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The Battle Strategy of Our Choosing


As the outrageous acts of the Obama Administration continue to pile up during the government shutdown; the situation has gone from an irritation to outright stupidity in the areas of government that are both shut down and open. But, this is to be expected.

We must not think for a moment that this Administration isn’t willful in these draconian efforts to irritate and inconvenience people. This is a well thought out plan on their part. They are hoping that the more absurd they make this shutdown, the sooner one of two things will happen.

First, President Obama has never learned to compromise or negotiate in any area of his life. “Why should I do it now?” He reasons. By closing the scenic overlooks to Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, the Washington Memorials, and even the ocean, he can assert his self-perceived magnetic power over the American people. He can show he’s the one in charge, not the Congress or the American people.

He truly has nowhere to go in this. If he compromises now, his mystique and delusional charisma will be gone forever. He will be forced to come back to reality and live with the rest of us. If the American people and the true patriots in Congress stand firm to stop Obamacare, his signature accomplishment of his Administration will be repudiated. His mind cannot conceive of this happening. Therefore, he will order stranger and stranger things to continue the disruption of government until he prevails; at least that is his strategy.

Don’t think for a moment that the Democrats aren’t living in abject fear right now. They have allowed themselves to crawl out on this same limb with him. If they fail now, they will all be out of a job in 2014. Their supporters will desert them quicker than a has-been Hollywood actor’s fan base!  

The national media, too, has gone “all in” with the Obama Administration. Their pundits are even embarrassing themselves in their slavish support of the President without even one millisecond of rational thought. They are precariously perched on the same limb.

Suddenly, along comes Senator Ted Cruz as the vanguard of the conservative patriotic movement in this country. With his Constitution axe in hand, he has begun to chop off not just the aforementioned limb, but also the huge tree of bloated socialist government. That too, has everyone on the left living in utter terror!

However, there is a second more insidious reason for President Obama to continue pushing his “scorched earth” policies in the shutdown. He is following the Marxist playbook in inciting the masses to rise up and do something stupid. He wants to make us so angry that we will resort to violence; or at least spew violent rhetoric.  

If we are dumb enough to fall for this ploy, it will score him huge public relations points with the uninformed American masses. He will cluck his tongue and say, “See, I told you these Tea Party Conservatives were violent anarchists who want to destroy the American government.” Of course, it wouldn’t be true even if some lunatic does act rashly. But, that doesn’t matter in the world of socialist propaganda. This is the same strategy the Soviet Union employed to subjugate the masses. The President is merely following his mentors right now as a path out of his predicament. And, the national press will only be too happy to be his “Pravda”!

As for us, we must be wise right now. We need to keep all kinds of PEACEFUL pressure on the Congress and the President. We must continue our protests and our demonstrations. We must make our voices heard so loudly that even the politically asleep will be awakened. We must keep using our most powerful weapon – the 1st Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech. We must not fall for the traps the President is laying before us and act rashly.

As truckers, bikers, Vets, and every other American patriot group make our voices heard, we must do so peacefully and with dignity. The late 19th century evangelist D.L. Moody once said, “The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside it." If we proceed to save this nation in an honorable way, we may be surprised at the vast number of allies we find ourselves having!

A Tale of Two Generations


What we are seeing playing out right now in Washington D.C. is a microcosm of what is happening in the rest of our nation. Busloads of World War II veterans have been arriving in Washington to visit their memorial; a memorial built by the largely private donations of these vets and their families.

Upon their arrival, they were shocked to see crowd control barricades erected by the National Park Service to stop all visitors from seeing this memorial. It is important to note at this point that the WW II Memorial is an open air memorial on the National Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. It is located in the same area of the Mall as the Vietnam and Martin Luther King, Jr. memorials. (Btw – I know it is politically incorrect to ask this question, but I wonder if there are barricades around the Martin Luther King, Jr. and Vietnam Memorials? Of course there shouldn’t be any there either!) There is no admission, no tours, no necessary guides or security measures. Anyone can normally visit the WW II Memorial any day at any time.  

Not so since the government shutdown. In a petty, petulant, draconian action, the Obama Administration intentionally cordoned-off the Memorial with steel barricades. Park Service personnel, who normally would have been furloughed because of the shutdown, were kept “on duty” to make sure no one would be able to view the Memorial. In an attempt to further escalate the situation, the White House increased Park Service operations to further restrict the Memorial on the next day of the shutdown; this despite Congressional pleas to relent and leave the Memorial open to its benefactors.

But, a few small metal barricades were not going to stop the surviving members of “the Greatest Generation” (as a now still silent Tom Brokaw described them). The Vets, all in their 80s and 90s, and their families pushed through the barricades and rightly visited and commemorated their Memorial. Thankfully, those in charge of the Park Service had level enough heads not to interfere. Had they tried to arrest and haul off octogenarian, wheelchair-bound American heroes, Washington D.C. might be now experiencing a second American Revolution of protest like it has never seen before!

But, as I said previously, this event is a microcosm of what is playing out in our nation right now. Those from the World War II generation know what it means to sacrifice for a greater cause. These brave heroes in Washington are survivors of the bloody beaches of Normandy, the putrid jungles of Indonesia, the Hell-on-earth of Iwo Jima, and dozens of other battles that most American school children today are no longer taught about. They liberated Europe, North Africa, the Philippines and the Nazi death camps. They stood up to Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. For them, a few measly crowd barriers were not going to stop them!

These men are still an inspiration to us all. They didn’t complain, grumble, or wait around for some government program to fix the problem. They went and DID! They epitomize the American spirit. They humble us by their patriotism and valor.

But, on the other side of the street, so to speak, we have this current Administration with its “me, me, me!” attitude. This President and his people are so self-absorbed, arrogant, and clueless about what it means to be a real American that they thought they could be justified in closing off this Memorial to these real American heroes. They were attempting to assert their authority. The moral weakness of their position and attitude was clearly seen in the veterans’ unchallenged act of civil disobedience.

One might even say President Obama looks downright silly about now - the supposedly most powerful man in the world picking on senior citizens in wheel chairs!!! No wonder Vladimir Putin had him for lunch in the Syria situation! If General George Patton were alive today, he would probably have slapped President Obama for cowardice!!

But, President Obama is not alone. Many of his ilk are equally self-absorbed and arrogant. They are destroying this nation from within because they believe their Marxist-redux philosophy is what is best for America and the world. Guys like President Obama have never known privation and sacrifice. They have never worked hard for the survival of the Republic. In fact, everything we know of Barack Hussein Obama’s biography suggests exactly the opposite.

We saw the same attitude in the Bill Clinton Regime –“I am more important than the country.” We still saw it in the ineptness of Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State and the debacle of the Battle of Benghazi. And, we are still seeing it in the smarmy petulance of Harry Reid in the Senate.

If America is to survive, we must learn from these brave World War II veterans. We must emulate their valor, sacrifice, and temerity. We must never give up in our fight to save this nation! The enemy we face today is far deadlier than the Axis hordes. It is more insidious, convoluted, and morally bankrupt than the National Socialist Party of Germany.

In our fight today, we don’t have a patriotic national press anymore. They have sold their collective soul to the god of progressivism. We must fight on without their “air cover.” In fact, to use a Vietnam-era term, we need to be wary of their many “fragging” attempts on real American patriots. Just ask Senator Ted Cruz!

Thank you for winning one more battle over tyranny, WW II vets! Your inspiration and dedication keeps us going. Those in the movement to save America may feel like we are sieged at Bastogne right now; but we know General Patton and the Third Army are coming! We may still be reeling from our Pearl Harbor, but Midway is right around the corner!!  

Thank you, Vets for not quitting when things got rough! Thank you for preserving freedom for the generations that followed; even our immature, self-centered, current one!  

May your generation lead us into the future! And, thank you for showing us once again that good triumphs over tyranny every time good men stand their ground!!!

Our Bunker Hill Over; It’s Now On to Saratoga


One of the early battles of the Revolutionary War – the Battle of Bunker Hill – is a great analogy to what happened this past week in the U.S. Senate. The Battle of Bunker Hill (actually on Breed’s Hill) near Boston in 1775, was one of the early tests of American resolve against the massive British Empire and her equally impressive professional army. It was technically a loss for the Americans since they were forced to retreat and give up the field of battle to the British. However, that is not the real story. The Americans stood up to three British charges and inflicted heavy casualties on the much more experienced troops of King George III. The only reason the Americans had to retreat is because they were inadequately provisioned and ran out of ammunition. Had they had enough armaments, there is no telling how the battle would have turned out.

This is exactly what happened this past week in Washington. The fledgling freedom fighters in the U.S. Senate – Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, James Inhofe, Jeff Sessions, and a few others were out gunned by both the enemy and their own supposed allies. Had they had the support they deserved from their fellow Republicans, the outcome of that Senate battle would have been completely different.

In the end, only 19 Republican (out of 46) Senators voted the right way on defunding the massive socialist power-grab known as Obamacare.  The “good guys” held out as long as they could have, but in the end, since they didn’t get the support from their fellow “Republicans” (and I use that label loosely), they failed to carry the day and “hold the field.”

We, the American people, fought hard beside the “good guys.” Millions of phone calls, emails, tweets, and other communications poured into Washington to let our voices be heard. We DO NOT want Obamacare. We never have. It is only the radical socialist oligarchy in Washington that does.  

Sadly, now we know just how many Republicans also belong to the “Empire” of power-hungry professional politicians that are destroying this nation. It turns out we now know just how many “Benedict Arnolds” we have in our midst, to further employ my Revolutionary War analogy. There are 25 of them. Every Republican that took the coward’s way out in failing to oppose President Obama’s and Majority Leader Reid’s agenda is just as despicable as the Revolution’s poster boy for treason!

So, where do we go from here? Our heroes fought hard. We fought hard. What do we do next? We do exactly what our forefathers in the Continental Army did. We fight on!! We continue to battle until we get our Saratoga; and ultimately our Yorktown.

The Battle of Saratoga, NY in 1777 was one of the first major American Victories in the Revolutionary War. In fact, many historians consider it a turning point in the war because after the victory, the French entered the war as our allies. Interestingly, this was before Arnold’s betrayal of his country. He was one of the main American commanders of the battle.

Another important factor in the American victory at Saratoga was the American sharpshooters using Pennsylvania Long Rifles. They were the forerunners of modern snipers. It was their marksmanship early on in the battle that took out many British commanders and rendered the British Army almost hapless.

The lessons from Saratoga also apply to where we are today. In our modern-day battle for freedom and God-given rights in this country, we need to be committed, smart, and engaged. We now know the extent of the enemy – they are among us! We will never be deceived by Democrats in elephant suits again!!

Every one of those 25 Senators needs to be removed from office by every legal means available to us.  Those that are up for re-election in 2014 need to be removed in the Primary Elections – just like Richard Lugar was in 2012. For those not up for re-election (one third of the Senate gets elected every two years), recall efforts must be initiated in those states where recall is permitted by law. Even if those efforts prove ultimately unsuccessful, the publicity will at least damage these turncoats.

Targeted political action against these “traitors to the cause” will be just as devastating as the rifle shots were by the American “buckskins” at Saratoga. We must pick the most obvious targets and put all our efforts into defeating them at the ballot box in the spring of 2014 and via recall efforts before then. A few obvious choices include Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, and Bob Corker. I’m not so worried about John McCain. He’s just old and still bitter that the American people rejected him for President in 2008. He will soon retire and fade from view (That way he can play video poker all day long in peace!).

Second of all, we need to redouble our efforts to remove every Democrat from every office they hold in 2014. None can be trusted to uphold freedom. None can be allowed to draw even one more dollar of U.S. taxpayer salary while at the same time stealing our futures!!!!

Third, we must continue to fully support those who are fighting the good fight for us in Washington. They are under tremendous pressure and threats from this evil regime that wants to destroy all opposition in very much the same way as Stalin and Mao instituted their purges. They need our support, prayers, encouragement, phone calls, and emails to keep them going. If we lose them, the war is lost.  

The amount of hatred, vulgarity, and vitriol coming at them and us from the left and the media in this country has reached fever pitch.  We need to see this as a sign of their fear.  We came very close to shutting down the “Obama Hope and Change Revolution” by the actions of a few brave men. The left is terrified of hundreds of Ted Cruzes emerging in all levels of government – men who put principle before politics and personal ambition.

If we elect thousands of conservative Republicans to local seats this year (town councils, school boards, county row offices, etc.) it will put the left into demented hysteria. That will mean our victories in 2014 will be even bigger than they were in 2010!

So, Bunker Hill is over. Now we have to keep giving “lumbar support” to the Republicans in the House of Representatives to reject what the Senate passed. We need to stay engaged. We need to get all of our “political ducks in a row” for 2014. And, we need to keep getting the real truth out there.

Saratoga is not that far away. Our little successes will continue to build upon one another until we start seeing major, national victories. We cannot give up now!  We are closer to victory than ever before!!!!

Reporting for the Republic


In 1990 I was part of one of the largest gatherings to that point in Washington D.C. history – The Rally for Life. Over 500,000 people gathered between the Washington and Lincoln Memorials to stand up for the rights of the unborn. It was truly an amazing day as a wide cross section of America was there.

The then main stream media (far smaller than it is today) showed its liberal bias by almost completely ignoring the event. It didn’t fit their radical feminist, pro-abort template. The last thing Washington, the national press, and Hollywood wanted revealed was just how many people and how many different kinds of people supported the right to life for unborn Americans.

It was a lesson about media bias that I shall never forget. It was also a herald of things to come. Since the post-Nixon era in this country, the national press has tilted further and further to the left. Today, the average reporter can’t spell “objectivity”, let alone strive for it!

Today, some 23 years later, was another bitter lesson for many. An absolutely amazing event happened in Washington D. C. today that has barely drawn a whisper from all the national media, even the supposedly conservative media. Over one million American patriots rode their motorcycles from all over this nation through the city of Washington to show their support for our military and to remember those who gave their lives on September 11, 2001. The national press totally ignored the event.

Why? - Because it doesn’t fit their template. Today was supposed to be all about support for President Obama and his muddled foreign policy mess. It was supposed to show the President as a peace-maker on a day of sorrow for this nation. It was supposed to be a day to resuscitate his presidency.

The American people expressing their views on our heritage and history and Constitutional government doesn’t fit anyone’s template in Washington’s elite oligarchy today. So, we saw a virtual “media blackout” of the event. Washington D.C. government even turned off their traffic cams so as not to give the rally any passive coverage!

So, what do we do?  

We do the job the media refuses to do!  

We The People become the press!!!  

We report on what happened through the various sources of communication available to us. We tell the stories. We post the pictures and the video. We inform the nation what really happened in Washington today!

For instance, I’ve heard stories that Maryland and Virginia State Police lent aid to the caravans by temporarily blocking on-ramps to interstate highways to allow the bikes to all pass by together without cars and trucks getting in the way. I’ve heard of D.C. Police offering their good wishes to the riders despite the fact that they were prevented from getting directly involved. I heard of our troops in Afghanistan massing their tactical motorcycles as a tribute to their “brothers” back home.

Perhaps you have many more stories to share?  

How about pictures?  


My call is to fill all the social media with this great story! Share this article with everyone you know and every site you are connected with. Add your own information. Inundate this nation with the truth of today that the national press ignored.  

Let us show the elites that we Americans don’t need them!!!!  

Let us proudly practice the 1st Amendment everywhere we can!!!!  

Come on America, this is our time to shine!!!!  

Those who rode today and what they represent deserve our efforts on their behalf now!!!!

Turn Off the TV and Get to Work!

The Tea Party is dead! Ted Cruz is finished! The American dream is over! Nothing can stop the Obama agenda! This all must be true, mustn’t it? We all heard it on TV!


We lost the latest battle in the war for the soul of our country. That is all. The war is not over. The nation is not now doomed. Our strategy was sound. Senator Cruz was courageous and effective. The left is still scared to death, despite their pompous crowing.

Now, despite our best efforts to save the American people from the train wreck that is Obamacare, they will get hit head-on with its many, many problems and extreme expenses and regulations. We tried to warn the more moderate members of Congress that this was coming, but they wanted their power and prestige over the will of the American people. Now, they will have to pay the price for their deceit and corruption. It will take far more than a 2 billion dollar bribe to save Sen. McConnell from the voters’ wrath in Kentucky come the spring of 2014!

It is now time for us to seize the initiative and get down to serious work! It is time to turn off the TV and the rest of the Left’s propaganda machine and get to work in earnest to change the political landscape in Washington in 2014! We will only make ourselves crazy if we continue to sit and listen to their drivel! 

So what do we do now? First we use every opportunity we have to build our support base. As more and more people faint under the “sticker shock” of Obamacare over the next couple of months, we keep reminding them that Congress is exempt; unions are exempt; and big business is exempt. Help them to understand that unless we individuals band together to make up our own big “group” in this fight, we will be stuck with this expensive, defective monster that Obama and the liberals shoved down our throats!

We need to get as many people registered to vote now as possible. Start with family, friends, co-workers (if anyone still has a job in this wonderful “Obamaconomy”!), fellow church members, neighbors, and even people you meet on the street. Help them all to understand that there is another option. Obamacare can easily go the way of Prohibition if We The People want it to go away badly enough!

President Obama gave us all good advice yesterday, “If you want to change policy, win an election.” That may be the first true thing to come out of his mouth in years! But we need to take him up on his advice – we win the next election in massive landslides and then we change the failed policies of this current inept government.

Second, we do this by raising up as many good, solid, conservative candidates as possible to run for Congress in 2014. Every turncoat in the House and all the RINOsaurs (thanks for the term Freedomworks!) in the Senate must be removed or at least scared to death into retirement by solid challenges in the 2014 Primary Election. Our number one target in this is Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. He has become a political prostitute of the Left and President Obama. His 2 billion dollar “Kentucky Kickback” has forever sealed his fate as a “kept man” of the left; a governmental strumpet to be used again and again for their policy pleasures!!

Third, if we live in a district with a solid conservative Congressman and/or Senator, then we must keep encouraging them to stand strong. They need to hear from us. Also, if we don’t need to use our time and treasure to help insure their re-election, then we need to spread our time and money where most needed. Several U.S. Senate and House seats are ours for the taking in 2014. We need to make sure we do, in fact, take them back for the American people.

If there is one thing this most recent fight revealed it is that we have “Benedict Arnolds” in our midst. We can’t expect the liberals and the President to behave any differently than they are behaving. They are all committed socialists. Socialists have no ethics, no morality, and very little truth. They are all about deceit, fraud, control, and power. They will not stop until we stop them cold by taking back the majorities in both Houses of Congress and appointing leaders like Ted Cruz to lead our fight in both Houses!

No, the real problem that lies before us is the number of RINOS and RINOsaurs we must politically purge from both Houses of Congress. Until the Republican Party returns to its philosophical base of lower taxes, less government, a strong defense, respect for life and marriage, personal freedom to raise our families, create our own jobs, and provide equal opportunity for all, it will forever be the minority party in government.

The American people crave real leaders like Ted Cruz and others. I’m sorry, grumpy old men like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsey Graham just don’t inspire much devotion. John McCain is still bitter over being rejected by the voters in 2008. Mitch McConnell is busy counting his “thirty pieces of silver.” And, Lindsey Graham has chapped fingers from too much exposure to the political winds!

We have the time to mount the most massive government election overhaul in U.S. history if we get engaged now and focus on doing what works. Despite ongoing Democrat voter fraud and Eric Holder’s feckless intimidation tactics, we can celebrate a huge victory in 2014. But, we have to get down to work now. I have more suggestions of what the average person can do in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around!  Please check it out and see for yourself. The chapters are listed and purchase information appears on the first page of the following website –

Every one of us has far more power than we realize. If we channel our efforts effectively, we can turn things completely around. But, it’s time to get serious. It’s time to turn off the TV and get to work!!!

On the Verge of Our Greatest Victories!

This title may sound odd given the most recent election results. Didn’t the conservative lose and the moderate win? That may be the narrative created by the national media, but it is far from the whole truth on the matter.

The absolute truth is the fact that the power of the conservative, grass roots, pro-life, pro-family, Tea Party movement is growing day by day and has now scared the liberal Democrats and the RINO moderate Republican leadership near to the point of insanity!

What do I mean? First of all, in Virginia the conservatives almost completely upset both the current Obama and future Hillary “political apple carts” with the incredibly strong showing by Ken Cuccinelli. You see, Cuccinelli was supposed to be defeated in a landslide to destroy any hopes the conservatives might have for any political future. It was supposed to be a perfect storm of destruction for Cuccinelli. The Clintons had orchestrated a 1992 “Ross Perot” scenario where a no-name, no-chance-of winning independent candidate was propped up financially and politically to siphon votes away from Cuccinelli. Sarvis played the spoiler to take around 145,000 votes away mostly from Cuccinelli. He wouldn’t even have made it onto the ballot if an Obama minion hadn’t propped up his campaign with money and personnel. 52% of the voters voted against McAuliffe.

The Republican National Committee was also complicit in the Democrat strategy by their absence from the campaign. They gave only a third of the money to Cuccinelli as they spent in the Virginia’s governor’s race just four years ago. None of the so-called mainstream Republican leaders were visible supporters of Cuccinelli. The RNC essentially left Cuccinelli on his own to face the onslaught of Clinton/Obama juggernaut of corruption, lies, and fraud. It was a combination of cowardice and deceit on the part of the RNC.

The RNC is filled with “Benedict Arnolds” who care nothing about what the Republican Party stands for. They only want to preserve their portion of scraps from “Lord” Obama’s table. They also loathe anyone of morals and principles in the Party. They are the country club sleaze who want to kill inter-uterine children and redefine marriage into meaninglessness. They no longer represent the Party of Lincoln or the majority of real Americans!

But, both groups suffered a setback on Tuesday. Ken Cuccinelli didn’t go down in flames! Because of the efforts of the grass roots ordinary Americans committed to good government, their template for our destruction was itself destroyed. It wasn’t until well into the night, at around 90% of the vote counted, that Cuccinelli relinquished his lead in the race. If it wasn’t for all of the SEIU, federal government workers living in the Washington suburbs of a couple of northern Virginia counties, (people like McAuliffe, who aren’t native Virginians), McAuliffe wouldn’t have even scratched out a tiny win in what was supposed to be a 12 point landslide.

To make matters worse, the exit polling showed clearly that one of the factors in Cuccinelli’s robust showing is that Obamacare’s “chickens have come home to roost”! A strong majority of voters oppose Obamacare the polling showed. Had the election been one week later, Cuccinelli might have won it even without any of the other factors being different.

This fact has the Democrats terrified about 2014! This was seen in the fact that 16 U.S. Democrat Senators up for re-election in 2014 demanded and held a last minute meeting with President Obama on Wednesday morning before he left Washington to take his “snake oil” tour to Texas. They are all scared that Obamacare and its nightmarish incompetence will destroy their re-election. All voted for it and have continued to support it. If any of them have Republican opponents smart enough to exploit their vulnerability on this issue, it will be a “political bloodbath” of epic proportions!!!

It was also a telling fact in the Virginia election that most of the rest of state’s offices stayed in Republican hands. McAuliffe cares nothing for Virginia. His mission is to secure the state for Hillary in 2016 by any means necessary. The poor citizens of Virginia will now be conditioned over the next four years to practice bowing down to “Her Majesty”!!

What about New Jersey? Didn’t Christie win in a landslide? Yes, Christie soundly defeated a no-name, non-supported by the Democrat Party candidate. She had even worse support from her party than Cuccinelli had from the RNC.

That’s because the Democrats wanted Christie to win. They are setting up the 2016 field similarly to 2008 and 2012. Just as the Democrats helped pick both McCain and Romney, now they have decided they want Hillary to run against Christie. That is because they believe she can beat Christie. The New Jersey exit polls already have proven that. Despite a 20 point election victory, the same day polls showed Christie losing to Hillary by six points in a hypothetical 2016 matchup.

The squishy RINO moderates also want Christie. They are scared to death of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio. They are still delusional in their thinking that a moderate Republican candidate will inspire loyalty and support of the American people. Even after national losses by Gerald Ford, George H. W. Bush, Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, they still don’t “get it”!

The fact of Christie’s hollow victory is clearly seen in the fact that he had no “coat tails” in his win. The New Jersey legislature is still overwhelmingly Democrat. But, since Christie doesn’t plan to be around New Jersey very long, he doesn’t care about getting anything done in one of the worst state economies in the nation!!!

So, enough analysis - what about us? What do we do now? Where do we go from here? First of all, we “stay the course.” We keep on promoting and supporting good conservative candidates who believe in the Constitution, our religious heritage, and free market capitalism. We have hundreds of candidates to raise up and prepare for 2014. Congress and the Senate are of most importance, but so are the many Governors’ and state legislature races. We need to fill as many seats in government with people who think like we do if we want to continue the process of saving this nation from secular, atheist, socialist destruction!

Now is the time for everyone to consider running for some office. No RINO should have an uncontested Primary. No sitting Democrat should remain in their office after November 2014! It is time for “all hands on deck”! Our greatest victories are just around the corner if we keep pressing ahead. We cannot be stopped if we keep pressing onward. We have the truth on our side. We have our history on our side. And, we have God’s blessing on our side if we proceed honorably and truthfully.

No socialist empire has ever survived because they all have been based on lies. God will not be mocked! They all come crumbling down eventually. When they are constantly confronted with the truth, they all collapse from their fraudulent foundations. The same will be true of this current Administration. We are the force for good in this nation. If we quit now, the whole world will descend into further darkness.

A second important consideration we must address at this time is the Republican Party itself. It’s not enough to just have good candidates. That was the scenario in Virginia. But, if the Party sits on its hands or even works with the Democrats against us, it will damage many of our potential victories. What we need to do is replace the RINOs in Party leadership. We need as many people as possible to run for Local and State Committee positions in the 2014 Primary. Only when our people control much of our Party again will we be able to have a unified powerful force for change. Remember, the RINOsaurs are just that – old moderates who have long outlived their day. It is time for them to join Richard Lugar in the Arlen Specter Memorial Rest Home!

The more state Republican Party operations we can control will determine how much the national Party will look like us instead of the country club set. This is crucial to broaden the scope of our 2014 victories.

Each state is different in its rules for running for local and state committees. Check out your own regulations and get ready to throw your hat into the ring!

Finally, we must be ready to endure a growing avalanche of lies, fraud, and deception from both RINOs and Democrats. The closer 2014 comes, the more and more scared they will become. This will lead them to do some outrageous things to get us off track. We must ignore all of the noise coming from their “steam vents” in the national media and keep on our course to victory! In fact, the more vocal they become, the more it should encourage us that we are being effective.

We are blessed to live in such a time as this. Seldom in history do people have such an opportunity to reverse the course of a declining civilization. We have been given this mantle today to secure tomorrow. Our posterity will thank us for our strivings on their behalf. The promise made by our Founding Fathers to pledge their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor is a pledge we are continuing today. If America is to survive, it needs us now! Remember, our greatest victories are just ahead!!

An "Udderly” Tragic Choice


A neighbor a few miles away from me recently sold off his entire herd of Holstein milking cows. Why would he do this? Were they diseased? Was he wanting to quit farming? Was the herd no longer profitable?

None of the above!  

He sold them off because of a horrendous government decision that has made it impossible for him to continue operating a dairy farm. His family has been producing fresh milk on this farm for over five generations. For a number of years his milk was shipped and sold to Hershey Foods Corporation in Hershey, PA to be used in their chocolate manufacturing. It is very possible that many readers, who have eaten Hershey’s Chocolate over the years, have consumed some of the milk from his farm.

So, why would he sell off his chief source of income? He was forced to do so because of rulings by the USDA and the EPA concerning “manure management”! No, I’m not kidding. The federal government has mandated that all farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed must provide storage for cow manure for up to five months a year in what amount to large several thousand gallon manure storage tanks.

Here is the twisted logic. The government believes that spreading cow manure on fields in the winter time is polluting the environment. Since the ground is usually frozen then, the manure cannot be absorbed into the soil. The argument is that when the spring thaw occurs, much of the manure will just run off the surface and end up in streams. Since these streams eventually feed into the Susquehanna River, which itself feeds into the Chesapeake Bay, the manure will end up in the Bay and pollute the waters.

Given the Chesapeake Bay’s location close to Washington D.C., as you might imagine, it has become quite a political issue. Both the radical environmentalists and the wealthy sport fisherman in the greater D. C. area don’t want any problems with their “pristine waterway.” As a result, new regulations will be fully in force come 2014 to prohibit any dairy farms from operating anywhere in the Bay’s watershed that don’t have manure management systems in place.

For those not accustomed to rural farm life, let me take a moment to explain why this is so tragic and “udderly” unnecessary. First of all, farmers have been using natural organic cow manure for crop fertilizer for around 6,000 years! Manure returns nutrients into the soil to help next year’s crop grow well. By restricting the spreading of manure all year long, the amount used as fertilizer is greatly reduced. And, contrary to the government’s assertions, most manure is absorbed into the soil; even manure spread in winter months.

Second, this is actually more ecologically friendly because it reduces the need for chemical fertilizers which do indeed pollute waterways and eco-systems. Farmers would still need to use some chemical fertilizers, but in far less quantities. If my farmer friend continues crop farming, his chemical fertilizer usage will greatly increase now.

Third, this ruling only applies to the Chesapeake Bay watershed due to the politics involved. Pennsylvania’s two other main watersheds – the Delaware/Schuylkill rivers watershed and the Ohio River watershed are not so regulated. The Chesapeake Bay watershed is massive. It extends north into southern central New York State; encompasses much of the central portion of Pennsylvania, takes in almost all of Maryland, and includes most of Virginia east of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This area affects thousands of dairy farms in these states.

Fourth, the cost for a “manure management” system averages around $500,000 per farm. It is true that there are government grant programs to defray the cost of installation, but in my neighbor’s case, given the physical topography of his farm, he would have had to install a dual system to meet the regulations. The second system would be entirely out of his own pocket; which was prohibitive financially for him.

Yes, you heard me right; the federal government has taken millions of our tax dollars to erect these “manure cesspools” on hundreds of farms across several states already! I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that Washington is a self-proclaimed expert on “bovine defecation”!!!

On top of the initial cost, there are additional on-going extra costs for farmers using this system that would be totally unnecessary. First, to store the manure means that a pump system must be installed to get the manure back out of the tank when it is “legal” to spread it on fields. This involves extra energy costs to power the pumps – electricity or diesel fuel. Second, since the manure ferments for months, it becomes mostly liquid. This means the farmer must go out and invest in a tank-type, liquid manure spreader which is far more expensive than the standard solids spreaders used for almost a century now.

Fifth, this move by the federal government is designed to damage the farm economy of this nation. There are literally millions of deer, tens of thousands of bears, and hundreds of millions of birds and smaller animals who live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. They all produce manure 365 days a year and all of it falls on the fields, in the woods (please forgive the old saying about bears and the woods!), and into the streams of the watershed. No one seems concerned about these manures polluting the Chesapeake Bay!

No, this isn’t about ecology. It’s about politics and economic sabotage in the pseudonym of “earth stewardship.” It is the socialist agenda foisted upon some of the hardest working people in America. It is the tyranny of the urbanite forcing his will on the very country folk who feed him.

It has also damaged rural home values as well. Fresh manure that is removed from dairy barns almost daily has far less of an odor than fermented manure that has been sitting in tanks for several months. Those even miles away are subjected to this new rural air pollution thanks to a lacking-reality government.

Finally, the thing that the government just doesn’t get is that rural folk have a keen awareness of environmental stewardship. We want to preserve nature for us and our progeny. Nature is our workshop. We want the soil, the water, and the air all to be fresh and productive for all the days of the future. Our land is our heritage – the heritage guaranteed to us by our Founding Fathers and the blood spilled by countless preservers of freedom over the centuries.

The apartment-dwelling environmentalists and the yacht club sportsmen have nothing to fear from the honest farmer who lives up stream. They need the milk, meat, grain, fruit and vegetables those farmers provide for them.

This “udder” tragedy must stop! If the number of farmers, like my neighbor, continues to shrink, we will all suffer greatly. A nation which can no longer feed itself is soon for destruction. Perhaps those in Washington should spend less time shoveling their “manure” and allow American’s farmers to efficiently shovel theirs!!!

Much to be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

We live in turbulent and scary times. Much of what we have known in America seems to be crumbling around us. The new “high priests” of political correctness seem to be taking over our culture. Faith, family, marriage, freedom, and decency all seem to be fading away today in favor of some new way of living. We are seeing government grow and grow; waste more and more money; and take away more and more freedoms.

So, the question this Thanksgiving is – “Just what do we have to be thankful for in our current lives?”

The answer is – “Very much. Very much, indeed!”

Yes, things seem to be degrading around us. Yes, Truth and goodness seem to be being phased out throughout our culture. But, that is not the total picture. That is the picture those who are orchestrating this change in in our nation wish us to have. It is not the totality of what is real.

We have plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We still live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. We have an amazing heritage of faith, freedom, family, and morality that is ours, no matter how much historical revisionism the left engages in spewing. We have a Christian faith that has transformed much of the entire world. We have a God Who loves us with a love greater than anything else on earth. And, we still have many blessings, as part of our daily lives, that are unknown to vast numbers of people in this world.

Yes, we have much for which to be thankful. The vast majority of our citizens have warm homes, food, clothing, and much, much more. The percentage of people who are homeless, hungry, and cold; though still too high, are a tiny minority of people compared to many other nations in this world.

Most of us will gather to celebrate this abundance on Thanksgiving with family and friends. Some of us will share our abundance with others in the form of donations, food baskets, and time spent helping the less fortunate. This is another truth about us as a people for which we can indeed be thankful. We are the most generous nation on earth. We, especially Christians, give more to charity than any other group of people. It is another one of many great legacies in this nation – neighbors helping neighbors in need.

We also have the great freedoms given to us by God and enumerated for us by our Founding Fathers. Despite the left’s pitiful lies, these freedoms are not granted by any government. They are God’s blessings to us. If we have neglected these freedoms in our day and age, shame on us. These freedoms aren’t withdrawn by God simply because we have ignored or neglected them.

We still have the freedom to choose our leaders. We still have the freedom to petition our leaders with our opinions and grievances. We still have the right to run for office ourselves to effect the changes we think are needed. And, we still have the mighty power of the purse to either support or decline those businesses and companies that have practices with which we agree or disagree.

We have the God-given right of civil disobedience when the government becomes oppressive and tyrannical. We have the right to turn off networks and commentators who lie to our faces with their propaganda masquerading as “news.” We have the right to develop our own sources for the truth and to disseminate that truth to as many people who are willing to listen.

We are a spiritually and culturally free people; those freedoms purchased with both Divine and human blood. We are that “shining city set on a hill” as has been described about us.

Yes, we are America – the idea, the philosophy, the nation, and the people. That is a mighty thing for which to be thankful. We don’t live in Nazi Germany. We don’t live in Communist China. We don’t live in the Mongol Empire. We don’t live behind the “Iron Curtain.” And, we don’t live in plague-ridden Medieval Europe.

We may have many problems today. But, far too many of them are a direct result of our failures to live out the blessings we have received. And, far too many of them are artificially created by the radicals who are seeking to destroy this nation’s blessings.

But, even in this we need to be thankful. We live in an age when the opportunity exists to rescue and revitalize a dying culture. We have the potential to raise up a new generation of thankful, citizen-patriots who will refuse to accept the mediocrity the left is currently espousing. The welfare state is no state at all. It is bondage and servitude to self-proclaimed “gods” of government. It destroys the human soul at its core.  

It must be replaced with a new sense of personal accomplishment and achievement that is part of the American identity. Who knows what any one person could accomplish if properly motivated and educated by those who understand America’s greatness? The old experiments with socialism are rotting all around us. It is time to shine the light in a new direction!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to re-kindle the flame of America. Not stupid “healthcare propaganda” discussions, but prayers, stories, family reminiscences, and plans of hope for the future need to be our table conversations this Thanksgiving.

The blessings of America aren’t dead. They just need to be re-ignited by a thankful people who know our heritage as well as our hopes for the future. Yes, this Thanksgiving, we have much for which to be thankful!

The Season of Giving


Everyone agrees that this time of year is a time to care about our fellow man; a time to do what we can to help those in need. That’s one of the side benefits of Christmas – sharing our blessings with others. By and large, Americans are quite good at sharing our abundance with others. Annually, we give about 300 billion dollars to charity. That is the highest per capita of any nation on earth. We are a generous lot. We do care about others who need our help.

Directly or indirectly, this generous spirit we have is a result of God’s generosity to us. He gave us the greatest Gift of all – Jesus, God Incarnate. His gift of salvation gave us something we could not do for ourselves – forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Because God has showered His blessings on us, we share them with others in a way to reflect the love God has given us.

A beautiful, practical example of this was shared recently on the Facebook site – 2 Million Bikers. A disabled American vet asked for help getting from Georgia to Connecticut to be by his daughter’s bedside. She had been in a serious car accident. The man had no means to get there; and given the pending snowstorm, his prospects looked bleak indeed to be with his daughter.

But, word got out via the site and people lined up to provide transportation, logistics, food, and financial support to indeed get this father to his daughter’s side. He is currently with her now as she faces a very difficult road to recovery. But, without this caring, loving, ad hoc network of people who stepped in, this would not have happened.

This story illustrates America at its best – people helping their neighbors in need. It is part of our Christian heritage and legacy. We have fed, clothed, and provided medical care for more people in the world than any other nation in history.

Another story came out recently which shows the exact opposite. Sen. Tom Coburn has released his list of government waste and abuse for this past year. Here is exactly what is wrong in America – unaccountable government wasting the people’s money on frivolous expenditures that are only designed to benefit particular interest groups and buy votes. Among the items our tax dollars went to support was a study of duck penises costing us $384,989!!! (No, I’m not making that up!!! And no, I don’t know if Barney Frank or Anthony Weiner was behind the study!!!)

The truth is – government makes a lousy charity. It is wasteful, inefficient, and corrupt in its distribution of funds. That is why God commissioned the Church to meet the needs of the poor, not the government. Government was created to punish evil and promote good.

Sadly, in our day and age, too many people, including too many in the Church, have begun seeing government as “Santa Claus”, handing out largesse to anyone smart enough to plug into the system. We see this in ballooning social welfare programs, corporate welfare programs, and “crony capitalism” of the worst sort today.

It has bankrupted and weakened this nation in all areas. It has to stop!

No one wants to see those in real need suffer. No one wants to turn a blind eye to real poverty. But, the truth is today, far too many people have an “entitlement mentality” that makes them useless to society, family, and their own souls. I see this regularly now in the ministry. The majority of people who contact the church for aid aren’t those who are incapable of helping themselves – those who are truly needy. No, what I am seeing increasingly today are those who are con artists – gaming the charity system to avoid having to work and those who have not the slightest bit of self-respect, self-control, or common sense about money management.

In other words, I am talking about people who are completely capable of taking care of themselves, but have little or no interest in doing so.

Instead of teaching self-sufficiency, our culture is encouraging dependence. Why? It is because these people are a growing voting block for the left. The Democrats and many RINOs know full well that votes are easily bought from this group. But, if they start taking care of themselves and creating their own prosperity, there will be no need for the phony charity government provides!

The sad result of this scheme is that American freedom and inner strength are being eroded away. As more and more people surrender to the temptation of “free government handouts”, the weaker and weaker we become as a people. We become ripe for slavery and loss of humanity.

Marxist theory demands the weakening of a people in all cultural areas as a prelude to totalitarianism. People who can no longer think, fend, and live for themselves are easily enslaved. That is the goal today by America’s left.

By promoting a phony “Christ-less social gospel”, they hope to seduce more and more people into believing the lie that government handouts are the same as Christian charity.

It is not! Giving from a heart of gratitude for God’s grace is 180 degrees opposite from government confiscation and redistribution to those whom it deems worthy of receipt. Taking money from one person and giving it to another is not generous in the least!!

The real losers in all this are the people who have sold their American birthrights for pots of “government stew”!! They will never know the blessings of working hard and receiving just wages for that work. They will never know the joy of sharing the abundance with those who are truly in need. They will never know the Grace of God poured out in their lives that has freed them from slavery to sin and selfishness. They will never know the true American freedom that recognizes our inalienable rights come from God, not from any government entity, program, or leader. In the end, they will all become slaves of the state and “the ruler of this world.”

So, what can we do; those of us who love God and the freedom He gives us? We can share His abundance with those we are sure are truly in need. And, we need to educate those who aren’t. Paul’s advice in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 – “ For even when we were with you, we used to give you this order: if anyone is not willing to work, then he is not to eat, either.” (NASB) is applicable at this point. When we encounter some able-bodied person standing in front of us with their hand out, instead of putting money in it, let’s try putting a shovel, a hammer, or a pencil!

We Christians are the most generous group on the planet. We need to keep on sharing God’s blessings with others. But, we must be wise and not waste the resources God gives us. If we want to help the truly needy, we cannot waste our gifts on those who have the ability to do for themselves. Besides, in so doing for those who can do for themselves, we create dependency were it is not necessary. We help to destroy their lives.

Second, we need to remove from every elected office, those politicians who think government charity is the answer to our nation’s social problems. They are “enablers” that have to be removed from positions of power. We need leaders at all levels of government who make it their sacred duty not to waste one dime of taxpayer money on things that aren’t absolutely essential to the survival and security of this nation.

And finally, we must celebrate this Christmas season with all the joy, excitement, and exuberance of a people whose sins are forgiven because of God’s greatest Gift – Our Lord Jesus!!!

A Call to Action for Our Veterans!


Three very troubling stories have been reported recently concerning America’s veterans. First, the recently passed budget cuts veterans benefits, but gives more money to illegal aliens and others in the welfare system. Second, a Dallas VA hospital refused to receive get-well Christmas cards from students of a nearby Christian school because the cards contain the words “Merry Christmas” instead of the politically correct “happy holidays”! Third, a Georgia VA hospital refused to allow youth carolers to sing “Christian Christmas carols.” Instead, they were told they could only sing “government-approved” songs!!!! (Yes, comrade – “government-approved” songs!!)

Obviously we cannot allow this fascism to go unchecked. Our vets deserve and need our support. Here’s what we do: Following are the lists of members on the Committees of Veterans Affairs in both houses of Congress. We need to inundate them all with our demands for investigations and firings of those responsible for this “communist-like” control of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The 1st Amendment rights of the American people and its veterans trump all “politically correct” assertions by all of Washington’s bureaucrats!!!!

We must take action now before some “brain-dead” federal judge rules these bureaucrats are “constitutional” in their edicts!!!

In the House, here are the relevant members to contact:

 Jeff Miller – R – (FL), Chairman
Doug Lamborn – R – (CO)
Gus M. Bilirakis – R - (FL), Vice Chairman 
David P. Roe – R - (TN)
Bill Flores – R - (TX) 
Jeff Denham – R - (CA)
Jon Runyan – R - (NJ)
Dan Benishek – R - (MI)
Tim Huelskamp – R - (KS)
Mark Amodei – R - (NV)
Mike Coffman – R - (CO)
Brad Wenstrup – R - (OH)
Paul Cook – R - (CA)
Jackie Walorski – R - (IN)
Michael H. Michaud (ME), Democratic Ranking Member
Corrine Brown – D - ( FL)
 Mark Takano – D - (CA)
 Julia Brownley – D - (CA)
 Dina Titus – D - (NV)
 Ann Kirkpatrick – D - (AZ)
 Raul Ruiz – D - (CA)
 Gloria Negrete McLeod – D - (CA)
 Ann McLane Kuster – D - (NH)
 Beto O'Rourke – D - (TX)
 Tim Walz – D - (MN)

In the Senate, here are the relevant members to contact:

Sanders, Bernard – I -(VT) , Chairman 
Rockefeller, John D. – D - (WV) 
Murray, Patty – D - (WA) 
Brown, Sherrod –D - (OH) 
Tester, Jon – D - (MT) 
Begich, Mark – D - (AK) 
Blumenthal, Richard – D - (CT) 
Hirono, Mazie K. – D - (HI)
Burr, Richard – R - (NC), Ranking Member
Isakson, Johnny – R - (GA)
Johanns, Mike – R - (NE)
Moran, Jerry – R - (KS)
Boozman, John – R - (AR)
Heller, Dean – R - (NV)

Here is a sample script. Please feel free to use, modify, or write your own when contacting these members of Congress.

“Dear (Senator/Congressman) ___________:

As an American who values our First Amendment Constitutionally guaranteed rights of Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech, I urge you and your Committee to launch an immediate investigation and follow through with appropriate firings of all Veterans Administration personnel who have been demanding unconstitutional language for citizens wishing to send Christmas cards to recovering veterans in the Dallas VA Hospital and those responsible for demanding that youth Christmas carolers only sing non-religious, “government-approved” songs at a Georgia VA Hospital. Such fascist dictates have no place in American society. They certainly have no place anywhere in the U.S. Government.

Additionally, we urge a reconsideration of the recently-passed budget that cuts veterans benefits. This is also unacceptable to the American people. There is far more government largesse that needs to be cut before benefits to those who have honorably served this nation.

Please be advised we will be monitoring your response to these issues and will vote accordingly in the 2014 elections. We will not stand for members of Congress who trample on our rights and disrespect our veterans.



We must act now! Our vets need our support!!!!

Real vs Pseudo-Science on Display

The debate last night between Bill Nye, “the Science Guy” and Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum was very telling on a number of levels. On display were two very different world views. One acknowledges God as Creator and Sustainer of the universe. The other elevates human knowledge and theory to deity status.

If nothing else could be said about Ken Ham’s performance but this, it is that he consistently proclaimed the authority of Scripture and the implications from Scriptural verity for all of humanity. He described the Gospel plainly. He cited the Scriptures on various topics relevant to today such as abortion, marriage, and the real pursuit for knowledge of the creation around us.

If nothing else could be said about Bill Nye’s performance but this, it is that he is wholly committed to an atheistic understanding of reality where no God can have any relevance to reality. All is human perception and human understanding and human postulation of reality. His world is a closed world where nothing exists beyond the five senses and those theories developed from the interpretations of the five senses. He also kept repeating his commercial for the national teachers’ unions demanding the continued exclusion from education of any theories that challenge their atheistic monopoly on education. His “commercial” will, no doubt, become a few sound bites for left-wing political candidates in the up-coming election!

This condescension is typical of the atheists in regard to people of faith. It colored his language and debate approach throughout the evening. He kept referring to the Creation view as “Ken Ham’s creation model.” I can only imagine the several thousand other Ph.D. – level creation scientists who wanted to throw things at the TV at that silly caricature. I also can hear that muffled spinning sound of hundreds of past giants of science, who were also devout Christians and creationists, turning over in their graves. I’m speaking here of Galileo, Newton, Kepler, Mendel, Faraday, and many, many other titans of modern science! Apparently, for Bill Nye, modern science began with Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking!

Nye also continued to duck the most important of Ham’s challenges to him. All science pre-supposes a Christian/Biblical world-view. In order for science to be valid and operate at all, certain basic assumptions must be accepted. Laws of logic, laws of order, and laws of continuity must exist in the physical universe for any science to have any meaning. We all live under those laws every day. No one wakes up and wonders if gravity will be in force today. No one wonders if tomorrow 2+2 will still equal 4. (Common Core curriculum excepted, of course!)

No, the bottom line is that there is order in the universe that could not have created itself. In fact, the logical laws of the universe must have existed prior to the universe’s creation or the universe could not have begun or continued to exist. This logic and order could only come from Intelligence. In a random chance theory of origins, these laws cannot possibly evolve over eons, or at all!

Therefore, the very first assumption made by Nye and all evolutionists is false – the universe is the result of pure random chance, yet has logic, order, and continuity. Their argument is moot after that failure of evolution to account for the universe we see and experience.

Of course Nye would avoid answering that challenge. Like he did with all of the other ultimate origins questions, he professed ignorance as his response. Evolutionists and atheists have no “ultimate” answers to these foundational questions.

Ken Ham’s repeated responses to Nye in these areas were charitable but piercing, “You see, Bill, there is this Book that answers that question . . .” His logic, despite the scorn of modern secularists, was impeccable. The Transcendent God has surely communicated His Truth to those creatures created in His Image. He has done so generally via the grandeur, immensity, and complexity of the universe He has made; and specially through His propositional revealed Word.

That is precisely why Nye kept trying to denigrate the Bible throughout the course of the evening. He repeatedly attempted to cast the understanding of the Bible into doubt by parroting the idea of the Bible being old literature that has been translated many times and is now being used by Ham and other “uninformed creationist simpletons” in its modern English version.

However, Nye is the “simpleton” when it comes to his understanding of the amazing history and historicity of the Bible. We do have an accurate Bible. Over 5,000 ancient manuscripts of the Bible exist today. By comparison, other ancient and classic texts have less than a dozen existent manuscripts. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1947 – dated to the 2nd century B.C. – proves the accuracy of our modern Biblical translation. Several other proofs of the Bible’s verity could be drawn from the disciplines of archaeology, linguistics, anthropology, and secular historical sources, but time does not permit an exhaustive treatment here. Suffice it to say that despite the atheists repeated attempts to destroy the Bible’s credibility over the past two centuries, it has only proven to be more and more accurate the more the evidence is uncovered.

One of the good, positive things Ham accomplished last night was to show the world that many, many intelligent, active Ph.D.-level scientists believe the Biblical account of origins. The caricature the atheist elitists have of creationists in this nation is that we are all “ignorant, Kentucky hillbillies”! That’s one of the reasons Nye went out of his way to show the map of Kentucky and chastise that nowhere in Kentucky can one get a college degree in nuclear medicine. One wonders how many other “enlightened” states also fail to offer this specialized major in their universities!

Nye’s arguments offered as proof of evolution and the earth being several billion years ancient were predictable and easily refutable. Ham gave several good snapshots of these refutations in the extreme time constraints of the rebuttal and Q&A segments of the debate. In fact, I think I could have refuted most of what Nye offered as his proofs, even given my limited understanding of the scientific questions at odds.

For example, the “tree rings and ice core” arguments have been debunked for some time. It has been proven observationally that trees can produce more than one growth ring per year depending on climatic conditions. It has also been proven that the layers in ice cores are not annual measurements, but simply measurements of many freezing and thawing cycles in the life of the ice sheet. Anyone who lives in the northern states knows every winter includes snow piles in the yard that constantly vary in size and composition depending on the temperature, humidity, and level of meteorological storminess of a particular winter.

Nye’s speculations about the fossils and the fossil record being ancient proofs of a long-age earth have also been thoroughly explained in the creation model. Rapid deposition of sediments and fossils resultant from the flood of Noah perfectly explains what is seen in the ground. 95% of all current found fossils are of marine invertebrates. Of course we would expect to find them in mass at the lowest layers. They would have has the least ability to avoid rapid burial under the tremendous turbidity currents the world-wide flood of Noah unleashed. No, it wasn’t possible for them to “swim up to higher layers”! Of course land vertebrates would have been buried last. They had the greatest capability to avoid flood waters until the very end. And no, they couldn’t swim down to get into the lower layers! Hence, as Ken Ham famously states, what we see are “billions of dead things buried in rock layers laid down by water all over the earth.”

An unasked question by Mr. Ham which would have sent Mr. Nye fumbling about the stage would have been, “If molecules-to-man evolution is true, where are the hundreds of billions of transitional species fossils that must surely have existed and have been buried over millions of years in the fossil strata?” They don’t exist as fossils because the only place they have ever existed is in evolutionary textbooks!

As far as Nye’s criticisms of Noah’s flood and the ark are concerned, he built so many “straw men” I thought he must have stopped at a nearby farm prior to the debate. Simply because his New England ancestors couldn’t have built a wooden vessel comparable to the ark proves nothing. As Ham alluded to, ancient man did build very large wooden vessels; specifically in Egypt and China. The ancient Greek shipbuilding technique explored by AiG in their Creation Museum Noah display (and presumably in their future Ark Encounter model) solves Nye’s theoretical problems of twisting and warping of the ship’s structure in the high seas.

Nye’s assertion of 16 million species in the world today, although possibly accurate, is totally irrelevant to the argument. Noah was not told to bring two of every species of animal onto the ark. He was told to bring two of every kind of air-breathing land animal onto the ark (and extra “clean” animals which would be needed for food and sacrifices after the flood). The vast majority of modern species didn’t ride on the ark. All aquatic life didn’t need the ride. Most amphibians could have survived in the water. Many sea birds could have managed to make it through the flood. The multitude of insects could also have survived by resting on the floating vegetative debris that would have produced massive “log mats” which traveled all over the planet during the duration of the flood.

In fact, Nye should know better when he falsely criticized Ham for believing that all plants and seeds remained under water for a year and survived. He proudly boasted of his affiliation with a Mount St. Helens scientific society. He knows full well that floating on Spirit Lake, next to Mount St. Helens, are millions of logs that haven’t sunk yet even though they have been in the lake since the eruption in 1980 – some 34 years ago!

I could go on and on with refutations of Nye’s “evidence”, but the information is readily available at several Creation Science websites – Answers in Genesis; Institute for Creation Research; Creation Ministries International; and others. The fact is – there is ample observable scientific evidence to refute all of the evolutionists’ arguments.

Aside from the previously mentioned “laws of logic” refutation of evolution, Mr. Ham also stressed another fatal flaw of evolution which Mr. Nye refused to address. In order for evolution to be real, genetic mutation must produce new information in an organism in order for it to increase in complexity. But, as Ham described, all genetic mutation results in only either duplication or loss of already existing genetic material. Nothing new has ever been created that wasn’t potentially coded into the genes in the first place. God has limited every “kind” of organism to a restriction of possible diversity based on the genetic code of that organism. And, the truth is, as predicted by the creation model and much to Mr. Nye’s chagrin, all organisms are devolving today via genetic entropy. The average human has over one million nucleotide deletions in their DNA. Each subsequent generation adds another one hundred significant mutations to the human genome. As Isaiah 51:6 predicts, the earth is “wearing out like a garment.”

Mr. Nye also tried repeated, though rather unsuccessfully, to engage in a “divide and conquer” strategy with Mr. Ham in pointing out the many professing Christians who disagree with the creationist view of origins. While it is true that many theologians are sincerely ignorant of the solid science behind the creation model and compromise their theology accordingly, as Ken pointed out, their view of origins doesn’t make them “bad” Christians. They simply haven’t thought through their own beliefs of the authority of Scripture since they pick and choose which Scriptures to build their theology upon.

In summary, what we saw last night was the cutting edge of the Christian church and the real scientific community challenging the “old dinosaurs” of entrenched pseudo-intellectualism and their vapid responses to the new “young Turks” who refuse the status quo of outdated Darwinism. Truly “the emperor has no clothes” when it comes to secular origins. Real science always challenges the status quo!

In exact opposition to Mr. Nye’s charge that secular science is the “way to the future” for America, the fact is that generations of people have been indoctrinated in the secular temples of higher education with flawed and faulty educations that haven’t taught them to consider ALL evidence and weigh it carefully to get at the truth. The result is that now the U.S. lags behind in science education because the atheist “politically correct police” have used their Gestapo tactics to keep all but their own pet theories out of education and culture for decades.

This “pugnacious” Australian-America has had the temerity to shoot down their sacred cows one by one. They are truly scared to death that the truth might just break out throughout American society that we are not, as they claim in their atheism, “alone in the universe” and that morality isn’t “that which is right in every man’s eyes.”

Thank you, Mr. Ham for your boldness, clarity, and grace in delivering a message that is desperately needed in today’s world! Now, it is up to us, the Church, to take this message to all ears open to hear it!!

A Critique of “Are Visits to Heaven for Real?”

(From Answers in Genesis’ Answers Magazine – April – June 2014 Issue)


After reading Dr. John MacArthur’s recent article – “Are Visits to Heaven for Real?” in the most recent issue of Answers magazine, I feel I must respond with the following critique.

Before discussing the details of the article, please allow me to offer a few caveats.

First of all, I am an evangelical born-again Christian of many years. I am a pastor with several years’ experience in the ministry and two degrees in Biblical studies.

Second, I firmly believe the Bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant, authoritative Word of God. It is God’s propositional, special revelation to mankind. I hold to the great Reformation declaration of Sola Scriptura – Scripture alone as the authority for what I, and Christians in general should, believe.

Third, I am an enthusiastic supporter of Answers in Genesis. I have dozens of AiG materials in my “Creation library.” I have financially supported AiG, The Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter. I have visited and thoroughly enjoyed the Creation Museum. I use and recommend AiG materials all the time in my ministry. This will be the 3rd consecutive year my church is using AiG VBS materials. They are fantastic! I strongly defended Ken’s Ham’s performance and positions in his recent debate with Bill Nye in online articles appearing on various websites. I read this article in my own copy of Answers magazine to which I subscribe.  

Fourth, I do not personally know, nor have any connection with Dr. MacArthur or the Burpo family. I have no personal feelings for or against either of the parties discussed here. I have read and own a copy of Heaven Is For Real. I have also read various portions of Dr. MacArthur’s works as well. I am aware that a Hollywood-produced movie of Heaven Is For Real is soon to come out. I have no idea how accurate it will be to the book (We’ve recently seen how Hollywood butchered Noah!).

Now, having clarified those issues, I must say I was very disappointed with Answers magazine for publishing this article by Dr. MacArthur. It is the first article I have ever been disappointed with in the almost three years I’ve been receiving the magazine. It’s not just that I disagree with Dr. MacArthur’s assertions, it is also poorly, and sloppily written. Dr. MacArthur engages in a number of logical fallacies which imply an intellectual laziness that is beneath someone of his stature. This article degrades, to some extent, the professionalism of AiG and Answers in their efforts to bring forth God’s Truth in a consistent and coherent way for people to understand and employ in their daily lives.

My point in offering this critique is not to authenticate the book – Heaven Is For Real. The truth is neither I, nor anyone else really knows for sure if a little boy did have some kind of heavenly visitation as described in the book. In my mind, the book could be either a piece of pure fiction or the best recollected account of actual events; or possible something in between.

My critique is focused on the manner in which Dr. MacArthur, and by extension Answers magazine and AiG, seek to denigrate the work using arguments which are flawed. Our movement and ministries are not served by such practices. In fact, we rightly criticize our detractors for using the same techniques to attempt to diminish us and our views.

To begin, Dr. MacArthur commits the logical fallacy of a sweeping generalization (Lisle. 2010. p. 77) or “painting with a broad brush.” He essentially claims that all accounts of near-death experiences are false. He ties Heaven is for Real in with a host of other “near-death experience” books without naming any of them. He later lists described experiences, presumably from these books, that do not appear in Heaven Is For Real. To make a comparison, this would be like someone making the statement that “all Young Earth Creationists, Progressive Creationists, and Theist Evolutionists essentially believe the same thing, since all see God as behind Creation.” Of course this statement is absurd and demonstrably false.  

To equate Heaven Is For Real with all other “near-death experience” books is disingenuous at best. At worst, it is intellectually dishonest. To paraphrase Luther at Worms - I cannot renounce all of my works for they are not all the same. Many of us have read or heard about various “near-death experience” books that we would quickly reject as unbiblical due to the outrageous, patently false claims made by the authors.  Heaven Is For Real is not such a book. The book is not a book of “New Age” or occult heresies. It is a book written from a Christian perspective. To simply lump it in with all of these other unnamed, more highly questionable books is not a legitimate argument. It should be allowed to rise and fall simply by its own content.

Second, Dr. MacArthur commits exegetical errors by, at times, simply quoting Scriptures without providing context for the readers. For example, he quotes John 3:13 as one of his “proofs” for discrediting Heaven Is For Real, “No one has ascended to heaven except he who descended from heaven, the Son of Man.” This verse is seen in the context of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus. It is in response to his question in verse 9 of “How can these things be?” Nicodemus’ confusion followed Jesus’ declaration that one must be born again to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus’ statement was certainly true at the time he said it to Nicodemus. This was before the crucifixion and the resurrection. Indeed, no one had ascended to heaven because sin was not yet atoned for, and no fallen human being could enter into the Presence of God. Jesus, in fact, was telling Nicodemus how one might “ascend to heaven” via the regeneration of the soul which Jesus Himself would provide through His death and resurrection. When Jesus made the statement, the veil covering the Holy of Holies (symbolizing God’s Presence) was still in place. It would only be torn from top to bottom and replaced by Jesus’ Own flesh when He died (Mark 15:38; Hebrews 10:19-20).

On the cross, Jesus tells the repentant thief that “today, you shall be with me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43) Paul tells us in Ephesians 4:8 (quoting Psalm 68:18) that when Jesus ascended on high, He led captive a host of captives. After the atonement for sin was paid for, we could indeed ascend to heaven through belief in Christ. Now, granted these passages do not describe the possibility of near-death encounters with God; but they show the use of John 3:13 as an absolutist statement is not warranted either.

John 1:18, “no one has seen God at any time” must also be clarified in the context of the rest of Scripture as well. Taken at face value, this Scripture would seem to contradict other passages where various people have seen God in visions. Isaiah describes seeing God on His throne in 6:1. Daniel sees God on the throne in 7:9 (there called the Ancient of Days). Stephen describes seeing “the Glory of God” in heaven with Jesus standing at His right hand shortly before his death in Acts 7:55. Paul describes his own experience in witnessing heaven in 2 Corinthians 12:1-5. Paul issues a disclaimer that he wasn’t sure if it was a bodily experience or some type of vision; thus granting at least the possibility of various types of heavenly encounters.  

No, John 1:18 must be describing the fact that no one has ever seen God in His essential essence. It would be impossible for finite beings as we are to totally experience an Infinite Being. That may be closer to what Paul is describing in 1 Timothy 6:16.

This, however, does not preclude God from manifesting Himself in whatever fashion He desires for our benefit. Such must be the case in all of these Biblical heavenly visions – God taking on a form most appropriate for the occasion. Otherwise, John 1:18 and 1 Timothy 6:16 would directly contradict these visions.

The Revelation of John is described as a vision by commentators, but it was not merely a view of heaven and future events as one might see them on a movie screen. It was interactive. John speaks with Jesus and angelic beings. Jesus touches him. He also sees God on the throne various times. John also sees other human saints in heaven as well.

Was John actually there? Was it merely a dream-like vision? Was his spirit somehow separated from his body for the time he visited heaven? No one on earth knows the ultimate answers to these questions. In some manner, John was escorted into heaven to get the information and experience he received in order to pass it on to the 7 churches in Asia, and ultimately us as well.

Is it possible that what the Burpos describe was a vision of this type that little Colton had when he was at the point of near death? Who knows?

One thing that must be considered in any of the Biblical accounts of visions and heavenly visits is that the rules of hermeneutics preclude developing blanket theological statements based only on those accounts. Proper hermeneutics requires looking at all the related Scriptures, starting with the hortatory passages, and then moving to the historical narrative to confirm and further describe what is being taught. One cannot build sound theology based solely on a particular historical passage. Simply because God commanded Moses to strike a rock in order to get water doesn’t mean we can likewise get water when we smack rocks with sticks today. However, starting with one of the many teaching passages where God promises provision for His people and then using the story of Moses striking the rock to get water as an example of the teaching being confirmed is legitimate.

In connection to the problem of listing of historical passages in order to provide proof for our beliefs, Dr. MacArthur also commits the logical fallacy of the argument from silence. Simply because Stephen doesn’t go into greater details about his vision of heaven doesn’t prove he didn’t see anything else. Luke may have simply chosen to omit those details as unnecessary to the story (guided to do so by the Holy Spirit, of course). Simply because John doesn’t take the time to describe his surroundings more fully in Revelation doesn’t necessarily mean he didn’t see things not reported about in the book.

The same is true with Dr. MacArthur’s assertion that those raised from the dead didn’t describe their death experiences. It is another argument from silence. Given the limited scope and focused purposes of the Gospel writers, these could simply have been unnecessary details; just as were Jesus’ life details from ages 12 to 30. It does not conclusively mean they had none. The same holds true for Old Testament accounts of resurrections. Simply because there are no details given in the text, that does not prove no conscious existence was experienced by those who were dead while they were dead.

I agree with Dr. MacArthur that many in today’s secular world and some in the Church are obsessed with angels, demons, and the afterlife. Of course, any so-called experience that purports to teach anything contrary to clear Scriptural truths is wrong. But, I just don’t see that agenda at work in Heaven Is For Real. It appears to be a family’s recollection of a very dramatic and almost tragic event in their family’s life. Again, is it real or not; I can’t say. But, I see no attempt to pull people away from Biblical Christianity on the part of the authors. There is absolutely no discussion about necromancy, séances, or other silly attempts to contact the dead discussed in Heaven Is For Real. This is another example of Dr. MacArthur’s “painting with a broad brush” in the article. Of course those things are always wrong and spiritually dangerous. But, he doesn’t cite any sources who are advocating those practices in the “near-death experience” books that he seemingly anonymously keeps referring to in his argument.

He makes a curious declaration at one point, “Indeed, we are forbidden in all (italics in the original) spiritual matters to go beyond what is written (1 Corinthians 4:6).” Again, he gives no context to the verse. It seems ludicrous for someone who has written volumes of Bible commentaries to advocate never going beyond what is written (in the Bible) in all spiritual matters! His works are full of his explanations, theological constructs, and pet theories about proper interpretations of Biblical passages. All commentaries are. If people only ever limited their writing to the Biblical texts, we’d have at most, multitudinous translations of the Bible floating around out there, each one based on the author’s preferred translation from the original languages.

Actually, Paul is making a good point in 1 Corinthians 4:6. In the case of the emotionally immature, spiritually young, and morally questionable Corinthian Church, it was a good thing to warn them about excesses in their growing beliefs. They were in the midst of one of darkest centers of paganism in the ancient world. Corinth was filled with false religion, secular philosophy, vice, and corruption. If Paul hadn’t demanded that the church conform to the disciples’ teachings and “tow the mark” morally, the church would have never survived, let alone grow and flourish. Paul was writing at a time when there was no New Testament canon. The early church was beginning to be plagued with all kinds of heresies from without and within. His advice was truly sound to protect the orthodoxy of the church at Corinth.

Having said this, the verse also applies to us as well, of course. All Christians should avoid extra-Biblical teachings that contradict the Bible’s foundation. A prime example of this is the Progressive Creation movement where adherents have shoehorned secular scientific theories into the Scriptures in order to make them read more “acceptably” to the secular world. Their shoddy and fantastical exegesis has led to them being dismissed by both Biblical scholars and atheist scientists. And, the science they seek to inject is bad science as well!

But, taking Dr. MacArthur’s point about 1 Corinthians 4:6 literally, are we to throw out two millennia of Christian thought, theology, and devotion? Are we to delete all of the Christian hymns we all love which go beyond just the biblical text in the messages they proclaim? Are we to reject the ministry and teachings of thousands of men of God who, down through the centuries, have helped grow the faith of billions by helping them to understand God and His Word in ways most relevant to them?

I don’t see Heaven Is For Real seeking to distort or change what the Bible says about heaven. There is no “new Age” agenda or theological extremism advanced in the book. What we see is a little boy’s recollection of his otherwise unexplainable experience. We Christian adults can’t adequately describe heaven despite our theologians’ best efforts. What do we expect from a 4 year-old boy?

Deuteronomy 29:29 is another “proof text” given to discredit Heaven Is For Real, yet again with no context whatsoever given. It is certainly true that God’s secret things do belong to Him. And, we are responsible to obey the things He has revealed to us. At the time of this passage’s writing, that meant the Jewish Law. Aside from the Pentateuch, and possibly Job and Psalm 90, there wasn’t even a completed Old Testament canon. Certainly there were many more secrets of God which He revealed to His people since the writing of Deuteronomy 29:29. Jesus even makes that point when He offers the disciples the explanation to the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13. In verse 11, Jesus declares that it has been granted to the disciples to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven which others did not know.

In Matthew 11:25, Jesus praised the Father for revealing to “infants” things hidden to the wise and intelligent. In Matthew 16:17, Jesus calls Simon (Peter) blessed because His true Identity was not revealed to him by “flesh and blood” but by God the Father.

No, the limitations placed on the Jews by God in Deuteronomy 29:29 were very obviously changed as His “secret things” were systematically further revealed to His people at their proper time.

In fact, are we to criticize all of the Christian “giants” of science who sought to “think God’s thoughts after Him” and, taking the Bible as their foundation, expanded the horizons of human knowledge to heights only dreamed about previously? Of course not! They didn’t stop at the text in their pursuit of Truth. They used the text as their sure foundation from which to make amazing discoveries that are still being built upon today by thousands of God-fearing Christian scientists intent upon learning as many of God’s still unrevealed mysteries as they possibly can.

An aspect of Heaven Is For Real that Dr. MacArthur completely ignores is the fact that Jesus loves children. All three Synoptics record the event of Jesus blessing the children. Mark 10:13-16 is the fullest account. Despite the disciples attempting to keep the children away from Jesus, He rebuked them and permitted the children to come to Him and be blessed by Him. These are just a few of many Biblical passages which emphasize the importance of children to God. Why should it seem so strange to us that God would encounter a dying little Colton Burpo in a special way? “No matter what new tidbits he revealed, though, Colton had one consistent theme: he talked constantly about how much Jesus loves the children. I mean that: constantly (italics in the original). (Burpo. 2010, p. 105)

That doesn’t prove that Colton’s experience was genuine, but it certainly doesn’t disqualify it as being unbiblical either. Perhaps that message of Jesus’ love for children is most poignant today given our modern culture of death via abortion and infanticide. Maybe there is a message for the Church to do more to protect innocent human life from the murderers masquerading as healthcare professionals? We’ve just heard the news story about how hospitals in the UK are using the bodies of aborted babies to stoke the fires of their heating systems. Can anything be more ghoulish? Even the NAZIs didn’t use the Holocaust to provide energy for the Third Reich!  

Maybe little Colton’s declaration is a challenge from the Lord for us to do far more to protect and nurture our children in the faith after they are born instead of casting them to the secular wolves of the public education system? Maybe Jesus is sorely disappointed in how the Church has allowed our young to become so secularized in their beliefs and morality that the majority of them leave the church when they reach the puberty?

But, why a little boy? Why if the Lord has a message for us in the Church today would He use someone so unassuming and insignificant in the world’s grand scheme of things? Our friends in Corinth may have been given this answer by Paul in 1 Corinthians 1:26-31. God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. He has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He has chosen the base and despised things of the world and the things which are not to nullify the things which are. And, why is that? Verse 29 gives the answer – “so that no man may boast before God.”

This is a very common theme throughout Scripture. God chooses the weak, the unassuming, the small, and the impossible to display His glory. He honors the humble, but despises the proud. He tears down the strongholds of the evil and mighty and gives His people, who serve Him, rest and peace.

Why could this story of this simple 4 year-old boy be true? Because it is entirely in God’s character to do things His way and not the way we would do them if we were in charge. Jesus was born to poor humble parents, not in a king’s or high priest’s palace. Throughout the Scriptures, God took the most unlikely of people and used them to do great and wonderful things. Are we to assume the unchangeable God is no longer doing things in that manner? Or, does it somehow make sense that He would grant this little boy this witness of His Love and the verity of the eternal destiny of those who believe?

A few years ago, I had a young couple in my church that lost a newborn baby just hours after it was born. The baby girl suffered from severe genetic deformities internally. Of course I used many of the comforting Scriptures to minister to their grief. But, I also gave them a copy of Heaven Is For Real specifically because of the account in the book of Colton claiming to meet his miscarried sister in heaven; a sister he never knew about before. It provided comfort and strengthened their faith through a most difficult time in their lives. Was that an instrument of the devil or of the Holy Spirit to help in a time of crisis? I’ll give you Jesus’ own words on that from Mark 3:24, “If a kingdom is divided against itself, it cannot stand.”

In conclusion, whether or not Heaven Is For Real is accurate or fantasy, I cannot judge. I do not see it contradicting what the Bible says about heaven. That does not prove it is factual, I realize that. But, Dr. MacArthur’s criticisms of it don’t prove it false either. My suggestion is that anyone who is interested in pursuing this further should make it a matter of prayer and study. God promises wisdom for those who sincerely and humbly ask Him.

And, it is my hope that Answers magazine will raise the bar a bit higher in the future for the articles they allow to be printed in their name. Your ministry is desperately needed in our era of history!

Answers Magazine – April-June 2014.
Heaven Is For Real. Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. Thomas Nelson Publishers. Nashville, TN. 2010.
Discerning Truth. Dr. Jason Lisle. Master Books. Green Forest, AR. 2010.
New American Standard Bible. The Lockman Foundation. La Habra, CA. 1995.

Some Thoughts on Earth Day


Today is Earth Day, the day set aside to respect and honor the planet on which we live. Originally designed by environmentalists to be a day to, in effect, worship the planet, Earth Day has become one of the most “politically correct” of our holidays.

So, how should we respond? Ignore it? Wear green and reduce our “carbon footprint”? Hug a tree and feel Al Gore’s guilt for human existence on this “pristine planet”?

Nope, none of the above!

We Christians have a mandate from the Creator (That’s God, not Russell Crowe’s pagan serpent deity from Noah!) to tend and subdue the earth. We are the stewards of the planet.

So, this Earth Day, let’s do something productive and useful for the creation and our place in it. Here are a few suggestions:

Instead of hugging a tree, try trimming one. It is healthy for the tree and will enhance its growth and health.

Instead of lying in the grass or smoking “grass”, try mowing it. It will make your yard appealing and the fresh air will do you good!

Instead of protesting the Keystone Pipeline, call your Congressmen and Senators to urge them to pass its creation. Cheap, clean energy enhances the economy and the environment eventually. We all need energy. Not even Hollywood liberals are willing to live in mud huts and cook with buffalo dung!!! Besides, you may save some birds that would otherwise be chopped to bits by flying into windmill turbines at wind farms!

Instead of picketing for global population control (after all the earth really isn’t overpopulated – just ask someone from Iowa or Siberia!), till some earth and plant a garden. There are millions and millions of tillable acres just in this country alone that lie fallow today because of misguided government programs. Besides, the food you grow will reduce your grocery costs, cut down on carbon emissions from trucks, trains, planes, and ships bringing the food to your local grocery store, and it will taste great – nothing better than fresh garden food!

Let’s use more wood in order to grow more trees. Drink more milk to enhance the “cow flatulence” that the “certifiables” at the EPA want to regulate. Cook burgers and steaks on the grill to protest the “holier-than-thou” vegans. And, possibly even buy a chain saw to show our defiance of Earth in the Balance.

Let’s reclaim Earth Day as productive Americans! We don’t need socialist guilt ruining the holiday for us. Get outside and appreciate this amazing Creation God has given us to enjoy and use for our benefit!!

The “Unaffordable Care Act” – It Must Be Repealed!


I received a letter from a major healthcare provider in my state the other day urging me to consider their healthcare options under Obamacare. In the literature there was a neatly produced chart of the various plans, their features and the financial data on each. Well, almost. Nowhere in the literature did this company tell me how much it would cost for my family to enroll in one of the plans. I was directed to either call their number and speak to a representative or go to their online website to find out that information.

I did look over the website, but much to my chagrin, they still didn’t list the cost for the plan. I had to input personal information and get a “quote” from them. Since I have no idea who would be seeing or having access to my personal information, I declined to “get a quote.”

After doing a bit more research, I found out that, according to the Washington Post, last year the average family health insurance plan cost employers $16,834 – ( My assumption is that families who pay their own healthcare premiums would pay even more since they don’t get the group discounts employers receive.

Let’s be conservative and say a typical plan would cost the average family $20,000 per year. That’s around $1667/month – more than most homeowner mortgage payments!

If we go back to the plan chart I mentioned before, we see that the cheapest of the plans – the bronze level has a family deductible of $12,000. So, for the average family, healthcare under the “Unaffordable Care Act” will cost a minimum of $32,000 per year should they have medical expenses. Even after the deductible is met, the insurance pays only a portion of the bills.

In other words, the entire “Obamacare” scheme is designed to do two things:

 1. Drive lower middle income working people into government welfare, where all health bills are paid (or subsidized) by the rest of the taxpayers. 

2. Force businesses into making one of three bad choices. They can cut their full-time workforce to avoid the “employer mandate” which requires them to provide this expensive, relatively worthless, healthcare to any employees working more than 30 hours a week. This results in lower wages and higher unemployment. They can charge consumers more for the products and services they produce and provide to cover the extra costs. This damages the economy and leads to people having less money to spend. Their final choice is to eliminate healthcare for their employees as a benefit. The end result of that will be a government-run, single payer healthcare system like many socialist countries in Europe and Canada have.

So, in a nutshell, the “fix” of Obamacare is all but destroying the health insurance options for most Americans. The poor get their healthcare paid for by the rest of us via Medicaid and Obamacare subsidies. The rich can self-pay for their medical expenses. That leaves all of the rest of us caught in the vice of this socialist scheme that is making more and more people sick because they literally cannot afford health treatment.

This is NOT an American solution to the healthcare problem! If, instead, we get government out of the healthcare business and allow honest free markets to operate, the system will stabilize and healthcare products will become available for all people regardless of income. In fact, if doctors were not bound by the dictates of draconian insurance companies, everyone’s healthcare costs would drop dramatically. People could afford to pay for their own doctor’s visits and simple treatments. Insurance could cover the big expenses at a cheaper rate because companies wouldn’t have to pay out claims for every hangnail, hangover, and other minor treatment they now cover.

The “Unaffordable Care Act” must go! It was a failed socialist scheme from the beginning. It has already taken away Americans’ choice, freedom, and wellness.  

Congress must act now to remove this blot on our cultural, economic, and social health as soon as possible!

A Widow’s Justice?

The following story is true. It appears in my book – Yes! We Can Turn This Nation Around! - on pages 154-155. There has never been a full accounting or full justice in this case!

“I have had my personal experiences with the deficiencies of the legal system. My family has owned a farm since 1860. In 1972, a lawyer bought the adjacent farm for a mere pittance of what it was worth. He bought it from a man whose two children he had represented in court as a public defender some months before. In 1974, exploiting an unknown mistake in county tax maps, he claimed a large portion of our farm as his. The first we knew of his ‘acquisition’ was two years later when his surveyors showed up and proceeded to place wooden stakes in our front yard!

My grandmother, a widow, owned the farm at that time. She engaged both a surveyor and a lawyer to fight for our rights. What ensued was a twenty year legal battle, tens of thousands of dollars spent, and three trips through PA’s appellate court system until it was finally resolved in our favor. My grandmother never lived to see the final resolution.  

My father, her only child, died at a young age. In fact, when this case began, there were five of us living at the farm - my grandmother, my also widowed mother, my sister, my brother, and I (the three of us all minors). When the farm passed to me, it became my ongoing fight.

The bottom line in the case was that the neighboring lawyer couldn’t prove his ownership of the property. Although he did try through a mysterious new deed description, not based on a land survey, after he filed his deed in 1974. When asked by my attorney in court who created the deed description without a survey, he fumbled around for a while and then claimed it was my grandmother’s surveyor who had created it! Conveniently for him, neither my grandmother nor her surveyor was in any condition to be available to refute his claim since they were both in very ill health by that time. But, since criminality and fraud couldn’t be proven, no further action could be taken. Someday, the Lord will judge him for seeking to defraud a widow and her family.”

An Eagle Feather and Tyranny – Thoughts on American Liberty and Freedom


As our nation’s Independence Day approaches, many of us will reflect on America and its greatness, history, and unprecedented freedoms. Despite our recent problems on many fronts, this nation is truly shined on by God’s Grace. It is no accident that one of America’s great symbols is the Bald Eagle. This majestic bird is an inspiration of freedom and strength just by watching it soar through our skies. It is this very bird that provides an illustration for where we are today as a nation and where we must endeavor to go in the future.

A friend of mine lives in a small town along the Delaware River. The upper Delaware is an amazing estuary for a wide variety of nature, including Bald Eagles. I have seen as many as five at a time flying about near the river looking for food. They are impressive to say the least – soaring on the thermals and swooping down to the water’s surface to almost effortlessly acquire a meal for themselves and their hatchlings.

My friend enjoys watching them as he walks along the streets of his small town. He, an older gentleman, walks almost daily for his health. One day recently he was walking along the street that parallels the river. He happened to look down on the road and saw a large dark feather lying there. He was delighted as he picked it up; knowing he had found an eagle feather. It was a rare find indeed. How it got there is anyone’s guess. It was simply a lone feather, not the remains of an eagle that had died there.

Excitedly, he took the feather to a friend’s nearby taxidermy shop. He wanted to give it to his friend thinking he might be able to use it in his work somehow. When he showed the feather to the taxidermist, his face turned ashen white. Immediately he urged my friend, “Put it back. Put it back to where you found it!”

My friend was puzzled. What was the problem? He didn’t do anything wrong. He simple found a feather lying on the street and he wanted to show it to someone he thought would appreciate it. The taxidermist explained his urgent request. It is a violation of federal law to even possess an eagle feather since they have been on the Endangered Species List. The circumstances don’t matter. Hefty fines will be enforced by the federal government on anyone found possessing the feather!

Sadly, my friend complied and returned the feather to the roadway. What happened to it after that is anyone’s guess. Sadly, my friend learned the lesson that day that even one of America’s great symbols of freedom is now part of the creeping government tyranny that is destroying America’s heart.

Slowly, inexorably, we are losing our freedoms in this nation to a tiny elite of government “experts” who have the arrogance that it is they, rather than We The People, who know best how we all should live. It is this tyranny that is stabbing the heart of America to death. We are bleeding and dying from thousands of these tiny cuts to our personal freedoms and national sovereignty.

Arrest someone for holding an eagle feather? Our Founding Fathers would have been filled with righteous indignation at such a thought! Yet, we have slowly allowed our government to devolve into this monster of oppression.  We The People have gone to sleep when it comes to our personal freedoms. We have become numbed by technology, media, and general disdain and ignorance for and about government. We have sold our birthright for a pot of government-granted largesse. In exchange we have begun forging the chains of all future generations’ hopeless servitude of an all-powerful “big brother” which is hell-bent on monitoring every aspect of every human life on the planet.

Another powerful illustration of this comes from Mississippi. We have all heard of the despicable actions of the Republican RINOs seeking to keep one of their own in power no matter what the cost. They engaged in the worst forms of racism and race-baiting to get black Democrat voters out to vote in a Republican Primary run-off election. They used fraud, deceit, and probably illegal means to insure Thad Cochran would return to Washington to remain another vote for their agenda for six more years. Since he has no independence of thought or deep commitment to American freedom, Cochran is a perfect stooge to follow their script to “tax, spend, regulate, and waste” the American people into oblivion while they line their own pockets and puff up their self-deceiving egos.

It is incumbent on the citizens of Mississippi to not allow this fraud to stand. If they do, they are getting what they deserve – loss of freedom, lousy government, and national scorn for their apathy. All states that have “open” Primary Elections run this same risk – allowing the outcome to be easily manipulated by a tiny minority with lots of money and few scruples. Had Mississippi’s Primary Election process been “closed” – only allowing Republicans to vote for Republicans and Democrats to vote for Democrats – this whole ugly incident would not have happened. 76 year-old Thad Cochran could have eased into retirement and Mitch McDaniel would be well on his way to helping Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others set an agenda of freedom for America’s future.

My point in all of this is that American freedom is a birthright for us only if we do our part to preserve it for ourselves and pass it on to the next generation. It can be lost forever, even in our own lifetime. When we allow a president to act as if he is king; when we tolerate organized criminality in the Justice Department, IRS, VA, HHS, and Immigration Service; when we tolerate lies and deception from the national media; and when we allow Hollywood – the largest collection of insecure narcissists on the planet – to dictate our cultural norms, then we are killing freedom and the amazing dream that became a reality with America.

We have a choice. We can act like our forefathers and stand against oppressive tyranny. Or, we can continue to do nothing and lose the future for us all. The amazing fact of America is that its people, motivated by their real faith in a Sovereign God, not a sovereign government, can accomplish almost anything we set our minds to doing. King George III, Adolph Hitler, and Joseph Stalin all learned this lesson about us. It is time for us to “school” those in leadership now where real power comes from – as Jefferson put it, “from the consent of the governed.”

We can take back our nation from the RINOs, the environmental extremists, the tax and spend liberals, the rabid socialists, and the immoral atheists if we rise up and demand to be heard. Their numbers are small, just like the NAZI Party was in pre-WWII Germany and just like the Communist Party was in 1917 Russia. We are the majority in this nation. All we need to do is rise up as one and make our voices heard.  

We will need to “set our faces like flint” to all of the liberal media criticism and lies that will assault us. But, their attacks will bounce off us just like the Palestinian rocks bounce off Israeli heavy armor in the Gaza Strip if we continue to press forward with our demands for the return of American freedom and liberty to this land.

July 4th is coming shortly. Let us sing boldly our anthems of freedom. Perhaps the feather Yankee Doodle needs to stick in his hat this time is an eagle feather. I have a friend who might just know where we could look for one!!

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Well, our website had a visitor recently from the U.S. House of Representatives from Chicago, IL. The host was and the IP address was We want to welcome Congressional staff for visiting. We hope you enjoyed the 1st Amendment free speech content of our site and also hope you learned some useful things about how to better manage the U.S. Government. With rampant unemployment, a flood of illegal immigrants, a possible Ebola pandemic, ISIS (yes they are Islamic) terrorism home and abroad, scandal after scandal in the President’s Administration, and oh yes, a national debt of over 17 trillion dollars, maybe you should be consulting real people as to how to solve these problems rather than just sitting in Washington D.C. and talking to each other!!

We know there’s an election coming up – we’ve already heard about voting machine malfunctions in Maryland and Illinois. Isn’t it funny how these “calibration errors” always seem to give votes to Democrats and never Republicans????

But, the American people won’t be fooled forever. The day of political reckoning is coming; possibly November 4th. So, all of you beltway insiders, professional lobbyists, radical socialists, and “gender confused” bullies, we will be voting for people to change the status quo. This government belongs to its people, not the professional political class!!!!

America – It’s Time To Go On Offense

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has further discredited itself with two grossly erroneous rulings with absolutely no basis in legal precedent, drastic changes need to be made to how the Court is allowed to operate and possibly to the Court itself.

The initial reaction by conservatives and Christians may be to “circle the wagons” to wait for the other shoe to drop – direct government persecution for our political and religious beliefs – but that is dead wrong.

Now is not the time to play defense. Now is the time for offense. If we sit around trying to reinforce what liberties we still have left in America, we will find ourselves with more and more erosion of freedom eating away at our daily lives, businesses, and churches.

We need to fight back in a strong, pointed, and fierce manner. In other words, we need to take the fight to those who are stealing our rights. Believe it or not, I’m not talking about the radical leftists and homosexual rights bullies. I’m talking about the U.S. government.

You remember them – those whom we elect to represent us and our views. It’s time to push the lazy and compromised RINOs and looney Democrats to act on our behalf for once.

What do I mean? We have two basic immediate options to deal with the out-of-control, Obama Supreme Court.

First, Congress has the Constitutional authority to limit the Court’s jurisdiction on what cases it may hear or not.

In Article 3; Section 2; Paragraph 2 the Constitution states:
In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make. (Emphasis mine)

What this means is that Congress has the power to restrict what cases the Supreme Court can hear. In other words, Congress could declare that all marriage laws are off limits for the Supreme Court to consider.

If Congress were to make this declaration, then the Court could not weigh in at all about “same-sex” marriage or, for that matter, other issues which liberals have used the courts to by-pass the will of the people to force their radical agenda on American society.

In this matter, the President has no authority to veto the will of Congress as this is one of the “checks and balances” our Founding Fathers wisely wrote into the Constitution.

Second, given the Court’s rogue nature; Congress has the authority to impeach any Supreme Court Justice at any time.

It is a fallacy that federal judges are appointed for life. What the Constitution really says in Article 3; Section 1 is:

The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour . . .

This means they have indefinite terms of service, but not a guaranteed lifetime appointment. If they engage in bad behavior, they can indeed be removed by the process of Impeachment.

Impeachment is a process begun in the U.S. House by filing Articles of Impeachment. If Impeachment is approved by the House, then a trial commences in the Senate. It is presided over by the Vice-President. (Unless it is the President on trial – then the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides.) A 2/3 majority guilty vote is necessary for removal from office.

The question before us today is whether there are grounds for impeachment of Supreme Court Justices.

Let’s look at the facts. Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan both performed “same-sex” marriage ceremonies prior to hearing and ruling on the “same-sex” marriage case just decided.

This is a huge breach of judicial ethics. Judges are supposed to “recuse” themselves in any cases where they have some personal involvement or bias.

The fact is that Ginsburg and Kagan should have never sat to hear the “same-sex” marriage case in the first place. They were advocates, not impartial observers looking at facts.

Also, there is a history of removal of federal judges who display shameful public behavior. That is relevant to today given Judge Ginsburg’s drunken stupor at the most recent State of the Union Address.

She clearly passed out during President Obama’s speech. Her unconsciousness was due to inebriation.

Since this happened in public while she was engaged in official duties – she was wearing her judge’s robe – that would be grounds for Impeachment.

According to WND, there may have also been some tampering by the Court before issuing the “same-sex” marriage ruling:
The report from Olson and Titus noted that the Foundation for Moral Law twice formally filed documents seeking the recusal of Kagan and Ginsburg.
“First, the missing motion. The foundation’s first motion to recuse consisting of eight pages was submitted on April 27, 2015 (and date and time stamped on April 27, 2015, at 11:47 a.m.) — a good three weeks before the Supreme Court claims that it was ‘received’ on May 21, 2015. The Foundation for Moral Law later filed a second motion to recuse consisting of four pages on May 21 (date and time stamped on May 21, 2015, at 11:28 a.m.). The second motion was filed after Justice Ginsburg performed another same-sex wedding, and was to the effect of: ‘there, you did it again.’ The second motion refers back to the first motion. Why is there only one entry on the court’s docket sheets? What happened to the original motion?”

Then, as lawyers are apt to do, they noticed the specific language used by the Supreme Court.

“The Foundation document is entitled a ‘Motion.’ Why is it entitled on the docket as a ‘Request’? Third, the action. According to the court rules, a ‘Motion’ is ‘filed’ with the court. Why is the action taken by the court described only as ‘received’ and not ‘filed’?”

“These points … suggest that the high court, for an inordinate time, has ignored the recusal motion. While the court has finally acknowledged that some recusal filing was made, it certainly gives no assurance that any ruling on the motion will be forthcoming before the court decides the same-sex marriage case,” the lawyers explained.

They quoted federal law, which requires judges to exit from a case where their impartiality, “may reasonably be questioned.”

“However, as this case is demonstrating, the Supreme Court appears to believe it is under no obligation to abide by that federal law and judicial ethical rule. First, while Justices Ginsburg and Kagan have an ethical duty to avoid commenting on cases, and a statutory duty to recuse when their impartiality ‘may reasonably be questioned,’ as a matter of practice, each justice is the sole judge of her own case. While a decision of a lower federal court judge may be appealed to a higher authority, each U.S. Supreme Court Justice has the final word on his own fitness to serve. These two justices should have addressed the question publicly prior to participating in oral argument … on April 28, 2015, but they did not. Since these two justices ignored problems caused by their conduct, the remainder of the court should have stepped in and addressed the issue for them, but the other seven justices have remained silent.”

What all of this means is that people were working at the Supreme Court to deny and ignore a legitimate motion that needed to be acted upon prior to the Court’s hearing the “same-sex” marriage case.

Whether this was done at Chief Justice Roberts’ direction or Ginsburg and Kagan had operatives controlling the flow of information, is not known. But, it certainly bears investigating.

Many Americans have the mistaken belief that the Supreme Court is infallible, since they are supposed to be legal experts. But history says otherwise.

In 1857, the best legal minds in the nation – the Supreme Court – ruled that African Americans had no human rights in America – the Dred Scott decision. This ruling led indirectly to the Civil War.

In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that babies in the womb aren’t human and cannot be protected as innocent human life. The result of that decision is over 50 million dead American children via abortion.

Now in 2015, the Court has erred once again in creating phony “civil rights” for the “gender confused.”

Only Congress can fix this problem. We, the American people, must urge them to fix this problem.

One of the two previously mentioned solutions must be enacted.

If millions of us rise up and demand our elected officials fulfill their oaths of office, they will respond.

Our message must be simple enough for every member of Congress to understand: Fix the Supreme Court or lose your job!

Even the most liberal members of Congress want to keep their job. It will be amazing how quickly they turn conservative, if they sincerely believe not acting will cause them to lose their next election.

Here are the links for the U.S. House and U.S. Senate to flood them with emails, tweets, phone calls, and letters.

It’s up to us, America, to put a stop to this tyranny.