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Stupidity Equals Defeat!

One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. An outside political observer might come to this conclusion after watching the repeated failing results of the conservative, “Tea Party” movement in its efforts to overthrow the RINO regime in the Republican Party. Over and over again the same formula for losing has been employed by the conservative movement – resulting in “moral victories” and the return of most of the RINO incumbents to their fat, happy, and dumb positions of power in Washington.

What is wrong with the conservative movement? With the groundswell of discontentment and corruption of government going on in our nation right now, why aren’t we being more successful in our efforts to “throw the bums out”? It comes down to one simple word – stupidity! Our strategy is stupid.  

What do I mean? Almost every Primary Election effort we are making is insuring victory for the establishment. How can this be? Aren’t we motivated and passionate to save our nation? I’m not talking about passion or the “rightness” of our cause. I’m talking about our amateurish strategy.

It goes back to the 2012 Primary season, and beyond. In a crowded field of Presidential contenders, there was one viable moderate and several conservatives. Each conservative candidate had his/her flaws and fans. As a result, over and over again, the conservative vote was split, allowing moderate Mitt Romney to pick up delegates and victories on his way to the Republican nomination and sure defeat in the General Election. Because of the conservative failure to coalesce around one strong candidate, we split and diluted our votes and voice – a sure recipe for defeat!

Sadly, we completely failed to learn from our mistake in 2012. In 2013, and so far in 2014, we are seeing the same mistake repeatedly playing out again. In 2013, we had the Virginia Governor’s race won. Ken Cuccinelli was a strong conservative champion. But, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, we allowed a fringe, 3rd party candidate to siphon just enough votes away from Cuccinelli to give Clinton acolyte – Terry McAuliffe - a razor-thin victory. In fact, we fell into the Clinton machine’s trap as they put money and organization into the fringe candidate in order to achieve the outcome as it happened. McAuliffe’s job is to secure Virginia for Hillary in 2016. They made sure he got in a position to do so.

By the way, for those of you younger folks, this is the same strategy the Clintons used in both 1992 and 1996 to get and stay elected. They used fringe candidate – Ross Perot – to siphon just enough votes away from the Republican candidates to insure Clinton victories. Most people have forgotten that Clinton won both times without a majority of the votes of the American people. He held the office for eight years without the support of most of the nation.

Sadly, we now see the RINOs using the same strategy to keep themselves in power. The only reason we have the current debacle in Mississippi with Thad Cochran is that “extra” fringe candidates took just enough votes away from Christ McDaniel in the first primary to deny him a clear victory. The same thing happened recently in Kansas. RINO Pat Roberts beat Dr. Milton Wolf by 8 points. But, two fringe candidates took 11 percent of the vote – more than enough for Wolf to have won. Tennessee just repeated the same scenario. Lamar Alexander defeated his most likely rival because there were multiple “conservative” candidates instead of it being a head-to-head conservative vs. RINO battle.

The RINO moderates know that as long as we keep on putting multiple candidates forward, they can laugh all the way to November. We will never win. Our voices and votes will continue to be diluted by this insane strategy that is a proven loser. Many will give up and “go home” – abandoning the nation to the corrupt.


There are five basic things we need in a candidate to start winning. First, we need people of solid character. We don’t need to shoot ourselves in the foot by supporting scandalous people that the RINOS and the left will trip over themselves to destroy in the press. They will “manufacture” enough lies about good candidates so as it is. We don’t need to help them in this effort.

Second, we need to have candidates who are solid on the issues we care about. There are no perfect candidates. Everyone running for office may be less than perfect on one or two issues. But, we must look at the overall record and positions of the candidate. We’re much better off having a candidate who can win, who is right on 95% of the issues than we are with a candidate who is supposedly right on all the issues, but has no ability to win otherwise.

Third, we need candidates who have the organization to mount a solid campaign to counter the professional and well-paid campaigns of the RINOS. Unless our candidates have an army behind them, they will sound good in debates and come up a distant last in elections.

Fourth, we need candidates who are well-funded. To win a federal election, or any state-wide election, it takes quite a bit of money. There just isn’t enough time for any candidate to shake every hand in his/her state. Media costs money. That’s the only way to get a message out with sufficient strength and frequency to get people’s attention. Well-intentioned, but cash-poor candidates end up at the bottom of the election results.

Fifth, name recognition is essential for winning state-wide and federal races. The sad reality of today’s electoral climate is that many voters will vote for someone they feel they know. Just because a candidate is popular in his/her home town, doesn’t mean anyone will care about them on the other side of the state.

So, how do we get these types of candidates on the ballot without dividing and diluting our vote? The leadership of the conservative movement – all the heads of the various groups – must come together and form a coalition of “electors” so to speak. All the conservative groups need to start agreeing on candidates and throw their full support, and the full support of their organizations, behind the best candidate in each race. In cases where there are multiple candidates, they all must be evaluated and vetted. One choice must be made from the pack and all of the others “strongly” encouraged to drop out and throw their support to the candidate who has the best chance at winning.

We may not be able to stop truly fringe candidates from running, but we can sharply reduce the number of votes these spoilers get in elections. In time these “spoiler candidates” won’t be able to give the RINOs the victories they have been getting so far.

A quote from Ben Franklin comes to mind at this point. He said this after the signing of the Declaration of Independence created the new nation of America. “Gentlemen, in this cause we must hang together. Otherwise, I fear we shall all hang separately.”

The same is true for us today. If America is to be saved from destruction, our movement must mature and become wise in strategy as well as ideology. We are right on the issues. Now we need to become smart on how to win. As this article headlined – Stupidity Equals Defeat!

Tyranny vs Freedom – The Battle Begins at Home

With all of the national and global events going on today, the title of this article may seem somewhat misplaced. How can I influence what happens across this nation from my little community? It seems like an impossibility for just one or two people to make that much of a difference. But, please allow me to illustrate that this is exactly true today.

I live in a small county in Pennsylvania - Schuylkill. One would say that there is little remarkable about it. Most people have never even heard of it. Yet, two county residents are at the forefront of today’s most heated culture war – one on each side.

Many people remember the recent ruling by Federal Judge John E. Jones, III striking down Pennsylvania’s own Defense of Marriage Act. He was most adamant in his ruling that the traditional view of male/female marriage “belongs on the ash heap of history.” It undid the will of the vast majority of PA’s citizens and Legislature. It was a draconian ruling to say the least. Since the ruling, Jones has continued to block any efforts to have his ruling stayed or appealed.

But, of course there is more to the story than this. Most people don’t know the history of Judge John E. Jones, III. He is a current resident of Schuylkill County with family ties here that go back for generations. Born a millionaire, his branch of the Jones family were coal mine owners and later owners of several golf courses. He became a lawyer in private practice in the county. He also was a RINO, country-club Republican who sat for years on the county Republican Party’s Executive Committee – the people who controlled who the endorsed Republican candidates were for most elections.

Twice Jones ran for public office. In the 1980s he ran for PA State Legislature. In the 1990s he ran for U.S. Congress. He lost both times to Democrats who were more conservative than he was. After that, he hooked up with Governor Tom Ridge’s re-election campaign, donating heavily to Ridge. After Ridge got re-elected, he tapped Jones to head the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Jones’ most significant decision there was to stop a particular brand of beer from being sold.

After 9-11, when Ridge was appointed by President Bush to be the head of Homeland Security, Jones made connections to be appointed as a Federal Judge by President Bush. He had no judicial experience of any kind at this point, yet was appointed to be a national judge.

Jones has had one previous infamous ruling under his belt. In 2005, he sided with the ACLU against the Dover, PA School District in their efforts to allow teaching of Intelligent Design as one possible theory of human origins. As usual, the ACLU sued and the case came before Judge Jones. His decision was very adamant and basically parroted the ACLU position. He later received an award from the American Humanist Society which he cherished.

Now, today, he is part of the cadre of Federal Judges who are seeking to destroy marriage in favor of homosexual extremism. Again, Jones’ ruling was adamant and basically parroted the position of the ACLU and the other radical left-wing organizations involved in the suit.

It appears that Jones really isn’t a left-wing ideologue, but is going with the professional peer pressure to appear “progressive and enlightened.” I’m sure he craves the invitations to elitist cocktail parties and other soirees put on by the pseudo-Republican country club set.  

He is a prime example of someone who is not competent to hold the office he holds, yet has used his money and influence to get into a position to do great damage to this nation. He is one man who has greatly changed this nation; not for the better.

On the other side of this great debate is another unknown person from Schuylkill County. In every Pennsylvania courthouse, there are several elected offices that most people have never heard of, let alone pay any attention to at all. Such is normally the office of the Clerk of the Orphans' Court office here. But, after Judge Jones’ homosexual marriage ruling, that was about to change.  

The person who currently holds the Clerk of the Orphans' Court office is Republican Theresa Gaffney. Since Gaffney is the one elected to issue marriage licenses for the county, she was put in a most difficult situation. She believes, as do most Pennsylvanians and most of PA’s Legislators that marriage is only possible between a man and a woman. Now, she was told she had to issue marriage licenses to two men or two women (so far no lesbian “throuples” like Massachusetts!).

Gaffney refused to violate her conscience and has filed suit to have Jones’ ruling overturned. Many pro-family and conservative groups have gotten on board with her in this effort. She was initially refused, but has appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court for standing. That decision has not been announced as of this date. She has been hailed as a hero by many of PA’s pro-family and marriage groups. Over twenty state legislators sent her letters of support.

Who knows what the outcome of all this will be? The point is, here were two unknown people from an obscure county in Pennsylvania who have found themselves at the forefront of this great cultural debate. In Jones’ case, he most probably is seeking the recognition and career enhancement possibilities. In Gaffney’s case, she was thrust into the limelight from an otherwise mundane local government job.

This illustrates two very important points that get back to our title. First, one never knows where life will lead and more than one reluctant hero has been created by virtue of our ever-changing society today. If we are engaged in the battle for the soul of America, there is no telling where that will lead us or what opportunities it will present to us for influencing change.

Second, we must never take the left’s defeats as permanent. They always seek to live to fight another day. Jones kept using his money and influence to get to this place where he has damaged academic freedom and traditional marriage in this country. Whether it was calculated, or he has been a “useful idiot” of the left, or some combination of the two may never be fully known.

My point in this is that we need to take every election and every candidate seriously. If Theresa Gaffney was not in office and someone else without scruples was, we might never have the chance to continue this battle in PA. Dover’s attorneys never appealed the ruling about Intelligent Design, so it still stands to this day.

Even the small local elections may be preludes to great or infamous political careers. There is no telling. But, if we are vigilant and involved, the chances are far better that mostly good candidates will get into office and do a good job there for us – their bosses.

We Will Only Have Ourselves to Blame!

At the recent Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C., church researcher and author – George Barna – revealed two telling and saddening statistics. First, he shared the fact that 12 million American Christians aren’t registered to vote. Second, he reported that, in the 2012 election, 26 million registered Christian voters didn’t vote.

These statistics may be hard to believe, but they are both very true. These confirm what I said over two years ago in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around!  On page 52, I state the following facts:

“Having said this, we must start first with the great tragedy of our time. Only about 50% of those eligible to vote in this country are even registered to vote! And, in a typical election, only about 50% of those registered actually vote. That’s right! About 25% of adults are determining the fate of our nation each election. Those numbers do go up during Presidential elections. But, they also go down during local and state election cycles. In Primary elections, (if your state has them), the numbers are even lower. These numbers are pretty much the same for those self-identified as Christians.  Yes, even in our churches only about half of the people are even registered to vote!

Barna has once again identified the major problem of our age and culture – the inaction of the Christian Church to be engaged in the great battle for the soul of our nation. Imagine the different outcome if even just half of those 26 million registered Christians had voted in 2012! Imagine what would lie ahead if those 26 million registered show up to vote in November! Imagine what would happen if those 26 million show up to vote and the other 12 million unregistered Christians get registered and show up to vote!! This nation could literally be transformed overnight!  

But, by allowing the fraudulent, the arrogant, and the godless to rule this nation, we are coming ever closer to the precipice of destruction of what was the greatest civilization in all of human history. Because of America’s Christian philosophical roots, more people have enjoyed more freedom and prosperity here than anywhere else on the planet at any time. It is a birthright far too many in the Christian Church are willing to throw away out of ignorance, discouragement, and gullibility. Some are theologically confused; others are so numbed by the plastic, phony secular culture we are all infested with to some degree, that they can’t see the handwriting on the wall.

All Christians, regardless of denomination or theological heritage, are called to be salt and light in this world. God has granted this nation an incredible civil blessing – the right of self-government. If we are not engaged in shaping the culture or the government, then voices from Hell will be screaming loudly in the ears of the power-hungry to dominate both the culture and the government. If we throw our birthright away, for whatever reason, we will not get it back and all future generations will suffer because of our laziness and gullibility.

The political left in this country are experts at propagandizing reality. We are truly ignorant if we believe Hollywood or the “drive-by” media’s assessment of truth. We’ve accepted lie upon lie upon lie from the left for most of the past century. It has led to the breakdown of the family, the church, morality, schools, and effective government. We have dug such a huge national debt hole that even if we turn government spending 180 degrees around today, it will take years to dig out.

Marriage has been almost destroyed by the “gender-confused” in this country. Innocent babies continue to be slaughtered by those getting rich at the expense of the troubled. Education is even worse than sub-par. Young people no longer know how to think. College campuses are filled with radical professors and militant, though intellectually inferior students. Artificial racial division is far worse today than in decades. Even the very gender characteristics of male and female are being blurred by those with insidious agendas.

Our borders are open to all kinds of criminals and terrorists. Political corruption has reached all levels of all governments. The rule of law and the Constitution have become a joke to the professional politicians and arrogant, out-of-touch, but incompetent judges. Both major political parties are infested with the compromised, bought-and-paid-for political hacks of the special interests that are getting rich via the destruction of this nation.

Where will it all end? Can anything be done to change this rush off the cliff to historical oblivion? The answer is a resounding, “Yes!” If the Church in America will engage in our current cultural and political battle for the soul of this nation, there is no stopping the changes for the better that will result. If we Christians, using our sheer numbers, will just get to the polls and vote for good candidates every election day, things can be turned around rather quickly.

But, we have to have our forces fully engaged. We will not see victory if only a tiny minority of Christians is active. This is exactly what the left wants. They want us to stay inside our church buildings, forget about temporal matters and just pray for the Lord’s return. Satan wants this in the worst way. He wants millions of people to end up separated from God’s love forever because no Christian ever had the real love for them to confront them about their sin; convince them to repent; and introduce them to God’s love through Jesus. He is thrilled with the Christ-less social gospel of the liberal church and the prosperity theology and “no repentance needed” conversion messages of the evangelical church. Both extremes are damaging God’s Church today.

No, I’m not suggesting government evangelism. That is the church’s responsibility. But, morality is certainly the government’s responsibility. In America we will either have Christian morality or atheist immorality hold sway. There is no middle ground. Either there will be a rule of law based on the Constitution which was based on basic Biblical philosophy, or there will be mob rule by those who wish to justify their greed , corruption, manipulation, and vice to the masses via their mouthpieces in Hollywood and national propagandists masquerading as objective reporters.

We must be engaged in this battle if this nation has any chance for survival at all. There is something for every Christian to be doing in this effort regardless of time or ability. That’s why I wrote the book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! – to give practical advice and encouragement for Christians to get involved in effective ways.

Other authors and speakers have given similar advice and challenges for involvement. But, we all agree on one point – the Church has the power to effect change for the better in this nation if we get involved and make our voices loudly heard.  

We will be maligned. We will be condemned. We will be ridiculed. But, that’s all because the left fears us greatly. They know the truth better than we do about how many more of us there are than them. They are only a tiny loud minority. We are still the majority in this nation. We don’t act like it, but we could hold sway over most of government if we pressed our will. Even those who have no fear of God or sense of decency will fear the people who have the power to vote them in or out of office!

In time, we can even remove them from office and replace them with honest public servants who have a far greater moral compass than just the latest poll numbers!!

But, we must take first steps first. We must all get registered to vote immediately before the deadlines for the November election. We must get trusted information about all the candidates from which we must choose on Election Day. And, we must actually go to the polls and vote on November 4th.

The only way to stop the massive voter fraud the left is planning is to overwhelm their cheating with our numbers. They can only steal so many votes. We can make their devilish schemes come to naught if we show up in mass! 

America, and future generations will be the beneficiaries of our involvement. God is calling! Will we answer the call? If not, we have only ourselves to blame if things get worse!!

But, "If we are honorable, truthful, respectful, moral and persistent in our approach, we cannot lose in the end.  Remember, God loves justice. He loves truth. He rejoices when His people stand for His Truth. He blesses nations when they honor Him and live according to His principles.” (Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! p. 170) As Paul says in Galatians 6:9, “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” (NASB)

A Black Hole in a Sea of Red


The 2014 Republican wave has crashed across America from shore to shore, sweeping hundreds more Republicans into office at all levels of government for the foreseeable future. The U.S. Senate and U.S. House will become redder than they have been in years. Over 60% of the nation’s Governors will be Republicans; including some in traditionally Democrat strongholds. The State Legislatures are now overwhelmingly Republican.

The election was one of historical proportions in many areas. The election of Senator Tim Scott and Rep. Mia Love explode, forever, the myth that Republicans are racists. The election of Senator Joni Ernst destroys the lie of the Republican “war on women.” (By the way, poster girl for the movement – Sandra [I demand government pay for my birth control] Fluke lost her bid for California State Senate to another Democrat by over 20 points!)

Bold reformer Governors Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, and Rick Scott overcame massive Democrat efforts to remove them from office. Supposed Democrat “shoo-ins” Mark Warner and Jean Shaheen barely squeaked by in what should have been easy wins for them in Democrat strongholds.

The only dark spot in an otherwise stellar night was the Pennsylvania’s Governor’s race where incumbent Tom Corbett was soundly thrashed by left-wing, former Ed Rendell disciple Tom Wolf. Pundits will be scratching their heads for a long time wondering why Pennsylvania was such an aberration. But, a close examination reveals the reasons for the Corbett loss and a stern warning for moderate Republicans for the future.

The PA election results did not reflect a Democrat “riptide” in the Republican national wave. In fact, in the PA legislature, the Republicans added a net 8 seats to the House and 3 seats to the Senate – increasing their majority in both houses. The PA U.S. Congressional delegation continues to be overwhelmingly Republican. In fact, it could be said that the Governor’s race was an aberration to the rest of PA’s results. The voters didn’t give Wolf any coattails or punish others for Corbett’s political “sins.”

So why did Corbett lose? A few reasons come to mind. First, his campaign was poorly run. A fiscal conservative who successfully cleaned up the budgetary mess left over from the Rendell Administration, Corbett should have been touting his successes all along to the People of PA. From the beginning of the campaign, his message should have been one of bold growth for the state; to continue the reforms he began. But, his campaign portrayed him as a kindly old grandfather who did no harm to anyone.

Second, in seeking to fix the fiscal mess left by Rendell, Corbett made cuts to the bloated education budget. This made him public enemy number one of the teachers’ unions; which are very powerful politically in PA. (PA ranks at the top of the list nationally in teachers’ strikes and near the bottom of the list in education performance.) To take on such a powerful union, there is no room for timidity. Corbett should have followed Scott Walker, Rick Snyder, and Sam Brownback’s lead. He should have gone more aggressively at the waste, fraud, and abuse in PA’s educational system (Philadelphia’s horrendous example alone would have been enough to keep the unions on the defensive.) But, Corbett was far too laid back and amiable to fight hard for his principles. He allowed the unions to cast him as the “devil” who hated PA’s children.

Third, Corbett did not get the kind of national Republican support he should have gotten. The RNC had written the race off early on and didn’t give him the star-power support of the national Republican personalities it could have to boost his ratings. The last-minute endorsement by Sen. Rand Paul was too little, too late. Had he been touted as one of this nation’s real Republican leaders by national figures, it would have helped him in his standing with PA’s citizens.

Fourth, and most importantly, Corbett did not generate enthusiastic support from the conservative and Christian voters of PA. They did not turn out for him in large numbers. Part of that was the failure of his campaign to advertise his pro-family victories enough. The other part, though, was Corbett’s own failure to act as a true conservative on a number of issues. He failed to take on the onerous Common Core left-wing educational scheme. He could have been a leader against this socialist, Washington-based hijacking of PA’s school curriculum – such as Gov. Bobby Jindal. But, he dropped the ball on this important issue big time.

He also failed to aggressively defend PA’s Defense of Marriage Act after incompetent Federal Judge John E. Jones, III revoked the law against the will of the people. He would have been a real hero to thousands if he stood up for real marriage despite what the radical left-wing Attorney General said.

Also, Corbett could have championed property tax relief for hundreds of thousands of PA home owners, especially senior citizens, if he pushed the legislation of SB76/HB76 through the General Assembly. It was close to having majority bi-partisan support. He could have had a golden plank in his resume if he had taken the lead on this issue. But, once again, he feared the teachers’ unions and so he was lukewarm in his support. It was a massive blown opportunity that some “too smart for his own good” adviser counseled him to keep at arms’ distance.

Corbett’s loss is also Pennsylvania’s loss. Even though the union/organized crime/welfare apparatus in Philadelphia gave Wolf 300,000 votes, Corbett still could have overcome that cesspool if the rest of the state got on board for him in a big way. But, even some reliably red counties went for Wolf. That tells me Corbett’s message never resonated with voters that were his for the taking.

As a result, we are now a pariah in the current Republican wave. We will suffer four years of gridlock until Wolf can be removed in 2018. The economy will not improve to what would have been possible with a second Corbett term and Republicans in control of the U.S. Congress. And, we’ll have to endure the cultural onslaught the left-wing radicals have planned for PA with a naïve and gullible Governor-elect!

Let us pray this wakes more people up to what needs to be done. Let’s also work to remove the incompetent RINOs running PA’s Republican Party. And, let’s get more of our people better educated as to what’s going on. Corbett may have been far from perfect, but he was far better than what we have to look forward to with Wolf. PA will further lag behind the rest of the U.S. in recovering America’s greatness! Let’s just hope we can mend the black hole over the next few years so we can be as red as the rest of the wave crashing across our shores!!

What a Difference a Generation Makes!


Last night, I witnessed a typical winter ritual in my community – the local high school’s winter chorus/band concert. The kids in both groups did an excellent job performing well-rehearsed numbers. The large crowd in attendance was appreciative and enthused. The selections, as one might expect, were varied – from pop culture to traditional. Also included was a selection of sacred Christian Christmas favorites. One cannot imagine a Christmastime concert without “O Holy Night.”

Yes, that’s right, there still are some public schools that have not bowed the knee at the altar of political correctness or knuckled under to the latest ACLU threats and eliminated the whole meaning of Christmas for some hollow secular winter theme. No, in between numbers from “Frozen” and Mannheim Steamroller, there were the familiar strains of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”

The final number of the chorus, as the choral director pointed out as the tradition of the school, was Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” from his great work – “The Messiah”. Once again, these young people did a fine job with this tremendous, uplifting piece of music. It was at that point in the evening, I realized what a difference a generation makes in our culture.

When Handel first performed “The Messiah” in London in 1743, it is said that Britain’s King George II, in attendance that night, rose to his feet in respect and honor to Christ when the “Hallelujah Chorus” was sung. Of course all the rest of the audience did likewise. From that point on, it has been tradition to stand whenever and wherever the “Hallelujah Chorus” is performed; much like we do for the National Anthem at public events.

For Christians, it is a sign of respect to the Lord Jesus. The “Chorus” proclaims His coming reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Here is where I realized just how much the culture, even my local culture, has changed. When the “Hallelujah Chorus” was sung last night, I believe my wife and I were the only ones in the auditorium to stand. We were half-way back in the seating, so I know no one in front of us stood. I didn’t look around behind me at that point since I was focused on the singers on the stage and the great words they were singing.

After the concert my mind raced back to a distant memory. Thirty-nine years ago – December 1975 – I was one of the ones on that same stage in the chorus singing the “Hallelujah Chorus.” At that point, my junior year of high school, I was unaware of the history surrounding the “Chorus.” I and many of my fellow chorus members were shocked to see the entire audience come to its feet when we began the song. It was completely spontaneous; no one prompted them to do so. Everyone in the community at that time knew that decorum insisted they stand and show their respect. There was no debate, no dissent, and no protest about it. It was a custom of our culture at the time.

Sadly, today we have lost so much of our rich American cultural heritage. Just watch the National Anthem being sung before a sporting event and see how many men still have their hats/caps on. Many may not even be standing unless the public address announcer prompts them to do so. Even twenty years ago, most men instinctively knew to remove their hats before the singing of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

So, why do many people no longer know to stand for the “Hallelujah Chorus”? Is it some atheist revolt against God? Is there some repressive government edict which now prohibits them from doing so? Is it general disdain for the sacred? Those may be true in some tiny minority of individual cases, but it is not a culture-wide rebellion.

I think people just no longer know the tradition of standing for the “Hallelujah Chorus.” We have about a generation and a half that was never taught this practice; even though many of them agree with every word sung in the “Chorus.”

Who’s at fault? Is it the secular schools? Is it the degenerated Hollywood pop culture? Is it all Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s fault? Why are even devout Christians today failing to honor the Lord in this small way?

I think it comes down to failures in the church, the family, and in the community. Today it is all about “tolerance” – that phony virtue of the radical left. Even good Christian churches and pastors have emphasized the need not to offend anyone – “it’s just not loving to do so.” Churches have too often and for too long been silent about fleshing out what our Christian beliefs mean in the real world.

This was not always the case. In past generations, even though many in the culture weren’t practicing Christians, the society in general offered respect to the faith and to God. Today, many Christians have been cowering inside church buildings for fear of offending the sinners outside. Too many clergy today are psychological counselors to their flocks instead of powerful prophetic voices from God. Somehow, sinners are to figure out repentance and salvation all on their own without dealing with the Ultimate Truth of Jesus Christ.

Parents today have been bullied into become “friends” instead “parents” to their children. But, respect for culture begins with respect in the home. Homes without firm loving discipline turn out lousy citizens who don’t have a clue about building or even living in successful society. The baby-boomer generation stopped caring about things like civic duty and societal responsibility. They confused freedom with license; and taught that confusion to their kids.

Our communities also have fallen down in their responsibilities to look out for the good of neighbors. The lawyers, reporters, and educational elite have all driven people to stay in their homes and just not get involved. Every community has suffered from this isolationism. It used to be that neighbors looked out for each other and each other’s kids. That kept a level of civility and decorum in most communities. Hooligans were dealt with by anyone who saw bad behavior happening. Many communities didn’t even need police on a regular basis.

One vivid scene I remember from the classic movie – “The Devil and Daniel Webster” – is where Daniel Webster turns his young god-son, Daniel Stone, over his knee and proceeds to paddle him soundly. Young Daniel has disobeyed Mr. Webster’s command not to shoot his team of horses with his sling shot and done it a second time – spooking the horses to bolt. Daniel Webster responds with swift firm discipline for the good of the young “whippersnapper.” Today, the movie’s hero – Daniel Webster - would be arrested for child abuse; his parents filing the charges!

Blame for our cultural decline may be laid somewhat at the feet of our ever-secularizing public educational system, but we must also bear part of the responsibility ourselves. We have not been as faithful as we should have been in teaching and exercising our faith in front of our families and our culture.

So, what do we do? Christmas is right around the corner. We celebrate the greatest miracle of all time – God becoming man in the Person of Jesus Christ; Creator becoming both creature and Savior. Let us celebrate this holiday with such gusto, fervor, love, and good cheer that we will drown out all of the weak atheist voices which seek to silence us. Let it be said of us as it was of Ebenezer Scrooge in the end that “he knew how to keep Christmas well”!

And, if we happen to be present at a performance of the “Hallelujah Chorus” somewhere, let us stand boldly to our feet in honor, respect, and tradition. History and the ultimate future are both on our side! “For the Lord God Omnipotent reigneth. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”!! 

10 Things to Be Thankful for in 2015


After all the bad news this past year and all the turmoil that is currently going on in this nation, it would be easy to become depressed about 2015 and its prospects. But it need not be so. If we stop to think about it, we have much to be thankful and positive about as 2015 dawns.

This list is far from comprehensive, but is should serve to put things in their proper perspective as we begin to celebrate the new year. This list is in no particular order.

1.  The 2014 Election. Very soon we will have the most conservative Congress in recent memory. The RINOs may not like it, but imagine what the potential is with half a dozen more Ted Cruzes and Mike Lees in the Senate. Imagine what another dozen Trey Gowdys, Louie Gomerts, and Jason Chaffetzes will do in the House.  

One of the best parts of this scenario is that Harry Reid is no longer in charge. President Obama cannot rely on Reid and other Democrats to carry his water any more. He will have to “man up” and use his veto pen if he wants to stop the American people’s agenda from becoming law. Maybe now, the Congress will be able to discharge its Constitutional duties; derelict the past eight years.

Of course, We The People, will have to hold their feet to the fire. RINOism is far from dead. Every newly elected and re-elected member of Congress needs to feel the heat from the American people. The status quo of mediocrity and decline we have been on is no longer acceptable.

2.  Fracking. The green energy movement and “global warming” fear-mongering is dead – replaced by the common sense market-based production of American shale gas and oil. Gas prices, home heating oil prices, diesel fuel, and petroleum-based product prices are all falling. The solar and wind companies are going bankrupt. Domestic energy independence is in sight. Every sector of the economy will benefit.

Of course the radicals in the EPA and their state counterparts like New York’s DEP need to be stripped of their employment permanently and control of our farms, forests, streams, and meadows returned to local and state monitors represented by people who actually understand rural life.

3.  Religious Freedom. Despite the on-going cultural war by the radical atheists, the gender-confused, and rabid pro-aborts, we are winning significant victories for the first time in years in the culture. People of faith are fighting back via the courts and “redress of grievances” to stop the onslaught of cultural decay that is rotting America’s soul.

The Church may have finally awakened to its prophetic role in the world and the truth is getting out there. We don’t want cake-makers to lose their businesses for refusing to put two grooms on top of wedding cakes. We don’t want emotionally-challenged young people to pretend they are the opposite sex in order to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of those they are curious about. We don’t want to be forced to pay for other people’s abortions in our health care plans. And, we refuse to tear down our Nativity displays and 10 Commandments plaques and 9/11 Crosses just because the “politically correct” tiny minority in this nation wants to pretend to be big bullies.

4.  Creation. This year tens of thousands more people have heard the truth about the real science of Creation which confirms the Bible’s Truth about God as Creator. Through the dedicated efforts of groups like the Institute for Creation Research, Creation Ministries International, Answers in Genesis, and countless other groups and individuals, more and more people today are seeing through evolution’s fraud. The bastions of atheism – the universities and government schools are crumbling before the truth. The hysterical efforts at free speech suppression in these institutions show their fruitless desperation at maintaining the myths of secular pseudo-science.

5.  The New Media. The internet has completely destroyed the monopoly the left has had on news and information in this country. Now, more and more people can see the news unfiltered by the New York Times, et al. As more and more people abandon the old networks and the old cable news channels, the more educated and involved America’s citizens will become. The powerful and corrupt no longer can pay the press to shield them from scrutiny. The people are now watching and the truth will come out.

6.  Homeschooling. Thanks to the radical leftist curriculum of Common Core, more and more people are abandoning the government schools for private and home education settings for their children. The left has far over-played its hand in shoving this drivel down the throats of American parents and families are responding by the millions to seek better solutions for their children’s futures. Ultimately, this will lead to the next generation’s leaders of this country – vastly better educated and more completely committed to our American ideals and prospects. And, they will be independent thinking leaders, not the “sheeple” the public education system has been producing for the past two generations.

7.  Israel. Despite the rise of ISIS and other radical Islamic movements; despite near abandonment by the current U.S. Administration; and despite the Palestinian radicals’ best efforts via rockets and the U.N., Israel still exists and thrives. As the only democracy and the only nation with religious freedom in the Middle East, Israel is indispensable as an ally and friend in the region. Israel is the land of the Bible. God promised it to Abraham and his descendants over 4000 years ago. It must never be allowed to be destroyed.

8. The 2nd Amendment. Despite the left’s most strident efforts to date, the 2nd Amendment is now stronger than it has been in the past few decades. More and more cases have come down on the side of the people keeping this Constitutional right. More and more evidence is compiling that where people have an unfettered right to “keep and bear arms” the crime rates have dropped. More and more stories have emerged that prove the adage – “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” And, the only places where these statistics are not happening are the small pockets still controlled by silly, but deadly, liberal ideology.

9.  Real vs fake Bible Movies. 2014 was declared the “Year of the Bible” in movies. This has been true, but not in the sense that it was meant. The big expensive Hollywood blockbusters that have disrespected the Biblical accounts in favor of some radical producers’ agendas have flopped miserably because people of faith have stayed away in droves. However, God-honoring small budget films have been wildly successful. The Christian consumer has matured to the point that they are discerning before shelling out hard-earned money to view what Hollywood is putting out. If a film is respectful and God-honoring, it is a guaranteed hit. If it insults our faith and distorts Biblical realities, then it will be nothing more than a tax loss write-off for the movie studios.  

The other upside to this trend is that the Christian film producers and companies have grown and developed to the point where they are competing with the Hollywood behemoths. More and more seasoned actors are appearing in the smaller budget Christian-produced films because they realize the potential for audience reach and powerful messages they are helping to disseminate.

10.  America. Lastly, and most importantly, we all can feel thankful for America in 2015. Despite all of the problems we are facing today; despite the amount of decline foisted on us over the past six years; and despite all of the gloom and doom coming from the secular media and some “prophetic-professing” Christian leaders, we still have much to be both thankful for and hopeful toward in the year ahead. We still live in the greatest, most prosperous, freest, most amazing nation that has ever existed in all of human civilization.

No matter how many lies the secular socialists spew out or manage to implement via government, the truth of America will never be silenced. The drive for freedom, self-determination, and peace are part of the human psyche and civilization’s DNA. It will never be extinguished. It created America in the first place. It sustained her through many conflicts and crises. It will endure because it is God-given. No matter how many silly atheists cry out to alter our history and remove God from our culture, it will not happen because God is Truth and He has “shed His grace on thee.” America is the last best hope for freedom on this planet short of the Lord’s return. Should He tarry, we must keep the torches of liberty burning bright. Millions of souls yearning to be set free from their chains are depending on us. The generations yet to be born are counting on us to pass on our birthright to them. And, we owe it to our current families to be sure that “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”


The Strange Synthesis That Is Barack Obama


Perhaps one of the most polarizing Presidents in all of American history, Barack Obama has gone out of his way to destroy as many of America’s cultural, social, and political institutions as possible. The administration that promised the American people it would be the most honest and transparent in U.S. history has instead resulted in deceit, fraud, and abuses of power that other would-be dictators envy.

People on the right saw it coming. People on the left fawned at the possibility. And, people in the center have been scratching their heads for most of Obama’s term in office. What has this man wrought on America? How can he keep pushing his radical agenda against the clear wishes of those whom he has sworn to serve? Why does he lie with a straight face and then act incredulous when he is called on the fraud?

To answer these and many other questions about our current President, it is necessary to examine the main philosophical influences on his life. I would suggest that there are three main motivating factors which explain nearly everything Barack Obama does – his Muslim religious upbringing; his early and later educational love affair with socialism; and his radical liberation theology understanding of the Christian faith as taught to him by Rev. Wright and others.

First, even though it is not politically correct to discuss it, the truth is for much of his early life Barack Obama was a Muslim. His experience wasn’t in the radical groups of the Middle East, but in the South Pacific manifestation of the religion. Still, he was taught to respect Islam and its tenents. That is one of the reasons he cannot bring himself to condemn the current radical Islamic terrorists as religiously motivated. It would make him somehow disloyal to the faith of his upbringing and family.  

That is not to say that Obama is in favor of terrorism as a means to spread the Islamic faith – the Middle East way of looking at things. No, his is a more intellectual Islam; a cultural Islam if you will. But, that still puts blinders on his eyes when it comes to the heinous actions of groups like ISIS and others. They can’t be doing what they are doing because of the same faith he espoused. He just can’t connect the two in his brain – the cognitive dissonance is too great. There must be other factors leading these savages to brutalize anyone standing in their way. (More on that in a bit)

This infatuation with Islam is also why he refuses to give Israel its rightful due as one of America’s best allies in the world. Islam and Judaism are like oil and water – both competing for legitimacy in the world. Israel has managed to survive despite several Islamic attempts to destroy it. Middle East Muslims use the phony plight of the Palestinians as their excuse for hate. Their real and only motive has been and is the complete annihilation of Israel. Again, Obama cannot see the stark reality of this. It cannot be possible in his mind.

People may say that Obama is still a Muslim and lied to the American people to get elected. Is that possible? Islam permits deception in the furtherance of the religion, so it is possible for a “closet Muslim” to exist in American culture. But, it may not be so insidious in Obama’s case. He may simply be a man seriously conflicted between the “truths” he was taught as a child and the present world reality. Does he deny his past, or excuse the present horrors?

The second major influence in Barack Obama’s life was the economics and politics of socialist Communism that he learned from his father and later from the left-wing radicals at Harvard and Columbia. One of the main pillars of socialist Communism is the struggle of oppressed minorities to gain full rights and power in society; at least that what the puppet-masters of Communism have fed the masses to gain their support.

Communism is slavery to the state, pure and simple. But, it has never ever been presented that way wherever and whenever it has been introduced. It is the ultimate denial of God and God-given rights. The state is “god” and those who head the state are the voices of “god.” It is spun to appeal to the masses because it victimizes large percentages of the population and makes small groups of “elites” the scapegoats for all of society’s problems.

One might say that since Obama is bi-racial, this would be the appeal to him – the struggle for African-American civil rights. But we must remember that Obama has no black American history. He did not grow up in American ghettos. His father was African and his mother was white. Birth certificate questions aside, he is only a first generation American on his black African father’s side. He may have played the “race card” over and over again in his political career in order to gain votes and influence, but he has not traveled the road of the American civil rights struggle as many other black leaders have.

No, for Obama the struggle for African-American rights is an intellectual argument – first taught by his anti-British colonialism father and later strongly reinforced by the left wing university elites. He does not see himself as a victim or survivor of struggle, but as a “savior” of sorts for all oppressed minorities including African-Americans.

Yet, his prism is colored red by his love of collectivist Communism and government socialism. No one or nothing is more important than the state to Barack Obama. The state is mother, father, provider, policeman, judge, theologian, and granter of all rights. And, as head of the state, he looks at himself as the magnanimous potentate of all the citizens of the U.S.

Can’t we all see he has our best interests at heart? If we just stop clinging to our guns, our Bibles, our religion, and our personal freedoms; our lives will be far better under his beneficent rule. His “pen and phone” are his scepter and orb of authority. We just need to bow the knee to his superior education and intellect and all will be well.

There is no concept of a public servant. There is no concept of individual rights and freedoms; only the rights granted to the collective by the all-powerful state which he rules. You see, the Greek columns of 2008 were no accident. He sees himself as a philosopher king akin to Pericles and Marcus Aurelius.

His foundation for government and economics is pure “Das Kapital.” His hatred of capitalism and free markets was learned early. It was hugely reinforced in the Ivy League. The arrogant socialists that infest America’s leading universities have thoroughly brain-washed his thinking about economics. The free markets cannot be trusted. They are simply tools of the elite to keep oppressed minorities down. Anyone in government that espouses the ancient notions of the Constitutional Republic and its engine of capitalism must be pitied and opposed at every turn. Only when government controls the economy via regulation, taxation, and education can people be truly happy and equal. The truth slipped out in his 2008 conversation with “Joe the Plumber” about re-distributing wealth!

The third area of influence in Obama’s life was the “spiritual” guidance he got from Rev. Wright’s church. Many people mistake what the current leadership of the United Church of Christ believes as Christianity. It is not. It is religious Marxism – liberation theology disguised as Gospel. Obama was immersed in Rev. Wright’s screeds for over twenty years; his ears filled with cries for “social justice”, “fairness”, and “tolerance.” All of this within the sheep’s clothing of a church.

The fact is that the United Church of Christ’s leadership and educational institutions have been apostate for decades. They use “Christian” words to advance a radical socialist agenda. Isn’t it the “Christian” thing to do to liberate the masses from their poverty and unhappiness? Isn’t it “morally superior” to take from the rich and give to the poor? Such is the jargon of these theological wolves. Such is the “moral justification” Obama believes he has to destroy the American free markets. His is the same kind of arrogance he learned from these false prophets.

Perhaps this membership in Rev. Wright’s church was all he needed for legitimacy in his mind. He now belonged to an acceptable religion for an American politician. He could hide his radical socialist agenda behind words of Scripture. He could point to his denomination’s grand “tolerance” in accepting anyone no matter what they were into.

(The truth is that the United Church of Christ is severely intolerant to anyone who won’t regurgitate the leadership’s “politically correct” mantra. It is a dying denomination because those who came from traditional Reformed and Congregational backgrounds have been shunned by leadership. The UCC is hemorrhaging both churches and membership each year to the point of soon no return.)

Putting these three factors together – an early Muslim upbringing; a philosophical love of Marxism; and a self-superior moral attitude generated by apostate preachers – the real Barack Obama comes plainly into view.

Lying? Why not! It is a necessary evil to foist a superior form of government upon the American people. We are all too stupid to know what’s best for us. Besides, a leader of his magnitude shouldn’t be held to the same standard of morality as everyone else. It is intentions that matter, not actual behaviors.

Self-absorption? Nonsense! He is just a large figure in American history. So what if every one of his speeches is dominated by first person pronouns. So what if he places himself in the picture of all the great civil rights leaders of the past (like sitting on Rosa Park’s bus seat). So what if he and Michelle take lavish multi-million dollar vacations almost monthly while Americans suffer with high unemployment. After all, hasn’t he made welfare and food stamps much easier to get?

Evolved on “gay marriage”? Of course! He said what he needed to say to get the black vote in two elections. Now that no longer matters. He sees himself as the savior of the newly-created oppressed minority in America – people who practice homosexual behavior. He’s America’s first “gay” President isn’t he?

Revenge against his enemies? Absolutely! No one who disagrees with him has any legitimate argument. They all deserve to feel the power of the federal government on their necks; whether it be the IRS, the EPA, or any other government agency he can manipulate for his own ends. Remember, he knows best!

Suffering at home and abroad? Not his fault! He cares nothing for individuals. Only the collective matters. Individual human rights are a relic of America’s imperial past. Sandra Fluke, Trayvon Martin, and Michael Brown only matter because they advance his agenda.

Christians and Jews murdered and savaged by ISIS? Not important! It is partly their own fault. They haven’t given these poor Arab Muslims the respect, dignity and jobs they deserve. They are the real oppressors – remember the Crusades? Oppressed minorities in the world are never accountable for their own actions in Obama’s mind. They are hapless victims; even when they are beheading or burning alive bound prisoners!!

In sum, Barack Obama is a man who deals with significant insecurity issues. These insecurities have been fed by people like Rev. Wright, Saul Alinsky, William Ayers, Eric Holder, and Valerie Jarrett; not to mention a sycophant media.

He surrounds himself (like the insecure Bill Clinton did) with those he believes are inferior to him. (That’s the only explanation possible for Joe Biden, John Kerry and Al Sharpton!) It makes him look more Presidential, more intellectual, and bigger than life.

He desperately wants a legacy of greatness – the greatest of all American presidents and, for that matter, all world leaders.

The tragedy of Barack Obama is that he will never see the truth about himself. He will never fully understand the real damage he has and is causing this nation and the world. Someday, people will snicker when they mention his name as they do now when Jimmy Carter’s name is mentioned! That is, if they don’t shed a tear first for all the damage he has wrought upon this nation.

The Power of One


With all of the scandal, compromise, and lies coming out of Washington from both political parties, it is very easy to become discouraged. The “political class” seems to have created an elite oligarchy that cares nothing for the American people and our wishes.

But, that is exactly how they want us to feel – discouraged, helpless, and alone. The truth is that the American people always have had and still do have the power to control the destiny of our nation. Yes, there are powerful forces at work here who want to change that, but they are far from succeeding; that is unless we allow them to succeed.

It is not that the American people are apathetic and uninterested. It is also not true that we cannot win any victories. The recent withdrawal of the ATF’s proposed ammo ban has proven that. However, if we want to continue to win victories, defeat the powers seeking to “fundamentally transform” (read destroy) America, and see sustained change that promotes freedom and opportunity; we need to be wise in how we go about our activism.

No one has unlimited time and resources to stop the mess we see. But, the truth is we don’t need to try to do everything. We only need do what is in our ability to do. And, that is far more than we may think. In just an hour or so a week, we can make a huge difference if we use our time wisely. Following are a number of practical suggestions:

1. Start at Home.  The only elected officials who truly care about and will be responsive to what we think are those we have the power to vote in or out of office. Speaker Boehner has proven himself to be a “Judas” to Republicans, but unless we live in his congressional district, he could care less about our opinion of him.

However, the Representative whose district we do live in will care very much about our opinion of Boehner and his amnesty betrayal. He/She is the one we need to put pressure on to stop Boehner’s madness.

Who knows what “dirt” Obama is holding over Boehner’s head or how much money the Chamber of Commerce is dangling in front of his face. But, that doesn’t matter unless you live in his district.

What does matter is how our own Rep. voted in the recent DHS funding bill. If they voted with Boehner for it, we need to melt their phone, email, and social media lines to make it clear to them we noticed and will be watching everything they do from here on out. They know we have the power to give them a new line of work in 2016.

2. Make sure to be relevant.  Our Reps. will only give us real attention if we contact them about bills they are dealing with currently. If we contact them about something not pressing, we will only get a polite response letter telling us they will keep our opinion in mind at some future date – in other words – blowing us off.

But, if we contact their office when they are getting ready to vote on something we feel strongly about, they are much more likely to stick their fingers into the wind before they vote. That’s when we must pour it on with the contacts.

What is most effective, if we have the time on an issue, is to contact their local office in our community rather than their Washington office. Advocacy groups from around the nation always contact the national offices. But, if we contact the local office, that sends the message that here is a real voter expressing an opinion. I guarantee you if a local office gets a few thousand calls, emails, and/or letters on a particular issue, it will reverberate all the way to Washington.

3. Personal is always best.  We may often send “copy/pasted” emails to our Reps. that some advocacy group writes and suggests to us. Those have some influence, but are not nearly as effective as personal communications. Our own composed emails and letters are far more powerful in their impact because it tells the Rep.’s staff that here is someone who feels strongly enough about the issue to take the time to write their wishes in their own words. Almost no elected official ignores those.

4. Build your own network of contacts among family and friends.  By doing this you multiply your opinion many times over. They will look to you for guidance and support on the issues. You can activate the network at a moment’s notice and your one call or email may suddenly turn into 20, 30, or more at the Rep’s office.

5. Support each other’s issues.  To avoid being to splintered and to multiply our numbers, it is essential that we support each other’s issues. We may not be too interested in some of the other conservative issues other than our favorites, but we must stand together to increase our voice on all conservative and constitutional issues if we want to multiply our effectiveness.  

If the 2nd Amendment is our passion, we should also support 1st Amendment issues as well. If we want more freedom from government, we should support the rights of the unborn also. After all “life”, “liberty”, and the “pursuit of happiness” are all equally unalienable rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.

My point is, to quote Ben Franklin, “We must all hang together or we shall all hang separately.” We need each other’s numbers and broad spectrum of issues if we want to be an unstoppable force. If we remain in splintered little movements, the political class will never respect or fear us.

The left learned this lesson long ago. Polls show that the vast majority of African-Americans oppose same-sex marriage, but you never hear this because they strongly support President Obama’s agenda as America’s first “gay” president.

6. Don’t get discouraged, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.  We will not win every battle. We will not win every election. But, as the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Changing the destructive course of America will not happen overnight. It may take several elections until we gain firm control of the government again; until freedom is fully restored.

Babe Ruth was known for hitting 714 home runs – a record that stood for decades. But, Babe Ruth also held another record not reported as often. He also struck out 1330 times. His lifetime batting average was .342. To put this into perspective - that means Babe Ruth, the home run king for generations, struck out almost twice as many times as he hit home runs. And, he hit safely in only one of about every three plate appearances.

He was an American hero despite the fact that he failed in his objectives far more often than he succeeded. But did Ruth quit because he failed more than he succeeded? Of course he didn’t.

The point is – neither should we! There will be many defeats along the way. The Americans lost far more battles than they won in the Revolutionary War. But, they persevered until they finally gained independence after victory at the Battle of Yorktown.

We will prevail if we are determined, persistent, and wise in our approach, strategy, and tactics. American freedom is our birthright. No professional political class has the right to take that from us. No socialist “community organizer” has the right to change the heart and soul of America.  

We will succeed if we keep fighting for the truth. No lobbyist, no corrupt media, no George Soros-funded phony “rent-a-mob” can defeat us.

The power of America is the power of one – endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights!

Please share this with all you know.

The Travesty of American Education


Each year in America, thousands of people are removed from their homes via tax sale foreclosures. Many of these folks are retired, living on fixed incomes; people who have worked hard all of their lives and are now being denied peaceful twilight years.

Why is this happening? The answer is simple – they can no longer afford to pay exorbitant property taxes; taxes which increase year after year. And why are property taxes getting so out of hand? Is it because local governments have become so greedy that they want to see their constituents out on the street? No. They are not the real culprits.

The reason property taxes have become insane in this nation is because school funding is sucking the life out of communities and citizens from coast to coast. And why is funding local schools so expensive? The answer is simple – American education has become an unholy alliance between corrupt politicians and all-powerful, liberal teachers’ unions.

Here’s how it works – the vicious cycle:

Taxpayers pay for school funding; including all teachers’ salaries. In most states, teachers are required to join the local chapter of the teachers’ union. A sizeable portion of each teacher’s salary is sent directly on to the union in the form of dues - the larger the salary, the greater the amount of dues.

Here’s where it gets insidious. It is in the union’s best interest to constantly push for teacher raises, regardless of teachers’ abilities or student performance because it puts more money into the union coffers. The more money in the union’s coffers, the more money their highly-paid “consultants” and “negotiators” get paid; and, the more money the union has to spread its influence around in the world of politics. (More on that later)

Within teachers’ unions right now are hundreds of “contract negotiators” making hefty six figure salaries. Their job - go into local school districts right before contract time and strong-arm local school boards to constantly raise teacher salaries. Using the threat of teachers’ strikes and the public cry of “it’s only for the children”, these thugs out-muscle community school board members and their local attorney solicitors.

They are the educational version of “snake oil” salesmen and “mafia enforcers” rolled up into one. The result – their own salaries and bonuses get fatter and fatter and school districts get poorer and poorer. The union leaders live like kings and “grandma” is forced out of her house and into the local government-subsidized senior housing.

And, all of this obscenity is done in the name “of the children.” There is absolutely no direct correlation between greater education spending and educational performance.  

The current American educational system is failing the vast majority of its clients – “the children.” There are a number of reasons for this failure.  

First, current educational theory and pedagogy is infested with “political correctness” and radical socialist ideas. It is becoming more and more irrelevant and useless to the real world. Let’s call children “purple penguins” to avoid “gender stereotypes”! How moronic!

What used to be the best educational system in the world has become a sham that is doing little more than bankrupting this nation while at the same time producing a nation of idiots.

OK, so we have schools filled with teachers attempting to teach useless information using flawed teaching methods instead of time-tested ways of communicating truth.

On top of that, the unions have become so successful in protecting incompetent teachers and their fat salaries (including ever-growing union dues) that there is virtually no accountability for teacher performance. We’ve recently seen examples of massive fraud by teachers and schools in Atlanta and Philadelphia involving teachers falsifying test score to make themselves look good.

In many states, teachers are granted tenure after only a couple of years of teaching. Local school districts have very little power to remove incompetent teachers after they are tenured no matter what they do. Imagine that – a 24 year-old, just 2 years out of college, with a job guaranteed for the rest of his/her working life!

Forget the students; the system is completely rigged to keep teachers getting more and more taxpayer money and unions getting a greater and greater share of that money to enhance their own power. The losers – every homeowner in America is on the short end of the “yardstick.”

But, that is only half of the equation. We must not forget politics. Aside from personal greed, the reason the teachers’ unions need more and more taxpayer money to make its way into their bank accounts is so they have plenty of cash to control politicians – from local officials all the way up to the Oval Office.

That’s right – teachers’ unions are strong political players in every election held in America. And, they are using our taxpayer money to do it!

Jaded politician after jaded politician owes their “political soul” to teachers’ unions. They crave their endorsements. They bend over backwards to give them whatever they want legislatively. They really don’t care about “the children” either; although, they constantly try to re-assure us that everything they are doing is “for the children.”

It’s a vicious cycle – teachers’ union “negotiators” demand salary increases under the threat of teachers’ strikes. When they get more money from local taxpayers, they get an increasing cut for themselves to live lavish lifestyles. And, they have more money to spread around to buy more and more politicians to pass laws that enhance their power and income.

In the end, it is the taxpayers and “the children” who are the losers with second rate schools and thousands of people being thrown out of their homes; including many, many senior citizens who deserve better from their government.

How can this cycle be broken? How can the educational system be fixed in America? How can people keep their homes without the fear of the tax man coming to throw them out into the streets?

Four answers present themselves. All four must be accomplished in concert if American education is to be saved.

First, comprehensive school choice laws must be passed. The union-controlled, government monopoly on education must be broken. If competition from private, religious, and home schools has equal footing in society, then the “free market” will correct the current imbalance and force all schools to perform or close.

Second, more states need to become “right-to-work” states. If forced unionism is removed, it will take the teeth out of the union thugs. Local school boards will be in a stronger position to negotiate reasonable salary structures for their teachers. They will have greater control over retention of good, competent teachers and the power to remove those who just can’t cut it in the teaching profession.

Good teachers will actually make more money as school boards will want to keep them around to provide high quality education to their children.

If teachers are free to join unions or not, they will have more control over how their dues are spent. The unions will no longer be able to dictate to the rank and file. They will have to work hard to earn their trust.

Third, the federal government must get out of education. All states are competent to control the education of their own citizens’ children. A “one size fits all” approach from some Washington bureaucrat has been a complete disaster for America.  

But, the feds control education right down to the local level via the power of the purse. The Dept. of Education dangles money in front of states and local schools. When they bite at the bait and accept the funds, then come all of the draconian federal mandates. Then comes the extortion of “Common Core.” Then comes the “hog slop” of Michelle Obama’s so-called lunch program. Then comes all this “gender identity” and radical homosexual agenda and extremist pro-abortion drivel.

Fourth, local schools need to find a new funding source for their budgets. Taking people’s homes away from them to fund schools is as un-American as it gets. No, there is a better way.

If the tax burden is shifted from home ownership to consumption, then it becomes far fairer for everyone. By using a sales tax approach to fund education, the tax burden is spread to all citizens of a community, not just home owners. Those families who rent would pay their fair share as well.

Here in Pennsylvania such a proposal – known as HB/SB76 – has been lingering around in the legislature for a number of years. It almost made it to Gov. Corbett’s desk, but he lost re-election to radical liberal Democrat Tom Wolf before it got to him.

Wolf is thoroughly owned by the teachers’ unions. He will never buck them to do what is right for Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania’s dismal school ranking nation-wide will continue as long as Wolf is around.

The sad irony about this situation is that thousands of senior citizens who now face the threat of losing their homes probably voted for him, believing the propaganda spewed by the Democrat Party/PSEA that Wolf really cares “for the children.”

If American education is to be saved; indeed, if the civilized world is to be saved; then there must be a radical transformation of American education. The Democrat/socialist/teacher’s union approach of the past 50 years hasn’t worked. It must be scrapped in favor of time-tested methods that do work and had worked here in America for 300 years before leftist radicals infiltrated the system.

We must do it now – “for the children.”

Why the National Media Is Wrong About Gun Buying


One of the points made by the CNN commentators the other night at the Republican Presidential Debate was that because Americans are afraid of possible terrorism, they are buying guns in record numbers.

Now, it is true that since Barack Obama came into office American gun sales are higher than they have ever been.

It is also true that on both this past “Black Friday” and the day after President Obama used a speech supposedly about radical Islamic terrorism (No, he still hasn’t been able to utter those words.) to scold Americans for owning guns, that guns sales in America dramatically rose to new levels.

But, is the national media correct that what is driving Americans to get ourselves armed is due to our fears? Are we all so afraid now that we are “bunkering down”?

This belief by the media is typical of the fact that those on the coasts just don’t “get” real America. Those of us who live in “fly-over country” are anything but afraid.

What is really happening is “resolve” by the American people.

We Americans have always risen to confront any challenges, threats, or obstacles we have had to face. We are a people who “get it done”, not a people who sit around whining and complaining for someone else to solve our problems.

What millions of Americans have seen is that our government under President Obama is inept and unwilling to guarantee our safety and security.

As a result, we will take on the responsibility ourselves. We will keep our families safe. We will protect our property. We will insure we have safe streets in our communities.

If that requires an armed citizenry, so be it.

Americans have always seen the need to “keep and bear arms.” That’s why this right is acknowledged in the very 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

A free people take responsibility for their own safety and security. And, that is exactly what Americans by the millions are now doing.

If the Obama Administration wants to live in their deluded “politically correct” world, that’s up to them; but for those of us who aren’t constantly surrounded with Secret Service agents fully armed with Glocks and MP5s, we are choosing not to be victims.

It has been proven over and over again that terrorists and deranged lunatics choose “gun free zones” to do their killing. That’s because they are all cowards at heart who fear anyone fighting back.

Why do you think the outcomes of Garland, Texas and San Bernardino, CA were radically different? Why do you think the loss of life in Chattanooga and Ft. Hood were so radically different?

It came down to one thing and one thing only – in places where people were armed, less of them died at the hands of murderers.

The same truth applies to crime in America. Obama’s Chicago is America’s murder capital. Chicago, having been run by corrupt, liberal Democrats for decades, also has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country.

Chicago is saying to criminals, lunatics, and terrorists, “Come here. The ‘pickings’ are easy since no one has the ability to stop you.”

The national press may never “get it” about gun ownership in America. That’s OK. We don’t need their support or approval to do what we have to do to keep our families, property, and communities safe.

Americans will continue to buy and store guns and ammo as long as current threats continue.

We are not sheep. We will not be sheep.

The only people who deny this are the ones who vote for Democrats and end up lying on the floor cowering in fear when the next threat presents itself.
Trump 2016 – Déjà vu All Over Again!

(Tip of the hat to the late/great Yogi Berra!)

He was a plainspoken, charismatic, billionaire, businessman. A political outsider, he didn’t talk or act like the average candidate. He always spoke his mind and didn’t seem to care what anyone thought.

The media never fazed him; he refused to play their power games. He often seemed oblivious to commentators or their carefully constructed opinions.

He was instantly liked by a large segment of the public. Like a breath of fresh air in the stale world of politics, people rallied around him without very much scrutiny. The loyalty of his supporters sometimes even bordered on fanaticism.

He was able to carry this persona right through the debates and into the election.

So, is this a prognostication about 2016? Is this Donald Trump I’m speaking about here?

Nope. I’m talking about the 1992 Presidential Election and the candidate Ross Perot.

Perot, his personality, personal fortune, and almost cult-like following, led to a whopping almost 19% of the vote – unheard of for a third party candidate in a Presidential race.

What was the result? Perot finished 3rd in the race and America got William Jefferson Blythe Clinton and all of the smarmy scandals that followed.

Clinton won the election with 43% despite the fact that the majority of the American voters voted against him. Perot’s presence in the race was more than enough to give Clinton the victory; a fact Clinton still denies.

George H.W. Bush was denied a 2nd term and the cultural floodgates broke loose with the Clintons and their radical socialists in charge of the White House. While Bill was busy chasing skirts, Hillary was cementing her extremist, left-wing views into American culture.

Four years later, Perot was marched out again as an insurance policy to muck up the 1996 Presidential race at a time when Clinton was vulnerable. This time Perot got around 8% of the vote and Clinton won a 2nd term, again without a majority of the American people voting for him.

If this “Clinton strategy” sounds vaguely familiar, it was repeated again in microcosm in the 2013 Virginia Governor’s race where Clinton sycophant – Terry McAuliffe – narrowly won his seat because a Clinton/Obama supported and financed 3rd party candidate took just enough votes away from popular AG Ken Cuccinelli to squeak out a win. 

So, what does all this have to do with Donald Trump? The parallels between Perot and Trump are striking. True, Trump has, for the moment, promised not to go 3rd party in 2016. But, beyond that the two are very similar.

One of my frustrations back in ’92 was trying to convince people that Perot was not a conservative. He talked like he was. Most people refused to look any deeper.

In fact, Perot was quite liberal both fiscally and culturally. He made most of his money via the government bureaucracy. (He owned companies that processed government forms as a private contractor.)

On the social issues, Perot was a pro-abort and favored gay marriage.

Yet, there was no getting through to many of his supporters. Many chose to follow him blindly. Most didn’t want to hear facts. His emotional appeal overrode their rationality.

His simple “solution slogans” were all they needed to hear; never mind whether he really believed them, or had any ability to see them come to pass.

Now, we see another charismatic, plain speaking, billionaire dominating the 2016 race so far. And, once again he is playing on people’s feelings for his support.

Trump has been around long enough in both the business and entertainment fields that he knows how to play to a crowd and “tell the people what they want to hear.”

This new “conservative” leaf he has turned over may be sincere or it may be part of the “Art of the Deal”; so to speak.

Donald Trump is the 21st century incarnation of two famous American entrepreneurs of 19th and early 20th century America.

In show business, Trump is P.T. Barnum – entertainment mogul extraordinaire. In business, “The Donald” is J.P. Morgan – rich, ruthless, and without apology.

Put those two together and you have the Donald Trump of today. It doesn’t matter what his political affiliations were yesterday. It’s not important what he used to believe on many economic and cultural issues last year, 5 years ago, or 10 years ago.

All that matters is what he is saying now. The man, the candidate he is portraying himself to be today is the narrative he is sticking to no matter what.

Herein lies the basic problem with Donald Trump as a Presidential candidate and a potential President. To paraphrase the famous American philosopher – Forrest Gump – Trump is “like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.”

Maybe he is sincere about these new “conservative” positions. Or, maybe he can read America’s current political landscape and figures he knows what to say to “close the deal” with American voters.

The only way we will ever know is if he gets elected President and we see what he does. But, by then it may be too late.

Something just doesn’t quite smell right with Trump in this race. Is he really in love with America so much that he believes he can right the Obama capsizing “ship of state”?

Or, is there something else in it for him? Is it purely ego? Are there specific financial rewards he is calculating for himself? (I’m not talking about a potential Presidential salary here.)

Given Trump’s history and flamboyance, it could be any number of things not related to what’s best for the country.

His ties to the Clintons have yet to be fully explored. Remember, this is Hillary’s last shot to get back into the Oval Office to run things again. And, Bill craves the notoriety that the prestige of that office brought his ego.

What if Trump is part of “the plan” to get Hillary into the Presidency? Who knows what the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” may have promised him.

If Hillary becomes President, the Clintons will blackmail the whole world to get what they want. Trump may have the pick of any number of positions or lucrative deals should that become a reality.

At any rate, we dare not fall into the folly of the “Perotistas” of the past. Far too many good people were led down Perot’s garden path – a path that ended with Bill and Hill running the show and severely damaging America.

We may think things couldn’t get much worse after 8 years of “Barack the Magnificent”, but mark my words; if Hillary gets back into power, the America we once all knew will be destroyed forever.  

There will be no pretext of justice, law, or the Constitution; only Catherine the Great. 2.0.

If Donald Trump is really a sincere conservative convert, let’s see it in how he runs his campaign. Let’s see how he spells out his policies. Let’s see who he surrounds himself with in the campaign’s inner echelons.

It takes far more than money and a TV presence to be a good President; especially during such dangerous world times as we now have.

Let’s not re-live 1992 all over again!  

And, let’s not be fooled again by “image” alone like too many low-information voters were in 2008.

I Am Supporting Ted Cruz For President and Why All Christians Should As Well


It has been several Presidential election cycles since there was a truly inspiring, conservative, moral candidate to back for election. We Christians have had to “hold our noses” and vote, in at least the last two elections, for moderate RINO candidates who were “the lesser of two evils.”

But, that is not the case in 2016. This time, we have a solid, proven, qualified candidate for President who believes in the same values and laws that I do. Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative. No one disputes this about the man.

He has shown throughout his public career that he believes in the things he says, regardless of the audience or the circumstances.

For me as a Christian, this straightforward honesty is very, very important. It doesn’t matter what a politician might say, it only matters if they keep their word and follow through on what they’ve said.

If I can’t trust my President to keep his word, he is worthless as a leader and a human being. We have suffered with just such a President for the past 7 years now. We suffered through 8 hideous years with the Bill and Hill “liars-are-us” debacle in the 90s.

America has become a much more pagan, callous, and degraded society largely because of the Clintons and the Obamas.

The only way this nation survives is if we elect someone honest, humble, and God-fearing who puts faith in God’s Word and God’s morality over his ego, his personal gain, and his political ambitions.

Ted Cruz has proven to be such a man. He has “fought the good fight” many times in the Senate to oppose the compromisers, the RINOs, the radical corrupt Democrats, and the national media that have either ignored him or pilloried him for his “David vs. Goliath” stances on important issues.

This tells me he will do everything in his power as President to keep his promises to the American people. His views are what he really believes; part of who he is as a person.

Unlike Trump, motivated by ego and greed his whole life, and Rubio, inexperienced and pliable in order to gain RINO approval and money, Cruz cares only to be faithful to God, the Constitution, and the American people.

He is a leader in the mold of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Lincoln, and Reagan.

But, is America worthy of him? We live in an age of phony “reality TV” and self-absorbed narcissism. That’s why guys like Obama, Sanders, and Trump have done so well – they have all appealed to America’s lowest common denominators.

Will the American electorate realize the desperate hour in which our nation finds itself?

We have tried it the RINO way – “go along to get along” – which has resulted in a 20 trillion dollar debt; massive fraud and corruption at all levels of government, and constantly receding freedoms once guaranteed all Americans.

We have tried it the Obama/Trump way of doing things – violating U.S. Constitutional law in order to push a personal agenda despite the law. (Be sure of this – a right-wing despot [Trump] will be just as damaging to America as a left-wing despot [Obama] has been.)

Given America’s lousy, left-wing educational system over the past 70 years, most Americans have no idea what their rights are as Americans and have very little understanding of the Constitution and the form of government it has given us.

If America becomes a nation of “personalities” rather than a nation of laws, we will come to a pitiful end.

In that regard, I am not a fan of Ted Cruz because of his personality. I am a huge supporter of him because of his message – the message of American freedom and Constitutional Law.

He is working to protect the rights of all Americans in this election because he is the only candidate in either Party that is putting the Constitution first and foremost before any personal goals or ambitions.

The stakes for this nation could not be any higher. He is right that the next President will significantly alter the direction of the Supreme Court, possibly forever.

If we don’t get more conservative, strict-constructionist, Constitutional-originalists on the Court, all of our rights will be gone forever.

Ted Cruz is the only candidate we can trust to find the best and brightest Constitutional jurists to appoint.

Cruz has proven his commitment to life, to natural marriage, and our right to “keep and bear arms.” If we value our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights, as well as all the others, he is the only choice we can make to be assured those rights are protected.

I have written months ago about my problems with Trump – (see following)

- so I will spend no more time discussing the myriad of problems with supporting him; except for this – no one who is truly pro-life can praise Planned Parenthood and their massive murder and dead baby organ trafficking schemes as Trump has repeatedly done now.

As a Christian citizen of America, I take my responsibility to participate in our nation’s government and political process seriously. I recently published an updated version of my book that urges Christians to get involved – 

Yes! We STILL Can Turn This Nation Around! 

– as a way to encourage, guide, and challenge all Christians to become active.

It is of critical importance to me that we have an honest man of God, if at all possible, leading our nation. In 2016, Ted Cruz is that man – the best choice we have as Christians.

It is true that his campaign has made its share of mistakes – all long-term political campaigns do. But, what I’ve seen in Cruz is a man who will own up to those mistakes and correct them when they happen. That is the mark of a true Christian leader; not perfection, but accountability.

This is woefully lacking in all of the other candidates.

Ben Carson is a fine man, but I was sorely disappointed in his continued whining about the self-inflicted mistake he made in Iowa. Does anyone really think he would have won Iowa if he wasn’t vague to CNN about his immediate political future?

And, now that he has contradicted everything he said he stood for by endorsing the candidate least similar to the “civility” he urged all the candidates to practice, I realize that Dr. Carson either has been a hypocrite all along or he has had some kind of serious disconnect in his psyche between who he was prior to endorsing Trump and coming out after pretending the past hasn’t happened. 

Trump and Rubio, when cornered on their actual words and records by Cruz have launched into petty, name-calling tirades against Cruz instead of coming clean about their shifting positions on important issues.

Is this who we want in the white House – another Clinton-type denier of reality every time they are caught in their own inconsistencies?

Not me. No thank you. I want someone who is honest enough to admit their mistakes and take corrective actions – just like we all must in our relationship with the Lord.

Those who believe they haven’t sinned and don’t need to repent to receive God’s forgiveness and restoration will be damned to Hell.

Christian leaders who overlook this crucial aspect of salvation are false prophets at their heart. 

Jesus loves all people and will forgive any sins, but He will never condone and excuse sin.

Liberals and shallow Christians love to quote Matthew 7:1 - “Judge not, that you be not judged.” – as their rationale for never criticizing others for their behavior.

But, in the very same chapter of Matthew, Jesus makes seemingly contradictory statements such as Matthew 7:6: - 

“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” 

and Matthew 7:15-20: -  

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

These passages put Matthew 7:1 into its proper context. We have every right to evaluate the behavior of other professing Christians; especially those who seek to become leaders over us.

We are not superior, or sinless ourselves, but we also should never excuse sin or sinful attitudes. Even when Jesus forgave the woman caught in adultery in John 8, his final parting advice to her warns her about her condition – John 8:10-11: - 

“When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?” 11 She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

My point is that we Christians need to be extremely prudent and wise in who we support for the most powerful job in the world – President of the United States. We need to thoroughly look at our choices and base our decisions not on any particular feelings or sound bites, but on reason, logic, and Godly wisdom.

In past elections we have had only had poor choices. This election, that is not true.

We have a candidate who measures up to the Bible on every issue stance he takes. He has a personal life that is largely devoid of scandal and contradiction.

He has endured massive attacks from sources who also hate us and our beliefs; and he has not only survived those mud-slinging efforts, but has used them to further stand for the truth and his Christian faith.

No wonder the RINOs, the Democrats, the national media, and the radical left all hate him – they know he is for real and will not be bought off or back down from what he believes.

In short, if America is to turn back from the cliff of destruction, we need Ted Cruz leading us, as God’s instrument, to restore America to its special place in history and the world.

No one else running is capable of making this happen.

If we love God, our families, our homes, our freedoms, and our nation, we Christians really have no other choice to make.

Ted Cruz may well be this American generation’s “indispensable man.”

Ted Cruz – The Complete Conservative


It has been some time since a conservative candidate for President has come along that has had both the breadth of experience and the depth of character to be considered a “complete conservative.”

Not since the days of Ronald Reagan have we had a “head and shoulders above the rest” kind of candidate to support for the most powerful job in the world.

In the past several elections, conservatives (both fiscal and social) have had only semi-complete candidates from which to choose. George W. Bush came the closest, but even he fell short of Reagan’s stature in a number of areas.

After Bush, conservatives looked at a number of possibilities: Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and the Pauls – just to name a few.

But, each one of these potential Presidents fell short in one area or another in presenting a complete package of leadership necessary to be another Reagan.

Huckabee, a former Governor and ordained minister, had some executive experience and solid values. But, he lacked foreign policy experience and flirted with a few liberal policies during his tenure as Governor of Arkansas. He was rejected this most recent campaign season due to his muddy involvement with Common Core – that left-wing federal take-over of education that doesn’t work.

Both Cain and Carson brought “outsider” status to their respective races. They were successful in their careers and demonstrated some leadership abilities. But, they both were sorely lacking in foreign policy knowledge, let alone experience.

Cain knew little about the Balkans and Carson confused a Palestinian terrorist organization – Hamas – with a Middle Eastern food dish – hummus.

In addition, they both committed “amateur” mistakes in their campaigns that led to their failures. Cain failed to stop the Obama/Axelrod smear accusation brought on by a “paid-off” woman who lived in Alexrod’s building.

Carson blundered in Iowa by sending signals that he was not going to continue campaigning after the Primary. He then continued to whine about his outcome after his self-inflicted wound.

Rubio, at one time viewed as a growing star in the conservative universe, severely damaged his political future by compromising and going along with far-left Democrats in attempting to promote amnesty for illegal aliens in America.

Santorum damaged his political career by a crushing re-election bid loss for the Senate in 2006. A two-term Senator should not get blown out the way Santorum was, but such is what happens when a “political entitlement” mentality sets in.

Both Pauls are conservative enough, but they are also isolationists when it comes to the rest of the world. When Ron Paul thought that Iran should get a nuke if they wanted one in a 2012 debate, he forever lost the bulk of conservative support he might have had. Rand has made some similar statements that have hurt him with the voters.

Nope. None of these former “also-rans” was the whole package conservatives crave and America needs.

But, that is no longer the case this election. We do have one candidate who truly embodies all that it means to be a conservative, American patriot.

That man is Ted Cruz.

This is why he has been attacked by both parties with more furor than any other candidate in modern history. And yet, his composure and focus have remained intact as he marches steadily toward the nomination.

But for those who may have forgotten, or may not know, here are some of Cruz’s bona fides to assume the mantle of Reagan and be a great American President.

Cruz has fought his whole entire life for the American people and the U.S. Constitution. No other candidate has such a pedigree. No other candidate is as much an expert on America’s foundational documents.

Cruz has the good kind of government experience needed to right America’s listing “ship of state.”

He has proven his beliefs and values, not just espoused them. He has fought for American freedoms in federal courts and the U.S. Senate.  

It was Cruz who defended the 2nd Amendment before the Supreme Court in the Heller case – a fundamental victory for private gun ownership in America.

Cruz fought and won 1st Amendment victories in the courts as well. Texas maintains its 10 Commandments monument on the Capitol grounds because of Cruz.

Cruz defied the Bush Administration in a fight over national sovereignty before the Supreme Court to demand that U.S. law is sovereign over the wishes of the U.N. He won that battle for all of us.

Cruz, as Texas’ Solicitor General, has had state-level government experience and understands and supports the 10th Amendment’s limitation on federal power.

Cruz, as a sitting U.S. Senator, also understands the roles and responsibilities of the federal government. And, he has not been shy about protecting Americans’ rights to the dismay of the Senate “dinosaurs” who care more about their pensions and legacies than they do the American people.

He has consistently opposed the Obama radical agenda; even when his fellow “Republicans” have crumbled like melting glaciers before the glaring media spotlights.

Cruz has stood up for our military and veterans; not with phony rallies and unfulfilled promises of donations, but with real actions.

When Obama’s Iranian-born advisor – Valerie Jarrett - ordered veterans’ memorials closed to punish America for supporting Cruz’s stand to shut the government down in order to stop Obamacare, Cruz was one of the members of Congress out on the National Mall removing barricades so WWII vets on “Honor Flights” would have access to what is rightfully theirs.

Cruz has proposed a rational economic plan to reverse decades of government waste, fraud, and abuse.

His simple flat tax and the abolition of the abusive, political IRS are both conservative dreams.

His call for the end to federal education meddling and the cancellation of Common Core are music to the ears of all parents wanting their children to succeed in whatever school choice they prefer.

Cruz is a champion of the unborn and has called for the immediate defunding of Planned Parenthood – the national leading slaughterer of babies in the womb. He has also called for the investigation into Planned Parenthood’s dead baby organ trafficking scheme.

As a graduate of a private Christian secondary school, Cruz warmly supports school choice – much to the chagrin of the Democrat Party’s fund-raising arm – the teachers’ unions.

Cruz has called the drafting of women into combat and the use of girls’ bathrooms by the “gender-confused” as “crazy.”

His time working for the Federal Trade Commission makes him an expert on job creation, international trade, and reduction of onerous government regulation of businesses to increase both jobs and wages.

His personal life is sane and normal; sleaze lies by political opponents with no morality of their own aside.

His educational pedigree is unchallenged – having distinguished himself in the nation’s best universities.

The list could go on and on. But, the bottom line is this – America has only one choice to make for President if we want to fix the messes created by the smarmy Clintons, the compromised RINOs, and Obama’s radical socialists.

That choice is Ted Cruz for President!

History alone will make the comparisons to Reagan, but if Cruz has a chance to lead this great nation, we may all be witnesses to history.

Ted Cruz is the ONLY Complete Conservative – and the only choice for those who want their children and grandchildren to have a future of freedom, opportunity, and peace.