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It Was Far Closer Than It Looked!

I realize that everyone will have their analysis of the election. But I just want to share with you some numbers that should give us both heart and a challenge for the future.

Barack Obama won re-election by around ¼ of 1 % of the vote! What? How can that be? I thought he won by around 2.9 million votes? (The actual current number is around 2,888,099 factoring in the still un-called state of Florida.)

The truth is that if just 350,000 (348,540 is the actual number) people voted differently in four states, Mitt Romney would now be the President-elect. That’s right, just a small number of people in the states of Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, and Florida determined the outcome of this election.

How is that possible? These four states have 66 electoral votes. If they had gone for Romney, he would have won the election with 272 electoral votes. In each of these states the difference between victory and defeat was very minimal.

Another misleading number from the election was the margin of victory. The number – 2.9 million seems somewhat impressive, but the truth is that Obama’s margin of victory in just two states – New York and California was over 3.5 million votes. Everyone realized long before the election that these two states would go heavily for Obama. It will be decades before any electoral sanity will ever return to them.  

But, that’s the beauty and fairness of the Electoral College. No matter how big a win is in a particular state, the votes only contribute to the Electoral Vote totals. That’s a good thing for most of us. If it was only about raw vote totals, candidates would only target about a dozen large cities in the nation. Those cities would give them enough votes to win every election and the rest of the nation would be totally ignored. We’d all become slaves of these few cities and be forced to support their “bought and paid for” constituents. We would be the “slave labor” that would subsidize their lifestyles of entitlement. And, “states’ rights” would become a thing of the past.

Given where we are today with the current voter makeup, this wasn’t a “landslide” for liberalism. It was a tiny minority of folks who put Obama back into office. If we had worked a bit harder, registered a few hundred thousand more voters, and gotten more of our people out to the polls in these states, we would have a far different outcome.

By the way, lest you think I’m picking on these four states, the same is true for the states of Nevada, Colorado, New Hampshire, and, to a lesser extent, Pennsylvania. (Although, Pennsylvania still has to do something about all the questionable voting in Philadelphia. Obama, again got more than half a million votes out of the city; enough to carry the state by over 200,000.)

The bottom line is that we came ever so close to changing the current direction of our country! We should not despair. We just need to work a little harder and be a little more effective next time. We have the numbers among our people. We just need to translate more of those numbers into votes!

Reflections on the Election

Most of us, no doubt, are feeling kind of glum today after what seems like a disappointing result of our efforts. Many may even feel a sense of fear and dread for the future. This is to be expected. We did work very hard and it isn’t easy to see our hard work come up short. But, as I say in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! – our effort is not about one election. It is about transforming our society. If a moderate had won instead of a radical liberal, our problems would still remain; they would just be slowed in their destructive effects. We will win and lose our share of battles and elections. Remember, the Continental Army lost more battles than they won in the Revolutionary War. If they had quit after any of their defeats, we would not have America today.

Perhaps the words of Thomas Paine are relevant to where we find ourselves today. I have the quote from him at the end of Chapter 14 in my book. He, and many others, knew that success would only come after a long hard struggle. That’s what we need to believe today. We can still turn this nation around. It will take hard work on our part. It will take training and education for many more in our churches. It will take motivation and encouragement to those who look to us for such support.

No, we dare not give up! All future generations are depending on us! I wrote the book for this very reason – to show us how it CAN be done. Our movement is still in its infancy. We have come very far in a short period of time, but we have much growing to do over the next few years.  

So, in short – it’s time to re-group, re-form, and build our movement over the next several months. Let’s take this time to heal our wounds, reinforce our numbers, and make ourselves more effective in our efforts for the next battles – the 2013 Primary Elections!

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Remember Romans 8:31 “What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?” (NASB)

Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the streets in which to dwell." 

Isaiah 58:12 (NASB)

So What's Next?

Now that the election is over and we are left with the current players in place for a time, what do we do next in our efforts to save this nation? Shall we withdraw and wait for the end to come? Shall we secede? Shall we modify our positions in hopes of reaching some new “mythical” constituency?

No, none of these options are practical or success-producing. Now is the time to go on the offensive. Now is the time to build our numbers. Now is the time to hold people’s feet to the fire. Now is the time to unify our coalitions.

First, we need to learn from our mistakes. Mitt Romney became the Republican nominee because we split our votes early on in the Primary Campaign. Instead of consolidating our support behind one candidate, and urging the candidates to do the same, we allowed the establishment Republicans to “divide and conquer” us. That can never happen again. We must come together and agree on our best candidates; not necessarily our favorites. One strong conservative candidate would have not only won the Primaries, he would have won the general election as well. 

Along the lines of learning from our mistakes, guys like Mourdock and Akin needed to learn strategy better to avoid being steered into an extremist corner by a totally biased media. It’s certainly not that they should have watered down their pro-life beliefs. But they could have expressed those beliefs in a way that presented an inclusive rather than an exclusive position. Something like – “All life is sacred whether in the womb or in the society. We must work to stop violence against people whether it is abortion or rape. Neither should be tolerated as acceptable.”

Second, we must ignore the “blame game” coming at us from the left and the moderate center. Moderate Republican Presidential nominees are 0 – 5 over the past 40 years. Ford lost in 1976. Bush Sr. lost in 1992 (The only reason he won in 1988 was because he promised to continue the Reagan legacy.) Dole lost in 1996. McCain lost in 2008. And, Romney has now lost in 2012. The moderates cannot deny this truth no matter how much they want to blame us. Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush prove that conservatives win Presidential elections in this nation.

The numbers from this election prove this to us. Obama’s vote totals were 9 million less than four years ago. The excitement wasn’t there for him as much this time. We lost the election because 3 million of our people who voted for McCain didn’t vote for Romney. Either we allowed the media to suppress turnout with their distortion of reality, or Romney wasn’t considered “pure” enough by some of our voters, or the Romney campaign failed to challenge Obama’s failures and extremism enough to keep him on the defensive. Whatever the case, this was our election to lose and we did just that. There is no “liberal mandate” in this country just because all of Obama’s dependents showed up to keep their largesse coming.  

Yes, there may well have been voter fraud in places like Philadelphia, Cleveland, and in Allen West’s district in Florida. I warned about its reality long before the election in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! - and just prior to the election on my website –  - and Facebook page – Turn This Nation Around. Yes, it should be thoroughly investigated and any found guilty severely punished. But, even if a large amount of fraud can be proven, we still lost the election because we didn’t get all of our people out to vote. People who stayed home and those who voted for “Jesus for President” are as much to blame for the result as any amount of voter fraud.

If Romney didn’t get the large numbers of conservative votes he did get, his loss would look far more like McCain’s than it did. We are not the problem in the Republican Party; we are the solution!!

Third, we must expand our numbers and unify our coalitions. We still have many people in this country who think like we do that aren’t active. Maybe some are unsure; maybe some are scared; maybe some are busy. But, the time is now for “all hands on deck” to stop and turn around this out of control juggernaut.  

We need to be active in supporting those in Congress, governors’ mansions, and state legislatures who are with us. They will be targets of the left now more than ever. We must give them greater support and political “cover.” If we don’t have their backs now, they will never succeed in pressing our agenda in their worlds of influence.

We need to send them emails of congratulations and support. We need to communicate our views to them every time an issue comes before them. Chapter 11 in my book –Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! - has quite a bit of practical advice in this effort.

We also need to keep a close watch on any of our elected officials we don’t trust, or we know who are in opposition to us. They need to hear from us on every issue as well. We need to express our opinions publicly about them when they vote the wrong way. Remember, most of them are pliable depending on how much pressure they feel. If they don’t feel it from us, they will feel it from the left. Of that I can guarantee you!

Fourth, it is time for all of us to find our place in this effort. For some, that may mean running for office. For others, it may mean getting more active in some of the various opportunities we have to participate in the system and the issues. Again, in my book I devote a whole chapter to the possibilities – Chapter 6 – Levels of Involvement.  

Finally, we need to take heart. We are of the truth! God’s truth on these many issues will win out in the end if we don’t quit or give in to discouragement and fear. No society has survived long that has been built on lies. But, America was founded on Truth – God’s Truth. We can steer her course back to that Truth if we are willing to do the work. All is not lost. All is not over. We are far closer to victory than we realize. We can’t quit now!!

Social and Economic Issues - The Two-sided Coin

The raging debate over the past few decades among conservatives is whether to focus on social issues or economic issues. The economic conservatives focus only on money and financial policies. They abhor talking about the pressing social issues of the day such as abortion and homosexual marriage. On the other side, the social conservatives have little interest in discussing the pressing financial issues we are facing – such as the current 16+ trillion dollar national debt.

So, who is right? The short answer is that neither side is right in and of themselves. Neither side has a complete picture of the problems they are passionate about addressing. That is because they refuse to look at the other side of the coin when talking about these issues.

The truth is that both economic issues and social issues are completely intertwined. Only a comprehensive approach will begin to address and solve them. What do I mean? I mean that it is impossible to solve the nation’s economic issues without also addressing the social problems that have led to much of them. It is also impossible to solve the social issues of the day without also addressing the economic fallout that has resulted from their proliferation.

Let’s innumerate a bit. When the government started thinking it could become the best provider of charity, that led to the growth of the economic issues we face. The New Deal, The Great Society, and modern variations and expansions of each have led to the massive debt we now carry. Well-intentioned, but incredibly naïve, the government thought it could help the poor without creating an ever-growing dependency class. How silly! Keep giving a man a fish and he will never develop the desire or skills to learn how to fish!

That’s right, the economic problem of an ever-growing dependency class and the bankrupting of this nation that it has produced come from a gross misunderstanding of human nature. Moral and spiritual retardation result when incentive to become self-sufficient is taken away. In old fashioned (and most politically incorrect terms), we have taught people how to perfect laziness rather than ambition and industriousness.

A second correlation to this all-consuming mess is the fact that as government largesse has increased, so has blatant immorality and family break-down. If government becomes “daddy” in the provision department, there is no need for women and men to get married and/or stay married. They are free to engage in whatever sexual relationships they desire without ever having to consider the consequences of their actions. Government will pay for contraception, abortions, child-welfare, and even free healthcare for STDs and AIDS treatments. This is the same warped thinking that demands government healthcare to pay for sex change operations for the sexually dysfunctional.

Yes, the immorality of “whatever makes me feel good” sexuality has led to the massive growth of government spending many areas. Of course, those who are responsible, self-controlled, and hard-working are expected to pay for the lifestyles of those who have never heard the word “no!”

This is “tolerant” America! No judgments, no values, no responsibility – just give until there is nothing left to give to finance this perversion of American freedom. Of course, this isn’t real freedom; certainly not the freedom our Founding Fathers envisioned for this great land. Real freedom involves responsibility and mutual commitment and loyalty to one’s community and nation. All must take the responsibility for the success of this nation. No one is free to simply enjoy the benefits and blessings of freedom without a responsibility to contribute to it in some way.

I read a story not too long ago that illustrates my point to the tee. A man fathered around 70 children by various women. He married none of the women. He provided for none of the children. The women and the children are being taken care of by us – the taxpayers. This man probably thinks highly of himself, but he is really nothing when it comes to being a citizen. He really isn’t much of a man either. But, my point is made. He is a grand example of how a social problem – immorality – has led to a significant economic problem – dozens and dozens of individuals being wards of the state.

I could go on and on illustrating the connections between various social problems and their resulting negative economic consequences, but the point is clear. To solve America’s many problems today, we have to equally address the social and economic problems we face. The “country club” Republicans need to stop being embarrassed about talking about abortion and marriage. The “religious right” Republicans need to start talking about economic solutions to the social problems we face.

The left in this country wants to grow government dependence. It gives them more power. Since they don’t care about freedom or the Constitution, they care little for personal responsibility or personal empowerment. We all looked at the Obamaphone woman YouTube clip as an illustration of government gone awry. But, if fact, all we were doing was giving a free commercial to the left – vote for us and get free stuff!!

If we want to turn things around, we need to deal with both sides of the coin; otherwise the government will come and take the last remaining coins out of our pockets to give to someone else – probably to play a slot machine somewhere!

Compromise - The Language of the Losers

It has been said that “politics is the art of compromise.” That may well be true. Seldom does anyone in government get everything they want all the time. But, given our current political climate after the election, this truism doesn’t apply as it has in the past.

Tremendous pressure has been brought to bear on the Republicans in Washington to recognize the “Obama mandate” from the election and give in on the “no raising taxes” promise many of them made. The media has been downright giddy over the prospect of Obama’s agenda going forward now that he’s “more flexible” after the election. So, it seems only reasonable that the Republicans should be willing to give in to the President’s demands for the “good of the country.” Isn’t that the right course?


In politics there are good and bad compromises. An example of a good compromise is if we propose a 10% tax cut and settle for a 5% cut in the end. We still have cut taxes somewhat. A bad compromise is if we propose a 10% tax cut and settle for a 5% tax increase in the end. We have totally lost the issue then and the other side has increased the size of government once again.

What I’m saying is that there is a distinct difference between compromise and surrender. When we violate our core principles to reach a political end, that isn’t compromise; it is defeat. We have become worthless then to our constituency. We have become untrustworthy and downright “slimy” to those who placed their trust in us. In short, we have become “squishy moderate politicians”!

This seems to be a greater problem of the Republicans than it does of the Democrats. When they lose an election, no one in their ranks suggests that they should move to the right in their political positions. They don’t suddenly become patriotic, pro-life, and in favor of traditional marriage and school-choice. No, they double down on their leftist rhetoric and always cry foul about election outcomes.  

Remember, it is media gospel that Democrats never lose elections, they are always “cheated” out of them by all the “racist, sexist, homophobic, bigots” in this nation!

For Republicans now to think that they can recover from a very close election loss by acting more like Democrats is downright stupid! The agenda from the Obama administration is clearly one of destruction. They want to destroy this nation’s roots, economy, social fabric, and future. So committed are they to their Marxist agenda that they will see America in shambles first before trying to fix the current problems. Part of this agenda is the utter destruction of the Republican Party. That’s what issues like compromise on tax increases, lax immigration laws, and pushing the homosexual agenda are all about.

If Obama is successful in seducing the Republicans to see things his way, the nation will be ruined and the sycophants in his media will blame the Republicans for it all. Anyone who thinks the national media give a microbe about the truth and reality must be living in one of those states that just legalized pot!

Now, more than ever, Republicans and conservatives must stand strong on our principles of freedom, limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, and personal responsibility if this nation is to survive. If we give up these principles, we have absolutely no hope and no future.

It is time for the millions of us in this nation who believe these American principles to give Speaker Boehner the spine he seems to constantly lack. Now is the time that we need another Newt Gingrich, not another Bob Michael! Boehner’s action in removing conservatives from House Committee positions is reprehensible. His tepid proposal to counter Obama’s “leap over the fiscal cliff” plan is pathetic. He needs to hear our disapproval loud and clear! His number in Washington is: (202) 225-6205.

This government needs a chainsaw to cut the budget, not a scalpel. It is still bloated with billions and billions in waste, fraud, and abuse. Those who work in this country can no longer financially prop up the socialist fantasies of Washington insiders. Their taxation and spending addictions must be cut off “cold turkey”!

Compromise with the left in this country isn’t possible without politically shooting ourselves in the head. Those Republicans in Washington have to get this message:  “Stand Firm! Stand Strong! Stand on the Truth!”

A Few Thoughts on Newtown, Connecticut and Christmas

It was an absolute senseless tragedy, of that there is no doubt. The overwhelming sadness that people all across this nation feel over the loss of so many innocent young children and their teachers is real and permeating. How could such a thing happen in 2012 America?

Seeking to put this tremendous tragedy into some kind of framework is an exercise in futility. A “senseless tragedy” is just that – senseless. There is no rhyme or reason for it to have happened. There is nothing to justify or excuse this horrible act of violence. This is especially difficult due to the fact that it happened shortly before Christmas – a supposed time of happiness and joy; especially for children.

Many people across this nation are angry and afraid. This is to be expected. When normalcy is suspended as it was in this quiet little town and replaced with horrors usually only seen in theaters of war, it provokes all kinds of reactions from people.

Our hearts go out to all of the parents and other family members directly involved. They are in our constant prayers. Nothing that can be said now will take away the intense pain and grief they feel. Time may be a healer of sorts, but the process of grief is a journey to travel through and survive. Most will come through it. Some may not. We all hope for the best for all these fellow-citizens and neighbors.

This event has shamefully become political fodder for too many in this country. The extreme right sees outrageous conspiracies surrounding the event. The left is using it as a platform to initiate one of their well-beloved issues – gun control. Fingers have been pointed. Vehement denials have been issued. “Experts” of just about every stripe have weighed in with opinions. No one has any real answers.

What caused this? Social maladjustment? Bad parenting? Violent video games? Apocalyptic thinking? It depends who you listen to in the swirling maelstrom of media hype and “talking heads.” The President and his sycophant loyalists in Congress are pushing ahead with his before-the-tragedy promise to ban so-called “assault weapons.” Liberal Governors are promising to get tough with those who take the Second Amendment seriously.

None of the solutions given so far are a real answer to preventing the problem again in the future. The practical suggestion offered to put armed guards in schools is repugnant to the “enlightened” left in the country. It may well be that “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”, but the imagery of police patrolling school hallways is one that far too many people at this point in time don’t want to think about.

So, what is the answer? The answer lies in Christmas. This world has never had lasting peace. Violence and senseless tragedy are prevalent facts of human history. It is not within humanity’s power to bring about real peace and safety. We are a fallen people. All possess the potential for great evil. Left to humanist self-saviors, we will continue to have Columbine and Newtown repeat themselves many times over in the future.

No, the only answer we have is why we celebrate Christmas in the first place – the birth of the Savior of the World. God, Who became flesh, and dwelt among us is our only hope. Only He has the power of transformation of the human soul. Only He can cure the ills of the sick race of humanity. Only He has the power to truly heal the soul wounds so many have had inflicted in this most recent case of humanity gone Darwinian.

The name “Jesus” may not be politically correct in many circles today. His Name may have been removed decades ago from the very institutions where it has been needed most. People may have wanted to free themselves from His moral constraints. But, we all see the results of the secular atheistic world we are creating. Only He can reverse the trend of destruction and degradation we see growing in this nation. His Truth alone can set our souls free.

That is the basic message of Christmas. God has come to mankind to lead us to His salvation and His true freedom. Returning to Him is our only hope.

Banning guns won’t stop the next secular-educated sociopath from killing more innocent lives. Take away his guns and he will use a car or poisoned Tylenol or jet aircraft or some other medium to inflict the most damage possible. He may be motivated by violent video games. He may firmly believe that humanity is some cosmic freak accident with no meaning or future – re-arranged pond scum struggling to win the war of “survival of the fittest.” He may be motivated by the violent extremism of false religion. He may be seeking the brief fame the self-serving press today will grant him. But, short of a soul transformation, he will act again in the future. And, when more lives are lost, he will take the usual coward’s way out and destroy himself.

Christmas has become controversial today because people don’t want to acknowledge, let alone put their faith in, God or His love. They don’t want to need Jesus as their Savior. In our modern world, we may not worship idols of stone and wood any longer. But, too many do worship idols of self, celebrity, attention, fame, and power. All will produce the same end as befell the shooter in Newtown – death and judgment.

We have only one hope for this nation – ask God to forgive us for our arrogance, accept His ready forgiveness, and submit to the power of transformative love. All of this is wrapped up in “swaddling clothes and lying in a manger”!

It's 2013 - What Can We Do?

“What can I do this year to save my country?” That is a question on the lips of many as this new year dawns. It is especially urgent now given the fact that too many in Congress caved in to the President’s demand for even more taxes and spending to magically cure the “fiscal cliff’ crisis that has now come and gone. The frustration level of average citizens is understandably growing.

We see the problems. We see the ineptness of those we trusted to lead us. We see the perversion of the truth by the national media. We see our rights and freedoms continuing to shrink. So, what do we do about it?

We get engaged in productive, effective activities and involvement that will bring about real changes. It is doable. America isn’t lost. Those who boast of their power and control are more insecure and scared than ever. The sleeping giant that is the American people is just about to awaken. And, we are the ones holding the alarm clock!

This is the first in a series of articles designed to encourage, inspire, and guide us to make real lasting changes in this nation. So, where do we start?

First, we search our souls for what it is that we need to do. Seeking God’s guidance is always a good first step in anything we do. Remember, He is on the side of Truth! He wants people to live in peace and harmony as much as is possible in a fallen world. There is no question about whether we should get more involved. The question is, “What should we be doing?”

The reason I wrote my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! – was to provide practical advice for everyone who wants to make a difference in our nation today. Many of the chapters point to various efforts we can make in our lives, families, churches, and communities to change the corruption and incompetence we see in our government today. Some of this information will be shared in subsequent articles. If you are someone who wants to hit the ground with your feet running, I urge you to consider getting the book and diving right in. Now is the time to get educated as to what the opportunities and strategies are in this effort.

As this year begins, we need to explore what we can do in the areas of supporting and pressuring those already in office. We need to explore how we can get into office or raise up candidates to replace those in office who are doing a lousy job. We need to explore what our families, churches, and communities can do to organize and multiply our efforts. We need to learn the Constitution so that we can refute the uninformed extremists that are crying for ending the Constitution, the Electoral College, and even the well-intentioned, but naïve calls for Impeachment. Our movement will come to nothing if we give in to the fear-mongers and doomsday survivalists.

Of course, the current Administration is infested with Socialist Communists, hell-bent on destroying our Constitutional Republic. The political left in this country has been doing this for almost a century. It is nothing new. But, we must understand that the real power of this nation is a free people; a people that will defend our rights and principles with the same fervor as that of our Founding Fathers. That’s us!

So, step one: find out your state’s election calendar and elective offices which will be decided in 2013. Begin to learn the records of the people in those offices. Do they deserve our support or should we begin working to replace them?  

Step two: hook up with national organizations like Freedomworks and Tea Party Patriots if you haven’t already done so. There may be others out there or others which will develop that deserve our involvement. We need to strengthen our coalitions to multiply our impact.

Please also check out our website: Go to the links page for a list of sites that provide information on a variety of issues.

Finally, don’t give in to discouragement and fear. That is exactly what those in power want us to do. Stay strong! Stay focused on the immediate goals! Stay positive! Soon, others will beat a path to your door to join the fight as well!

It's 2013 - What Can We Do? Part 2 - State Issues to Pursue

In the second part of this series about effective participation to change things in 2013, we’ll focus on some state-level issues that need our attention. Despite all the attention on national issues, the following state issues are crucial for our future as a nation. In fact, if we don’t address these issues now, we may not be able to effectively influence what happens in Washington. The three issues we need to concentrate on are: voter ID laws, right-to-work laws, and school choice laws.

On the surface, these three issues may seem unrelated, but the truth is that they are intertwined in such a way as to either make or break our future as a nation. As things stand right now, the left in this country is in control of these issues. The status quo in each of these areas gives the left and the Democrats tremendous power and money to keep their greedy corrupt minions in power. If we can be successful in changing the current political landscape in these areas alone, we will see huge changes in elections. Let’s take a look at each of these.

First of all, in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! – I warned that there would be voter fraud this election. Sadly, I was right. 59 precincts in Philadelphia with zero votes for Mitt Romney; voter turnout beyond 100% of those registered in parts of Ohio and Virginia; and the incompetent debacle in Allen West’s district in Florida all point to a dramatic need to change how elections are held. What is needed is state by state voter registration reform. There is absolutely no real reason on the planet to say that valid voter ID should not be the rule in order to vote. For virtually every other modern activity, ID is a requirement. It is only those who want to cheat in elections that are opposing this move. Interestingly, all of the opposition to voter ID laws comes from the left and Democrats. No Republicans or conservatives object to proving who they are before they vote.

We need to put an end to dead people voting in major urban areas. We need to put a stop to labor union vans carrying voters to multiple precincts to vote multiple times. We need to put an end to elections’ officials voting for all of their friends without troubling them to come out to the precinct and actually vote. We need to put an end to fraudulent absentee voting which has next to no safeguards to protect against abuse.

In short, every state needs to pass and adopt practical voter ID laws. We can influence this process if our particular state doesn’t have them already. First, find out what legislation is pending. Call your reps and state senators to support these proposed laws. Spread the word to everyone you know to also contact state officials to get these laws passed. If the left can’t cheat in elections anymore, we will see dramatically different election results in the future.

Second, forced unionism is not only un-American, it is a primary cash source for the left. Far too much of compulsory union dues ends up in the pockets of Democrat politicians. It is a “money-laundering” operation of great sophistication! Right-to-work laws would change all that. If thousands and thousands of workers across this nation were freed from this tyranny in order to be gainfully employed, the money would indeed dry up for the union fat cats. People could still donate to union PACs if they chose, but it would no longer be forcibly removed from their paychecks. Without this massive free cash cow, Democrats wouldn’t be able to pay their volunteers and political handlers to “guarantee” election results.

If your state isn’t a right-to-work state, find out what possible legislation exists. Contact right-to-work organizations in your state. Throw your support to legislators who are striving to pass right-to-work laws. Call your reps and senators and urge them to support the effort. This is a fight that may get ugly – just look at what happened in Michigan. But, it is a fight we can win if we refuse to quit. Union thuggishness cannot tolerate the light of public scrutiny. Besides, the more right-to-work states there are in the Union, the better the national economy will get.

Third, giving state schools a taxation monopoly over education is destructive to both the political process and the culture in general. Only when we have real choice in education will schools improve academically. Only with school choice will the bloated public school system be reined in. School choice brings efficiency and competition back into the process. Teachers will have to perform to keep their jobs, not just have guaranteed union benefits regardless of their ability to teach. Union leaders will no longer be able to guarantee public tax money being funneled directly to Democrat candidates via union dues.

The other social benefit of school choice is that it re-engages parents and puts them back in control of their children’s education. It will ultimately strengthen families which will ultimately strengthen communities and the nation.

Good school choice programs focus on tax credits given directly to parents. Vouchers sound like a good option, but they are far more inefficient – they require bureaucrats to collect and distribute moneys to “worthy families.” Giving parents tax credits to spend at the schools of their choice for their children is the best way to go.

We need to seek out school choice organizations in our states, find out what legislation is possible, and contact our reps and senators to urge them to support such legislation. Again, the fight could get nasty. We’re still dealing with union thugs, even if they are more educated than some labor unions.

If we concentrate on getting these three issues moving forward and codified in our states this year, we will have taken a huge step to saving this nation. (Next part in the series – local issues that need our attention.)

A Few Thoughts from Our Founding Fathers' Gun on the Current Gun-control Debate

One of the reasons we have an America today was because Swiss and German gun-makers immigrated to the colony of Pennsylvania in the late 1600s and early 1700s. The rifle they produced was known as the Pennsylvania Long Rifle (later known as the Kentucky Long Rifle because Daniel Boone carried it with him to Kentucky). It was far more accurate and effective than the British “Brown Bess” musket. In fact, marksmen with these flintlocks turned the tide in the Battle of Saratoga. Sharpshooters, so armed, also were instrumental in helping to win other important battles of the Revolution.

This flintlock Pennsylvania Long Rifle has given rise to a number of colloquial expressions that have made their way down to us today in popular culture. A number of them are relevant to the current debate over gun control and Vice-president Biden’s inflammatory remarks about President Obama using his executive orders to circumvent the Constitution to push for more gun control in the nation. History speaks to us today through these expressions and their application to this growing Constitutional crisis.

Because Biden leaked the idea of executive orders to restrict guns, but did not provide any details, a huge “red flag” has risen about what is really going on. Yes, “Uncle Joe” often only opens his mouth to change feet, but he may have been purposeful in his remarks. He may be floating what is known in the political world as a “trial balloon.” He says something purposefully intended to inflame the masses and then watch the results unfold to further determine future strategy on the matter.

It is also a common trick of Socialist regimes to propagandize the masses in order to get fringe elements to do something stupid. Then, the government has all the justification it needs to curtain freedoms further. That may be what’s going on here. The Regime may be seeking to get our side to act rashly to this new potential threat to our freedoms. That will be all the justification they need to enact draconian gun control measures.

Because of this possibility, one of the flintlock’s expressions comes in to play here – “don’t go off half-cocked”! The hammer on the flintlock had three positions: uncocked, cocked, and half-cocked. The half-cocked position was a safety position. The gun couldn’t be fired, but it only required a second slight pull on the hammer to make it ready to fire. Of course, the expression today means to not act rashly without all the facts or a clear strategy. That’s exactly what we must not do. We need to know all the facts first before we know exactly what our strategy must be to defeat this latest power grab by the left. By not over-reacting to Biden’s rhetoric now, we force them to further enunciate their plans. At that point, then we will know best how to react. If we over-react now, we play right into their hands.

A second flintlock expression comes into play at this point – “keep your powder dry.”  After the flintlock was loaded, via the gun’s muzzle, a second “charge” of powder was needed to make the gun operate. On the right side rear of the barrel was what was called the pan. It was a small piece of metal hollowed out a bit to be a receptacle for the “charging powder.” Powder was placed in the pan, awaiting the spark from the flint striking the abraded steel surface of the frizzen (another piece of steel affixed above the pan) upon the trigger being pulled. Attached to the frizzen was a cap of sorts to keep the powder in the pan covered until the trigger was pulled. It was designed to help keep the powder in place and protect it from the elements. If gun powder got wet, it was worthless and the gun wouldn’t fire. Hence, we get the expression “keep your powder dry.”

Today, this means holding back until the right time to act. This is good advice for us where we stand today. We need to “keep our powder dry” politically until we see just what it is the Obama administration is cooking up. When they commit to a strategy and a plan to take our guns, then we will know what to do and when. Again, we don’t want to ignite our powder prematurely (politically speaking) and miss the target of protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.

If we do act rashly now, a third flintlock expression will come into play. When the flint struck the frizzen a spark ignited the powder in the pan. A tiny hole leading into the back of the gun barrel was located next to the pan. The fire from the ignited gunpowder in the pan also ignited the gunpowder inside the barrel, propelling the ball out of the rifle toward its target. This ignition of the powder in the pan was known as a “flash in the pan.”  It was instantaneous upon the flint’s spark and completely burned up the powder in the pan. “In a flash” the powder was gone.

Today, this expression means something that gets our attention momentarily and then is gone. It is akin to the term – “one hit wonder” in the music world. That is the danger for our movement if we aren’t wise. We will be a “flash in the pan”!

So, to put our forefathers’ gun’s advice together for our current situation: we must not “go off half-cocked” until we know exactly what the other side is planning. We must “keep our powder dry” so that we will be most effective at the right time with our political opposition. And, we must avoid acting rashly at all costs or our movement will become a “flash in the pan.”

This will be a political battle to fight, of that there is no doubt. Even as far back in the presidential debates, Obama signaled he was coming after more of our guns. But, we must fight this political battle on our terms, not his. To borrow another expression from our history, we must “choose the ground upon which to fight.” If we are wise, we will be able to preserve this 2nd Amendment guaranteed freedom for all law-abiding American citizens!

The Dream Realized; The Nightmare Continues

Today, January 21, 2013 and tomorrow, January 22, 2013 both have tremendous significance in the history of our nation. Today is both the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and the Presidential Inauguration. Tomorrow marks the 40th anniversary of the Roe Vs. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion in America.

Today is tremendously significant in that events today prove beyond a doubt that Dr. King’s dream has indeed become a reality. He envisioned a day where anyone in America could rise to the highest levels of success in society no matter what their background. Today, we witness not the first, but the second Presidential Inauguration of a man of bi-racial background, born in poverty, and raised by a single parent. All of these components of Mr. Obama’s history would have virtually excluded him from attaining the office of President in Dr. King’s generation. Now, just around a half-century later, the “Dream” has come true. Mr. Obama is not only President, he is also a multi-millionaire. Those on the left may seek to deny this reality, but a few hundred thousand witnesses in Washington today prove them wrong.  

It is not that there are no more racist people in America. There will always be a component of every society that hates those different from themselves. Racism today takes many different forms and colors. Hatred of others knows no ethnicity or socioeconomic lines. It is a poison that can infect any soul. However, there is no longer any institutional, government mandated racism in this nation. All people now possess equal rights. (With one exception which will be discussed later.) The Inauguration today proves that it is possible to “make it” in America regardless of who you are.

We have also witnessed in our generation many different people of many different backgrounds distinguish themselves in their chosen fields. We came very close to having both major candidates for President come from African- American backgrounds. If Herman Cain had a better campaign staff and if he could have weathered the Chicago-style smear that was foisted on him, He may well have been the one with his hand on the Bible today.

Oprah Winfried is the richest woman in the world. Even if you disagree with her views, it has to be admitted that she is where she is through hard work and “paying her dues” along the way.

Marco Rubio, the son of Cuban immigrants, has risen to the point of becoming one of the most influential members of the U.S. Senate.

Dr. Ben Carson, one of the leading pediatric neurosurgeons in the world, has an amazing story of overcoming poverty and disadvantage. His story, told in the movie Gifted Hands, is tremendously heart-warming.
Literally thousands of people from various disadvantaged backgrounds have become millionaires today in the fields of entertainment, music, and athletics. All have had to work hard to get to where they are today.

In the field of government, time will not permit a lengthy look at the lives of people such as Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Bill Richardson, Bobby Jindal, and Sonia Sotomayor. Again, people may disagree with their views, but it cannot be denied that they have risen to prominence once thought impossible in this nation.

Those who still want to sing anthems of hatred and discrimination are simply out of tune in this current society. Yes, Dr. King’s dream has become a reality for those who believe, as he did, in the promise of America for freedom, hard work, and self-determination. There are no barriers left today except for those created in people’s minds. It is true that there are still some in society who see these demons and attempt to scare people into subjugation, but the truth is that nothing is in place to stop someone from rising in their circumstance if they so desire. That is, up to this point in our history.

Everyone who has “made it” in this nation has done so in the framework of American Constitutional democracy. Even those firmly committed to re-make America today into a “socialist utopia” can only claim success because of our Constitutional Republic. Socialism and socialists are utter failures in the real world. Only on college campuses and Hollywood movies are socialists the “heroes of the plot”!

That is why our current President is self-contradictory. His world view is that of a socialist, yet he, himself, is the product of American exceptionalism. His desire to re-form America is producing utter failure in every sector of society it is forced. The corrupt politicians and socialist idealogs that surround him are leading this country into a pit of despair that is wholly unnecessary.
If Dr. King’s dream could be re-discovered and taught honestly in our schools and universities, then many of the growing problems we see today would disappear. It was based on the Bible, on the Constitution, and on Lincoln’s ideals. Those need to be our sources for instruction, not Marx, Alinsky, and Mao.

Tomorrow is a day which Dr. King would grieve terribly. After 40 years of slaughtering babies in the womb, we see no sign of the murder ending. Life is the very first unalienable right listed in the Declaration of Independence. Yet, this fundamental human right is still being denied to millions of human beings each year. The dual sadness in this reality is the fact that a majority of the dead are minorities and female. This is a fact that Dr. King would most probably have spoken against with great force. At least, that is the opinion of his niece – Dr. Alveda King.

This “nightmare” continues due to greed, selfishness, and corruption in many levels of government and education. If the real miraculous truth of gestation and the violence of abortion were clearly understood by all, then abortion would end as it currently exists. But, there is too much money and “ideology from Hell” currently involved. In the end, abortion isn’t about healthcare or “women’s rights” it’s about eugenics, greed, and power.

No, for the pre-born, Dr. King’s dream is still unrealized. The “nightmare” remains until more have the moral courage to call it what it is – the murder of the innocent. And, as long as our current President seeks to demagogue this issue as part of “healthcare” he is betraying the spirit and the truth of Dr. King’s Dream! 

It's 2013 - What Can We Do? Part 3 - Local Issues of Importance

2013 is an odd numbered year; that means the elections this year will be primarily local. Depending where you live, this may mean town councils, local school boards, county-level offices, and even lower-level judicial offices will all be voted on in the coming months.

I can’t emphasize enough just how important these local races are. We may not think about it these terms, but the truth is the outcome of many of these elections will determine the future course of this nation. A few reasons for this truth are as follows:

First, many a political career has been made or broken by a first attempt at political office. For many would-be politicians, this means an initial run for a local office to gain experience and name recognition. From this first office, a future political career is anticipated. I have a few examples in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around!  - of people who began humbly and later rose to national prominence.  

It is at this local level that we can have our greatest influence. For people that we want to see in office as our leaders, this is a great opportunity to provide real help to start a career in government. Local races are easier to win for new-comers and unknowns. The time and money needed to win most local elections is far less that at higher levels. It is at this level that we can be instrumental in helping to get good people into the political system. Who knows where they may end up someday?

On the other hand, this is also the place to stop potentially miserable politicians from rising up the ladders of political power. If we want to stop a destructive career before it get time to fester and negatively affect our nation, the local level provides us with the most power to end something bad before it really gets started. We can work against bad candidates to keep them out of office. Of course, the best possible outcome is also to be simultaneously promoting a good candidate in their stead.

When these local elections come around, we must know who is running, where they stand on a variety of issues, and whether and how we should support them. I can’t think of many local candidates who wouldn’t welcome whatever help they could get to win their first election. We dare not allow this opportunity to be influential to pass us by. We must get involved to get good people elected to every office up for grabs in these upcoming elections.

A second reason why local elections are so important is the fact that it is at the local level where national programs, mandates, and regulations are implemented. Most people on local town councils and local school boards just go along with state and federal wishes on everything. This is where the most damage is done. This is where average people’s lives are most affected by government overreach.  

What we need are people on town councils, local school boards, district magistrate’s offices, and county offices who can think for themselves. We need people, who love freedom, who will stand up to state and federal officials who think they know better how every person in this country should live than we, ourselves, do. It is, therefore, critical that we elect such people to these offices. We don’t want a town council that rubber stamps the liberal socialist agenda coming out of Washington. We don’t want our local school board to just go along with the latest social experimentation theories foisted upon our children for the liberal world of “academia.”

When we are supporting and voting for good people in these local races, we are building our first line of defense of our freedoms. We are protecting our families, homes, jobs, and communities from the left’s destruction of America. The importance of this cannot be understated!

So, it is time to do our homework now. The primary election season is fast approaching. We must find out which offices will be up for election. We must find out which incumbents deserve our support and which ones we should seek to replace. We must look to which seats will be open. And, we need to ask ourselves and our neighbors if now is the time for us to run for many of these offices.

I devote a whole chapter in my book to this issue – Chapter 12 – Should I Run for Office? I give practical advice about the consideration process – both the pros and the cons. It is important to work through these questions now before deciding either to run or not to run.

Local races and local elections may not get the attention of higher races, but here is where the “nuts and bolts” of freedom are either won or lost. We must engage at this level if we want to have a future for this nation!

Gym Class and Abortion

​What does a dislocated finger have to do with an egregious abuse of parental rights? This is an ongoing question begun unexpectedly for us in February, 2013. My fifteen year old step son dislocated his finger in a gym class accident. Since the closest hospital emergency room to where we live is located in New York State, a few miles away, it was the obvious choice for treatment. He was seen by a doctor in the E R and had the finger put back in place. It was a painful experience, but one of those typical incidents of kids growing up.

Now, a few weeks later, the first bill for services arrived from the hospital. At first we thought it a bit strange that the bill came in his name since he is a minor and since our health insurance is through my wife’s employer and is in her name. When my wife examined the bill, it contained a few errors of personal information. My wife phoned the hospital and health insurance company to get the errors corrected before dealing with the bill so that there would be no future confusion about identity information.

Here is where it gets downright weird and scary. She was informed by someone from the health insurance provider that they could not discuss the bill with her. When asked why they couldn’t possibly discuss her child’s medical bill which her insurance would be involved in paying, she was told that according to New York State law, since her son is over the age of 12, his medical records are confidential! He would have to sign a release form for her to have access to his records!! He would also have to set up his own account online allowing her access to his records.

At first, we were flabbergasted. How is it possible for any state law to be so incredibly stupid to deny the parents of a minor child the right to know about their medical records? Yet, it seems this now the case in New York. Apparently, New York believes that 12 year olds are competent to manage their own medical affairs!

The woman my wife spoke to was sympathetic. It was obvious she doesn’t like the law any better than we did. She relayed an account of having to discuss adult financial matters with a 12 year old last week. She said the poor kid was totally confused and scared to death by the questions being asked.

As I’ve thought about this incident, it has begun to dawn on me what is going on here. Why would New York State want to treat 12 year olds as adults when it comes to medical records privacy? I believe the answer lies in New York’s slavish devotion to abortion. We have all heard the statistics that more babies were aborted than were born alive in New York City last year. What has happened is that at some point, the New York State legislature approved this law at the urging of the pro-abortion industry and the teachers’ unions. What the pro-aborts wanted was the ability to take minor girls to abortion clinics without either parental consent or notification.

Picture this: New York resident, 14 year old Mary comes to the school nurse’s office in tears. She fears she’s pregnant. The school nurse, Ms. Smith, take Mary out of school to the local Planned Parenthood office for a pregnancy test. A PP “counselor” advises Mary that she is indeed pregnant. Mary is terrified. She doesn’t want to “face the music” at home with her parents. The “counselor” tells Mary that she needn’t worry. The compassionate folks at the Planned Parenthood office will “fix” her problem without her parents ever knowing. And, a government program will pay for it all. A second appointment is made for Mary, again during school hours. Nurse Smith brings Mary a second time to Planned Parenthood office. The baby is aborted. Mary returns to school. If she has any pain, the nurse tells her to just tell her parents that she has heavy menstrual cramps to avoid any suspicion. After a few days, the whole incident is to be forgotten.

This is the secular socialist utopia that is supposed to exist in New York. Unwanted babies are destroyed. The abortionists get rich. The schools become surrogate parents. And, ignorant parents are completely by-passed.

The sad reality is that many Marys die from post-abortion complications. Seldom are there follow up health checks by abortion clinics. No one takes responsibility for the botched abortion. Slimy politicians protect the abortion industry. (In Pennsylvania right now a Philadelphia abortion doctor is on trial for murdering as many as 8 babies who survived his botched abortions.) No one is there to care for the Marys who suffer life-long psychological damage for the destruction of their child. No one is there to stop the many Marys who will commit suicide on what would have been their babies due dates.

Parents are often the last to know because the law has made the school system their enemies instead of their advocates. The insurance industry has complied with the laws in order to do business in states like New York. The New York politicians are happy because they will keep getting campaign contributions and possibly kick-backs from their abortion industry masters.
Sadly, it is families that are suffering from this obscene law. It is thousands of unborn children who are the murder victims here. And, it is the young girls who will forever be scarred by this “enlightened” society.

I’m truly sorry my step son had to suffer the finger dislocation. But, perhaps his suffering will be a catalyst to something good happening. This incident has reminded us, and anyone reading this, just how insane the social engineers in New York, (and sadly other states as well) have become. It is time for parents everywhere to re-assert our God-given rights to know what is happening in the lives of our children. Age 12 is not “adult” by any broad definition of the word. We must change the laws to protect our children. We must remove any corrupt, greedy, socialist politician that would support and advance any of these kinds of laws.

If the American family is further destroyed, this nation will follow shortly after. Without strong families, it is impossible to have a strong enduring nation.

Check your state’s laws in this area. If the state is giving your minor children independent privacy rights from you, as their parents, it’s time to make a change!!

Easter and Marriage

This week is a very momentous week in the life of our nation. It is Holy Week – the most important week in the Christian calendar. It is this week that we celebrate our Lord’s Passion and Resurrection from the dead. It is this week that we remember what it cost the Lord to purchase our salvation. It is this week when we celebrate the fact that Jesus is Alive! It is this week that we celebrate the fact that we, too, can live forever if we believe and accept His gift of salvation to us. It is this week that we celebrate Jesus’ victories over sin, death, and the devil.  

The world has never been the same since that first Holy Week. For many of us, our lives have never been the same since we accepted the reality of Holy Week and what it means. Jesus proved He is indeed God Incarnate – fully God and fully man. He proved that He came to earth to offer His life in ransom for ours; to sacrifice His perfect, sinless life on the cross to redeem our broken, fallen, evil lives for Himself and God. He proved that death could not hold the Author of Life. He proved that He, alone, is the only way to God the Father; His being the only acceptable offering to a Holy God.

Yes, we have much to celebrate! That is why a couple billion Christians across the globe will be engaged in various kinds of worship and celebration and customs to honor the Lord and the reality of what He has done. We, here in America, will join with hundreds of different nations’ peoples in this grand proclamation of the Truth of God’s Love.

But, sadly, this week also marks an historic event in this nation. This week, the U.S. Supreme Court was asked to rule on exactly what marriage is. In two cases, the court was asked to deny the reality of 6,000 years of human civilization in that marriage is a God-ordained institution for humanity of one man and one woman in a monogamous, intimate relationship intended to last a lifetime.
A small, radical fringe group has been working in this country for decades to have the definition of marriage re-defined in order to justify questionable, risky, aberrant sexual behavior in order to gain social legitimacy. Although a sycophantic national press has tried to couch the debate in terms of freedom, civil rights, and “love”, it is really about money, power, votes, and a desire to throw off the reality of God and His legitimate right to make the rules for His created beings. In addition, limp-wristed politicians, eager to appear “socially relevant” (and craving all the perks of office - money, power, influence, and license), have jumped on to this bandwagon of re-defining marriage into something it can never be.

This argument is a blatant denial of reality. What God has created stands regardless of what nine (or possibly 5) lawyers in black robes think or dictate. No matter what anyone would have us believe, marriage is what God created it to be – one man and one woman. Any other definition is not marriage; it is some form of co-habitation or destructive perversion. That is why this ruling will open the door to any possible permutation of human coupling – polygamy, pederasty, bestiality. All of these are coming next over the future decades if this ruling “legitimizes” homosexual behavior.

Of course, all the examples paraded in the media are of “just two people in love who want to have equal rights.” Once again reality is warped by the press to indoctrinate the masses. Those too young to remember the 90s and the AIDS epidemic will not remember the truth. AIDS was a totally preventable disease that cost this nation billions and billions of dollars to fight. Why? - because promiscuous homosexuals wanted no accountability for their behavior. It was estimated that the average AIDS patient had no less that 70 sexual partners in his recent past.

God’s prescription for sexual behavior was designed to protect and enhance human life. Today we see another tragic result of ignoring reality. The CDC has recently reported that over 100,000,000 people in the U. S. are currently infected with some form of sexually-transmitted disease. That’s right – 1 in 3 people have these totally preventable diseases. The cost in time, talent, and treasure for this level of license is staggering. Many bright, capable people will become disabled or die. Everyone will end up paying for this “sexual freedom” with higher health insurance premiums and higher taxes.

The cost to children and families is incalculable. Lives are torn apart because of this attitude of “do what makes you feel good.” Children are raised in bizarre living arrangements which God never intended. Today’s homosexual advocates crow about the loving homes “same-sex” couples can provide. Once again this is a denial of reality. No homosexual or lesbian couple is capable biologically of reproducing. Every human being every gestated or born has had one male and one female parent. There are no exceptions. Homosexual couples may claim to have “rented and egg and a womb”, but it still takes a woman to birth a child. Radical lesbian feminists have argued for years that men are irrelevant to life, but every lesbian couple with a child has a child with male DNA incorporated into its being. Somewhere along the way, there was at least a male sperm donor.

Yes, I realize that homosexual advocates talk about being loving adoptive parents. The liberal left “feels good” about giving orphans homes that they might not otherwise have. But, this is a canard. The lack of homes for orphans is not because there aren’t enough married heterosexual couples to adopt them, it is because government regulation of adoption has become so onerous that many couples just give up trying, or don’t have the several thousand dollars it takes to “legally” adopt. Since many homosexual couples are upper middle class, money is not a problem for them.

The truth is that if the U.S. Supreme Court rules that marriage can be anything that anyone wants it to be, then we have just begun to see the damage, cost, and degradation our society will endure in the future. God knew exactly what he was doing when He invented marriage for humanity. He knew that a man and a woman, in a committed, loving marriage covenant with each other and Him produce the most productive, blissful human relationship possible in this world. They create the most stable, loving, moral environment for the rearing of children – the future generation of our society and world. And, real marriage is the anchor to the most stable, efficient, productive, and free society that could ever be experienced in this life.

No, the libertarians and liberals don’t have it right at all. Re-defining marriage is not freedom. It is bondage; bondage of the worst sort. It shackles body, mind, and soul. Regardless of what committed socialist justices may decide, God’s Truth stands! Every one of them will have to stand before the Great Judge of the Universe one day and answer for their disobedience and denial of the reality He gave to humanity.

On some level, this fight is connected to Easter. It is the denial of Jesus’ Resurrection and all of its implications that the advocates of homosexual marriage are really fighting against. It is human pride, sin, and rebellion against God that is at work here. Its ultimate motivational source is Hell. All of the deceit, fraud, and lies associated with this issue ultimately come from “the father of lies.” He has forever lost the control of humanity because of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. He isn’t happy a bit about that and is determined to take as many of those created in the Image of God with him to Hell.

But, the Truth is that all can come to God through Jesus. All can live forever with Him as God’s children. All can experience the peace and forgiveness that removes all guilt, pain, and sin. Jesus has won the victory for us all. To claim it, all we must do is bow before Him and His Truth and proclaim Him our Lord!

From My Oldest Son - Dan - His Views on the Current 2nd Amendment Debate

​I realize that in this political season of partisan politics that we cannot move ahead unless we get a compromise. We have to work together or the only people who will be hurt are we the people. I cannot however, support a compromise when it goes against the fabric of who we are as conservative Republicans. What good is it when we work with the other side for a compromise if it compromises what we stand for as conservatives? 

This is far bigger than just background checks for responsible gun owners; this is about the age old problem of bigger government slowly destroying the rights that the founders had intended for us. This is the very thing that they did not want to happen, government imposing their will on its people. They knew this too well. They were living through it at the time with the Tyrannical British government. 

Through the years the U.S. Government is slowly dismantling the Constitution. We have the right of free speech, but “you can’t say that, it’s not politically correct.” You have the right to keep and bear arms but, “oh no you have to jump through hoops, you can’t have this here or there, you can’t have more than 5 rounds.” We are not supposed to have unreasonable searches but, “we have the right to fly robots over where you live, and the IRS has the right to read your emails.” You see what I am trying to get at here. Where is all this going and how far is it going to go? Criminals do not care about background checks, if they want a gun they will get it. All this does is punish law abiding citizens.

That is why I oppose this and always will. That “R” behind our name still stands for something. It means that we stand for what we believe. It means we don’t flip flop. It means that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than the “Ds” do. It means that America still has a party that will carry on the founders’ intent, and that we as conservatives will not waver or shrink no matter how large the podium is for the other side.

I do hope that conservatives in the Congress shoot this amendment down. That is where American rights still have a chance to be preserved. There still does exist a conservative America and what lawmakers fail to realize is that it is bigger than they might realize, and we are watching.