On?
                               Session 2:  Right from the Start - The Truth of Genesis
                               Session 3:  America's Roots - The Christian and Government
                               Session 4:  The Bible's Economics
                               Session 5:  Making the Bible Come Alive
                               Session 6:  Reclaiming the Culture - Thinking and Educating as Christians
Christian Citizenship Seminar

                                         Session 1:  The Problems of Today - A Biblical Perspective
                                 Session 2:  The Biblical Basis for Involvement
                                 Session 3:  Getting Our History Straight
                                 Session 4:  What About "Separation of Church and State"?
                                 Session 5:  The Christian Citizen - Opportunities for Involvement
                                 Session 6:  Cultural Transformation - What Does It Look Like?

 The Armor of God Seminar  
                       (Includes Authentic Reproduction Roman Armor)
                                            Session 1:  Putting On The Whole Armor of God
                                   Session 2:  The Belt of Truth and the Breastplate of Righteousness
                                   Session 3:  The Boots of the Gospel and the Shield of Faith
                                   Session 4:  The Helmet of Salvation
                                   Session 5:  The Sword of the Spirit
                                   Session 6:  Constant Fervent Prayer
Social Issues Seminar
                                  Session 1:  Being Salt and Light
                                  Session 2:  Life and Death - From Womb to Tomb
                                  Session 3:  The Institution of Marriage - Non-negotiable
                                  Session 4:  Gender and Sexuality - Biblical Men and Women
                                  Session 5:  The Culture of Despair - Free Love, Cheap Drugs, and Death
                                  Session 6:  The Bible Applied to Society
Tearing Down Strongholds Seminar
​                                 Session 1:  The World Today from a Biblical Perspective
​                                 Session 2:  The Battle for Truth
                                 Session 3:  The Battle for Life
                                 Session 4:  The Battle for the Family
                                 Session 5:  The Battle for Freedom
                                 Session 6:  The Battle for the Culture
Government Reform Seminar
​                                 Session 1:  Power to the People!
                                 Session 2:  Out of Control Taxation and Spending
                                 Session 3:  Absurdity in Environmental Regulations
                                 Session 4:  Social Engineering at Our Expense
                                 Session 5:  Restoring Accountability
                                 Session 6:  Transforming Government - A Constitutional Framework
Basic Seminar Info:

Each seminar is available to groups of 20 or more.

Each seminar is designed to run from Friday evening through Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Seminars, depending on location, may be run over six weekly sessions.

Each seminar participant will receive a seminar notebook with materials and resources.

The host church or group is responsible for registering participants.

The host church or group is responsible for refreshments and meals.

Seminar costs will be coordinated with the host church or organization.
Making the Bible Come Alive! – How to study the Bible in context via the Inductive Bible Study Method and get more out                                                        of Bible Study.

Bold Enough to Believe Genesis – A four part presentation on Creation, Evolution, the Flood of Noah, and the Tower of                                                            Babel.

Biblical Creation: God’s Word Speaks! – A Biblical, theological and historical defense of a literal interpretation of the                                                                      Genesis account of Creation.

The Christian and Government – A Biblical and historical look at Christian involvement in government including practical                                                          tips for involvement.

Romans 13:1-7 - Paul’s Teaching on Government As Designed by God – An in-depth Bible study on the New                                                                                                                            Testament’s main teaching on government.

Disbelieving the Lies of the World – All That Glitters Is Not Gold – Sherry’s presentation for women and girls to allow                                                                                                                  God, not the world, to shape them.

Ape Men, Cave Men, and the Flintstones – Transforming our thinking about early man and having a Biblical view of                                                                          human history.